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Comment How much longer can DNS survive? (Score 1) 146

I wonder if having to keep tabs on all these TLDs that seem to be created by anyone who fancies it is putting a heirarchical system designed to accomodate at first only a few (then expanded to a few hundred for country domains) under strain at the root server level? Sure technology advances, but the design hasn't really changed and I wonder if its still suited.

Comment Re:Half of americans? (Score 1) 255

"But spending Sunday afternoon on your computer arguing with the internet"

An ironic comment given you're the one who seems to be checking constantly all his old threads and reply after a couple of hours whereas I check once every one or 2 days. You're coming across as a bit desperate, but hey, go smoke some pot and pay your girlfriend for some sex. Perhaps you can convince yourself you have a life.

Comment Re:What the actual fuck (Score -1, Troll) 255

"As you can see, I am not a "sorry little loser". "

So you say. More than likely you're a functioning pothead just holding on like a lot of functioning alcoholics. And the common trait of both is that neither recognise they have a problem.

"We ruin their lives,"

They ruin their own lives. No one is forcing them to smoke weed.

Comment It depends on your requirements (Score 2) 87

If all you want is a quick solution to a problem then obviously online resources are far more convenient than flicking through the index of a book. However if you need to learn something from scratch you often really have to READ a lot about it first in a linear manner, and in that situation IMO a book is a lot more user friendly than scrolling around in a browser or pdf reader. But each to their own.

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