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Comment Re:Amazing (Score 2) 127

I feel pretty much the same way. People take so much for granted, Even cutlery,,, how long would it take for an Iron Age blacksmith to craft a single cutlery set? Chariot wheels are actually quite complex. A composite bow? Contrast that with a modern electronic item, or any of a huge range of custom=designed materials. The insight required to modify genomes to produce somewhat predictable outcomes?

It's staggering. I think anyone who misses the significance of all of this is seriously lacking in imagination.

Comment Re:Humility? (Score 1) 915

> What about being so humble that one doesn't even consider one's own views on how people should live, and simply accepts the long accepted wisdom of the church as being greater than your own.

Spoken like a good member of the flock.

Comment Re: Death of Slashdot? (Score 1) 522

> Now as for the internet so for any other public space, would that mean if you open your mouth to speak in any public space would you need you name and details tattooed on your forehead?

That's generous of you, but we can already identify you via our expensive and unreliable biometric systems.


Your Corporate Overlords.

Comment Re:Er, I Think You Misread That ... (Score 1) 235

If you consider at least one of the possible outcomes for limited genetic diversity, you end up with hive organisms. Every member working for the common good. I don't think it's too much of a stretch to regard the human race as an example of a social species with at least some hive-like characteristics.

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