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Comment Re:Carbon != Coal (Score 1) 148

Charcoal is almost pure carbon and burns quite nicely as anyone who has ever done a barbeque can testify. Try cooking your burgers with chunks of steel instead and let us know how it goes.

While you're waiting, look up the difference between ignition temperature and combustion temperature. When you do you'll find the ignition temp of diamond is 900C. Steel hasn't even melted at that point.

Comment Re:Corrosion, weight, shine. terminals plumbing to (Score 2) 148

Also becuse of the copper in it brass has antiseptic properies. Something the victorians discovered by chance which is why hospitals used to have brass door knobs and handles all over the place. Of course these days stainless steel is used along with a boatload of disinfectant. Medicine sometimes regresses unfortunately.

Comment Also steel doesn't burn like coal (Score 1) 148

This is pure carbon which is really NOT something you want to build any kind of structure out of if its likely ever to come near a naked flame or source of heat. It'll have to be impregnated into something else as with carbon fibre which will almost certainly reduce its strength it its even possible.

Comment Change for change's sake (Score 3, Insightful) 303

If they wanted to reuse the FM band for some public service then I could just about understand it - but 20Mhz of VHF spectrum is useless for any modern data comms so I can't see who'd use it. Seems to me this is simply the worst kind of "we know best" patrician politics forcing people to go digital for no other reason that some political idiots think digital is The Future so must be embrased. By force if necessary. Never mind that analog is better in a lot of case particularly a mountainous country like norway and thats before we get onto the issue of electronic waste from all the junked FM radios.

Comment Diesel is superior in many ways (Score 1) 154

Economy, torque, reliability (well, not so much any more with all the extra complexity) and ease of maintenance (no HT system for starters).

Yes, for NOx they're bloody awful and the politicians knew this but in the 90s CO2 emissions were seen as more important. Which of NOx or CO2 is more important now probably even the greens would have trouble answering.

Comment Don't buy a smart TV (Score 4, Insightful) 161

They have no purpose. Most people now simply use TVs as monitors for a set top box and if you need any more functionality simply plug your computer or tablet into a normal TV. Why anyone would pay a significant extra amount of cash for an oversized underpowered android tablet I have no idea.

Comment Re:Its a solved problem (Score 1) 184

"Yeah, because large cities that have extensive public transit systems (Like Chicago, New York, and LA) totally donâ(TM)t have horrendous traffic problems."

Err yeah, that traffic is despite the metro/subway, not because of it. What do you think the traffic in manhatten would be like if everyone had to drive to work there? Idiot.

Comment Re:Snowdons worried about surveillance? (Score 1) 157

" which is a government silencing him in a rather permanent way by taking his life."

Riiiight, because the NSA I'm sure thinks a hit squad is the way to solve the snowden problem.

"Ironically he has found a safe haven in the very closet of the boogeyman you wish to identify."

Yes fancy. Russia taking in someone who is sticking it to the US military and intelligence establishment and is on the run from US authorities. Who'd have thunk it? Its totally unprecedented... oh, wait....

Trust me - once his usefullness to Putin is done, whether that be in 5 or 10 years time, he'll be shoved into some small flea pit flat in a crumbling soviet tower block and be told to shut up or else, or if he's ruffled too many feathers in the kremlin he'll be deported to his fate.

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