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Comment Re:And this is why my primary browser isn't Firefo (Score 1) 156

Flash is, and has been, a major, if not the biggest vector of attack in browsers since its inception. It has since its birth in the pits of hell been an ill-bred monstrosity, a cancer. It should have been euthanised long ago.

Companies that still use it for their ****ing "presence on the web" deserve to die the horrordeath of Doom.

These are not pesky little factoids you should leave out when you give an answer like that.

Comment Braindead (Score 1) 523

Braindead indeed.

Mouth-foaming fool Torvalds is at it again, trying to talk down on some normal and inconsequential commenting habits.
I would not be surprised if his preferences are in line with his coding preferences' in relation to braces, where he started a Holy Fulmination (t/m) against that guy with the beard.

Arrogant airheaded asshole.

Comment Re: The shifter is always in the same position (Score 1) 365

What is wrong with you people (mostly Americans I guess). Do you actually take driving lessons?
This is not true, horrifyingly stupid and really really dangerous.
The handbrake is there to /always use/ when you need your car to be stopped: in front of a traffic light, in garage, parking spot, on your drive way, and most certainly on a hill.
Putting your car in gear is to be used when parking inclined, as a small extra safety measure, to make sure that if the parking cable breaks your car will roll away as slowly as possible. For the same reason you might want to steer your front wheels to a curb, or even put stones behind the wheels.
Just putting your car in gear means it can jump forward much further when hit by another car, or start rolling on a hill when given a small bump.

Comment Re: Meh... (Score 5, Informative) 365

You are part of the problem.
The hand brake is the thing meant to safely and effectively immobilise your car when needed; in front of a traffic light, parking spot, driveway, garage.
The "P" position of automatic gearboxes is a gimmick without obvious use. When used while driving or on a hill it can even damage the gearbox.
You guys simply do not know how to handle a car properly.

Comment Proper car handling (Score 1) 365

Maybe people should just learn proper car handling.
Any position where the car is halted means you put on the handbrake. Traffic light, drive way, parking lot, wherever.
Not . ever .abuse the "P" position of an automatic gearbox. It was not meant for that, it is not fit for too; on hills it also puts unnecessary stress on the gearbox.
That "P" position is little more than a gimmick only present on automatic gearboxes, or at best, a feeble extra safety measure to be used /on top of/ the basic good practice of using handbrake.

Comment Re:Firefox needs to veer hard to privacy. (Score 1) 103

"How did this one slip through?"
Yes, LMAO too.
So unexpected that I was actually immediately wondering about what hidden corporate interest or developer insanity could be involved this time. Because seeing past experience, it must be something like that, right?

Comment Re:well intentioned? (Score 1) 209

Precisely, a completely justifiably cynical reaction.

Not sure who first started implying that "best intentions" are some magical, foolproof generator of "best results" in this shout thread, I'm too lazy too even look back through the abuse.

But it's laughable nonsense, normally only held to be true by children (and Sam Harris, especially in his failure to understand Chomsky, but I digress). Or is it depressing nonsense? Not sure.

Everybody on earth has the best intentions, whatever they do, literally everybody. Serial killers do, suicide bombers do, bank robbers do, the geniuses thinking up and the operators of Guantanamo Bay do. The list is endless.

The only thing that really counts is the actions and consequences brought forth by one's intentions, and how acceptable these are for the majority of people, over time.

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