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Submission + - Indian court bans 78 URL/Domain critical of a fake teching school ( 1

Vijaysj writes: IIPM has managed to get India to censor 78 websites (Including a government circular that de-recognized the institute and stated that it was not allowed to confer degrees and a few satire sites( & )

Some of the domain that were banned are no longer accessible from india e.g, etc.

Since some of the content is articles in various newspaper whose entire domains are blocked it is possible that the content will be removed (and lost for ever) as the newspaper's remove the content in-order to continue business. The list of banned url are available at

Can fellow slashdotters confirm as to whether these url's are accessible outside India


Submission + - Man faces 3 years prison for tweeting a new headline. (

Vijaysj writes: Mr Srinivasan an activist fighting graft and crony capitalism was arrested from his home in a pre-dawn swoop (5:00 am) for tweeting from his Twitter account @ravi_the_indian : “got reports that karthick chidambaram has amassed more wealth than vadra.”. Kartick and Vadara are relatives of two powerful politicians in India.
Mr Chidambaram justified his complaint and action against Mr Srinivas in a post to his twitter account @KartiPC. “Free speech is subject to reasonable restrictions. I have a right to seek constitutional/legal remedies over defamatory/scurrilous tweets,”

Srinivasan now faces a Jail term of 3 years under India's anti-hacking laws.
Streisand effect has resulted in Srinivasan's followers increasing overnight from his orignal 16 friends and relatives to over a thousand.

Right to information campaigners has setup a page for all those who want to tweet their mind to my Chidambaram at


Submission + - Congressman meets streisand effect (

An anonymous reader writes: Despite getting a quick injunction against news media. Indian congressman Abhishek Manu Singhvi was found playing wack-a-mole with the social media as he tired to suppress a video showing him receiving sexual favor's in return for elevating a female lawyer to a Judge post

The cat-and-mouse game continued all night with netizens repeatedly posting the video on YouTube and uploading bit torrent files on file sharing platforms, from where they can be downloaded. As of this morning, there are websites that are streaming the video as embeds. Feisty commentators on Twitter have been posting links and mocking Singhvi all night quote source.

Singhvi's response to the episode was "Obviously, an organised gang has been purposely used by motivated interests to concertedly use the social sites for sensationalism and permanent damage. Remember, this can happen to anyone and if this lawlessness is allowed to continue as it is, we will all be consumed shortly,"

CurrentlySinghvi's colleague and friend Kapil Sibbal is busy (since last year protest against corruption) trying to prevent this lawlessness by censoring facebook, twitter and google

Singhvi's driver,The originator of the video said "Plaintiffs(i.e. Mr Singhvi) have assured me that the dispute between me and the plaintiffs now stands settled amicably and that they shall not take any legal action including seeking any damages in any police station or any court of law in present or in future against me and withdraw the compliant/FIR (first information report) no 102/12 against me made by the plaintiffs,"

Mr. Lal may later realize that while Mr Singhvi may not take any legal action the possibility of illegal action as taken by his fellow congressman is wide open

Comment Re:How are they doing it? (Score 1) 276

The way this works out is as follows.
  1. You send the employee on the pretext of attending meetings and planning sessions (B1 is not a visitor visa it is a business visa)
  2. Typically the employee has a printed schedule of topics he is going to discuss and people he is going to meet over the next three months
  3. Sometimes it is the same topic that he has to discuss individually with over 2 dozen stakeholders as per their convinence
  4. This gives him a pretext for being in USA for upto 3 months
  5. If additional time is required the employee on completion of three months will fly to a neighboring country (Mexico/Canada) spend a week there and then comeback on a renewed business visa to have further follow up meetings

The reasons companies do this is.

  1. It is cheaper than H1 (You pay per-diem instead of a US salary)
  2. There are no limits for a B1 Visa.
  3. Low waiting time for approval. H1-B takes months where as B1 is available within a week or two
  4. It is easier to get. All you need is a letter from the US Office stating that they are inviting you for a business meeting and will be taking care of your food and boarding. Not documentation required to show their best-case effort for hiring locally etc.
  5. No Risk of employee flight: A Person immigrating to US on H1-B has the freedom to apply for jobs at other compaines. A person on B1 cannot do this

And if you think that only Infosys is doing this Wake up. Each and everyone of the fortune 500 companies with a branch in India has been doing this for over a decade now.

Comment Notice how all 3 articles are light on details.... (Score 1) 122

Non of the articles linked above state
1. The name of the politician who posted the picture on his FB Account?
2. What was offensive about the picture.
3. How did the riots start

Comment Simple solution (Score 1) 126

Kids stealing Parents data.. Hmm Identity theft..... Simple solution
Do not tell your kid any of the following
1. Your Birth Date
2. Your Wife's/Kids Birthday (You were born that's enough why do you want to know when)
3. Your mothers name. (Just call her grandma Ok.)
4. Your Postal address zip code etc. (This is home... that is school... you walk from here to there...)
5. Any of your family history.
6. Anything else?

That will teach those Imps to steal my data :-X

Comment Re:Laptops are easy. (Score 1) 138

Similar stuff happened in my campus :) Student had access to all the labs throughout the night and some mornings we would find equipment missing.
1. We had someone walking out with a few sun workstations
2. All the hard disks from one lab went missing one fine morning.
This was with posted guards on all entrance/exits.

Comment Re:Sensationalist crap (Score 4, Informative) 461

Comparing apples and Oranges here.... A degree from MIT, Berkeley or Stanford is not the same as an equivalent named degree from a community college.
Indians have the following Option's for Higher Education.
  • 1. Get a scholarship seat at Central Institutes a.k.a free seat (The competition is extremely High e.g. MDS in AIIMS has 15000+ people competing for 2 or 3 seats)
  • 2. Get a scholarship seat at State college or private Institutes (The number of people competing is in the same ballpark the number of seats are around 20)
  • 3. Get your degree in some Institute abroad (UK, US, Australia & NZ are currently the hot destinations. This is considered to be the easiest option and is typically the response of the Upper class when they cannot compete in #1 & #2 and in some cases this is cheaper than #5)
  • 4. Get a non-scholarship seat at one of the private Institute.
  • 5. Get your degree in a private institute by paying a huge donation (a.k.a Management Quota)

Typically if you have outsources your "Low skill high effort" work you are working with someone from Category 4 & 5 who could not get work in the "High skill" sector.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 380

So If I have committed a year of my life till today working with various investors for republishing these works. Should I be punished with the destruction of my business model? Based on the RIAA accounting scheme every 4 minutes(approx duration of a song) of my life amount to $22000. With this decision, Someone now owe's me $2.89 *10^9

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