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Comment Re:Fantasy Leagues? (Score 1) 142

Actually, Fifa is currently running a World Cup fantasy league, which features rather diverse scoring system for individual players. Players are awarded points for e.g. offensive and defensive action, scoring, and keeping a clean sheet. The scoring is also dependent on player's position on the field. It's not a perfect system, but works okay. IMHO, the system favours offensive wing backs, since they're often active in the offense, but are also egligible for the large bonus for shutting out the opponent. Of course, there are a limited number of players in the world who can successfully contribute both offensively and defensively at the wing. It's not an easy position to play.

Comment Re:Um ... (Score 4, Insightful) 142

Any football fan will tell you that when two teams play AMAZINGLY well the result will be more like 5-5 rather than 0-0.

I strongly disagree. There is much more than offense to consider in a good game of football. If the game results 5-5 it is rather clear that both defenses have failed at their job. Even a game ending 0-0 can be extremely interesting to watch for a football connoisseur. Football is not just about making goals, it's also about not conceding them.

Comment Re:Ultimate accountability (Score 1) 179

There's (at least) one problem in home voting: How do you make sure that the voter won't be pressured or bought when voting? Of course, in traditional systems there may be some pressure on the voter, but she will always be alone when casting the vote - no one can verify whether she cast the vote as agreed. In the Estonian model this is taken care of by allowing the voter to cast multiple votes, the latest of which will stand. She has also an option to cast a paper vote during preliminary voting period, which will negate the votes cast via Internet. It's not a perfect solution, but a solution nevertheless.

Comment Re:850 meters??? (Score 1) 286

Yes, I wasn't referring to the Fox article, but to the OP, stating:

The Hoover Dam no longer holds the title of the world's widest dam.

Technically, this statement is correct too. It was once the widest dam in the world, but is no longer. However, every normal person would understand the post so, that this dam made by beavers has claimed the title from Hoover. And that clearly isn't the case.

Comment Re:850 meters??? (Score 3, Informative) 286

Actually, they discuss length in the news article:

The incredible woodland construction is a staggering 2,790 feet in length -- more than half a mile long.

The OP is the one who has confused length and width. And in every case, claiming that Hoover Dam is the largest dam in the world by any measure is just plain wrong.

Submission + - Nokia takes on Google with free navigation app (

abushhiwa1976 writes: Nokia is making its navigation service free to all GPS-enabled Nokia devices in a move that will help the company better compete in the smartphone market against the likes of Apple and Google.
My opinion for Nokia GPS its good idea for all other countries who does not has GPS map route and they do not have GPS facility , like Libya they do not have GPS service, it will make the life easy for the people who lives in Europe and Africa .

Submission + - Nokia Releases Qt 4.6 ( 2

Lawand writes: Nokia today released Qt 4.6, the latest version of the cross-platform application and UI framework. Featuring new platform support, powerful new graphical capabilities and support for multi-touch and gestures, and this is the first release to include significant code contributed from the community
This release introduces support for the Symbian platform with integration for the S60 framework, expanding the addressable market for Qt applications by over 130 million Symbian devices.


Submission + - Nokia N900 running linux-based Maemo 5 reviewed (

An anonymous reader writes: Nokia N900 just got its first proper review over at CNet. The N900 runs Maemo 5, the Linux-based mobile OS, on an ARM Cortex A8 processor and has a touchscreen and slide-out Qwerty keyboard. Nokia says Maemo will be on all its N-series smart phones by 2012, but is it worth having? The reviewer says it's great as a mini-tablet, with a smooth user interface, great multi-tasking and web browser, but it's not so great as a phone.

Comment Closed source in home automation != good (Score 1) 409

I wouldn't want to deploy an automation system which is dependant on Microsoft - or any other proprietary vendor - into my home.

Buildings (and their automation systems) have lifespan of tens of years, not just until the next major OS upgrade. Of course, automation systems do not (hopefully) need to be upgraded every other week, but open source at least gives you the possibility to keep your system upgraded long after the closed source vendors have decided to drop support for your system.

Submission + - Swiss Experimenter Breeds Swarm Intelligence (

destinyland writes: Researchers simulated evolution with multiple generations of food-seeking robots in a new study of artificial swarm intelligence. "Under some conditions, sophisticated communication evolved," says one researcher. And in a more recent study, the swarms of bots didn't just evolve cooperative strategies — they also evolved the ability to deceive. ("Forget zombies," joked one commenter. "This is the real threat.") "The study of artificial swarm intelligence provides insight into the nature of intelligence in general, and offers an interesting perspective on the nature of Darwinian selection, competition, and cooperation." And there's also some cool video of the bots in action.

New Bill Proposes Open Source Requirement for Publicly Funded Books 317

fsufitch writes "On September 30th, the 'Open College Textbook Act of 2009' was introduced to the Senate and referred to committee. The bill proposes that all educational materials published or produced using federal funds need to be published under open licenses. The reasoning behind it takes into account the changing way information is distributed because of the Internet, the high price of college and textbooks, and the dangerously low college graduation rates in the US. Will a bill such as this endanger publishing companies in the same way Internet journalism endangers traditional journalism?"

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