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Journal Journal: Vexar (the original)

Vexar is currently a trademarked plastic product. It's that orange fencing material on ski slopes and construction sites. It's those webby net bags you might find as packaging for a few cloves of garlic or even a few pounds of oranges.
Originally, Vexar was a Revell plastic model of one of the Robotech combat robots. As a child, that was the nickname a dear friend of mine used, and we used it in stories we wrote together, and in other places.
Beyond that, in the child-of-Esperanto language known as Ido, vexar means to annoy. It may exist in Spanish or Italian as well, since vexare is Latin for the same meaning.

I have personally seen Vexar as a popular game nick, internet handle, and other small representations. To this end, I claim original status. In January or February 1992, I created the email address vexar@watserv.ucr.edu, and have used Vexar ever since, wherever I establish an alias, such on irc #amiga hosted by amiganet.org . Hence, unless you are talking about plastic toys or plastic webbing, all other personal identity uses of Vexar are imposters, fakes, and wannabe's.

You may use this journal to verify Vexar identities. The artist and game developer in Phoenix is not me. I have no relation to any music businesses, either.

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Journal Journal: There is no second Message

1 Kings 13 discusses a young prophet who heeds the message of an old prophet who was lying to him. The old prophet was probably jealous or something similar, not liking the upstart who had just received the favor of King Jeroboam. The young prophet respected the stature of the old prophet enough to believe the lie. The old prophet tricked the younger into going against the explicit word of God, ate in the city when he was told not to, and died on the road (apparently, there was a substantial problem with lions eating people back then), according to message from God that the young prophet had received.

This guy didn't die in vain. There was a purpose to his death. When you are prompted by God to do something, God isn't going to change his mind. He's not going to go back and say "Yo! Hey, about that bold idea? Nah, be cautious, do the safe thing." Most of the time, I'm betting we won't pay a consequence like dying at the feet of some pointy-toothed lion, but in our world, we have other suffering.

If you don't have your college degree, and you know in your heart you should get it, you know it is the right thing to do, then that's God prompting you. Sure, you probably have a good number of excuses not to bother. I certainly do. A faithful life isn't about excuses. Maybe your path in life needs to get out of the gutter first, before you have a clear path.

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