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Comment What's there to celebrate? (Score 3, Interesting) 65

A franchise being milked dry by its IP holder, fans being sued for trying to create something, and mostly being sued for creating something that's better and closer to the core idea of the franchise than its IP holder creates...

What exactly is there to celebrate? Any "real" celebration would probably be snuffed instantly by the IP holders.

In the eternal words of Bones: "It's dead, Jim."

Comment Re:Think of the children! (Score 2) 26

It's not just "these sites".

These are the bottom feeding scum though.

Must gambling businesses are subtle or outright frauds

No, not really. Gambling businesses don't need to cheat or commit fraud to win. That's built into the business. A slot machine in Vegas is a ripoff; but its exactly the ripoff it discloses itself to be. And its independently tested to make sure it pays out exactly the odds it says on the label.

These gaming gambling sites take all the advantages that are built into being a gambling business... and then they just outright cheat. Rig games for insiders or themselves. Lie outright about the odds. Etc.

Oh... and they not only let kids play, they market the sites them *directly*.

At the very least they need to be cleaned up (regulated) so that they rise to the level of legitimate gambling sites.

Take a very good look at how "high speed trading" works to get a sense of how much of stock market funds are sucked right out of the business by larger companies that can afford the "insider information' that a few microseconds of lead time on stock announcements provides.

That's really a separate discussion. But you are right, and its pretty easy to measure. Every dollar an HFT trader/algorithm extracts in profit is a dollar taken away from the retail buyer and seller. Every single dollar they make is essentially stolen in my opinion.

But again, nothing to do with gambling in general or steam in particular.

Comment Re:Something off the rails (Score 1) 94

Ok, then put out "disable ad-blockers if you want me to continue delivering content" and if people really want your content, they will.

There are also various ways to get people to actively pay for your content, and guess what: People do actually do that, crazy as it may sound to some.

Sorry, but for FAR too long unscrupulous advertisers have bombarded the people with ads. They should not be surprised that people defend themselves against it.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 440

I love your kind. On one hand expect everyone to "save and have an insurance", on the other hand you're fine with paying people barely enough to get by.

The only reason you allowed slavery to be abolished is that it is more expensive to feed and shelter slaves than what you have to pay now.

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