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Comment Re:WTF are they proposing to improve exactly? (Score 1) 90

Customer is not necessarily the same as end-user.

End users are *consumers* of a product, not providers of it. Advertisers are not at the actual receiving end of the product consumption chain, they are either entirely at the top or else somewhere in the middle. By definition, end users cannot be the advertisers, they are the people that are advertised *to*.

Comment WTF are they proposing to improve exactly? (Score 4, Insightful) 90

Their alleged claim of wanting to "improve your Facebook ads and products experiences" is pure bullshit... while this might be obvious to anyone who knows about Facebook's track record, the claim does not even withstand remotely objective scrutiny.

Assume just for a moment that their claim of wanting to improve the user experience were true....Consider that Whatsapp has no information about the content of any messages sent between users, so any content within the messages that are sent cannot be harvested to generate any kind of targeted advertising, the *only* thing that they have are names and phone numbers, and who is sending messages to whom, with no basis for understanding why beyond anything that might have been communicated out of band directly to Whatsapp. So since Whatsapp has no information about its users that can be used to actually generate any kind of "improved advertising experience" for its users, the assumption that this is what they actually are trying to do cannot possibly be correct.

There is nothing remotely tenable I can see about the notion that this could even somehow theoretically create an improved experience for the end user, and Facebook's claims that it would do so would seem to be wholly transparent lies.

Comment Re: Need "alternate password" features (Score 1) 276

What would be even better is if you could plausibly deny the ability to give them the password at all either because you do not have it, or know it, or you are otherwise technologically prohibited from accessing the system outside of certain locations or environments that cannot be otherwise replicated by you or a border guard.

Comment Re:Lack of anonymity impacts freedom of expression (Score 1) 347

I wasn't trying to make my point more valid by inserting "to do" in there... freedom of speech is the same as any other kind of freedom that might otherwise apply to things like an actual action. I was generalizing when I mentioned "doing", but my point is identical without it when talking specifically about freedom of speech.

Other than [protection from slander] there should be absolutely no consequences to free speech

I disagree.... If you really feel like you have the need to say something publicly but you do not want to be held responsible for the consequences that what you are saying might not be well received, then I think you completely deflate the importance of saying it in the first place. If it's important enough to be publicly known, then it is probably important enough to be worth whatever consequences that might entail. I would compare wanting to say something publicly but not wanting to face any undesirable consequences that might arise from it as being akin to wanting to buy a car on credit but not wanting to have the regular monthly payments it entails.

Comment Re:I'm not a "denier" but.... (Score 1) 438

What the fuck does that nonsense have to do with anything that I said?

My point is that floods like this have been happening for as long as there has been weather. I think one would be hard pressed to blame any one of them on climate change specifcally. Even if AGW were the cause, the scale of any individual flood that didn't span at least an entire sizeable country is simply far too small to generally attribute to it. Frankly, it looks to me like Mr. Nye is just using a catchy phrase ("climate change") to get press without putting some actual hard science behind his reasoning, which is kind of ironic, considering the full moniker he is publically known as.

Comment Re:Ironic, Given HoloLense Doesn't do Holograms (Score 2) 113

That's not what makes something a hologram. There is nothing that precludes holograms from being put on glasses to effectively "overlay" on what you see. What makes a hologram distinctive is that your brain perceives it as a truly three-dimensional image. When you focus on a hologram, you are focusing at the distance of the object that is presented in the hologram, not on the surface of what the image is being made on.... like a mirror.

Comment An alternative.... (Score 2) 384

.. if Apple is so dead-set determined to say that their way is better, would be for the iphone to have *2* lightning ports instead of just one... You'd still need an adapter for 3.5 mm phones, but even if you had lightning headphones, you could at least charge your phone while you listen without requiring a lightning hub, (or even plug in other lightning devices that the phone supports)

Comment Re:Lack of anonymity impacts freedom of expression (Score 1) 347

I wasn't addresing the issue of breaking the law without knowing it when keeping things secret. If you don't know that you've broken the law by doing something, unless there was some aspect of privacy that was otherwise involved, you wouldn't generally have a reason to think you needed to hide that in the first place. My point is that people have things that are private even *IF* there was nothing wrong with what they want to keep hidden (to anyone who says otherwise, you could ask them why they are wearing clothes... is there something wrong with their body?) My point being that even if a person has done absolutely nothing illegal (ignoring the side-issue that you raised of everyone doing illegal stuff without knowing it), that person still has things to hide... again, not because they have necessarily done anything wrong, but because those things are simply private.

As for the issue of the consequences or possibly even undesirable repercussions to speech making that speech somehow less free, that might be the case if you consider freedom synonymous only with anarchy. Freedom to do or say something can entail the responsibility to still be accountable for what you do or say, and still be freedom in nearly every other sense of the word.

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