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Submission + - Viacom yanks free online episodes of Daily Show/Colbert Report, blames DirecTV (latimes.com)


Submission + - Profile Search moves Google closer to being an SNS (blogspot.com) 1

Venotar writes: "Many folks've already commented that google's recent integration efforts are beginning to look a bit like the foundation for a "Google SNS". Much of this discussion seems to swirl around the Google Profile pages and Google's Friend Connect. While it's long been possible to search Google Profiles by first entering an invalid profile URL (for example: http://www.google.com/profiles/I_DONT_EXIST), the google blog just announced that the profile search has now been made far more accessible — regular google searches for English proper names now provide a list of profile matches on the first page of results."
The Internet

Submission + - Max Berry = "The Internet = The Tower of Babel 1

Venotar writes: Max Barry — the wry, geek-chic wit of Syrup, Jennifer Government, and Company fame (one of the few mainstream authors you'll find who's written his own sim-game), in noting an anecdotal increase in atheism online suggests an interesting parallel between The Internet and The Tower of Babel. So slashdot, will the big bad ass in the sky take issue with our hubris? Can we expect divine wrath anytime now? What form might it take? Will all of our machines randomly switch endianess? Will some of our transistors suddenly operate in base 3?

On a more serious note, is the internet really responsible for a growth of rational- er, I mean atheism? Or is it just acting as a great equalizer that amplifies everyone's voice so we can all more easily identify likeminded types and isolate ourselves into our own little ideological ghettos without the inconvenience of having to deal with contrary opinions? Or is there an alternative explanation?

Submission + - YARO: Yet Another RIM Outtage (google.com)

Venotar writes: According to the AP, RIM is in the midst of a continent-wide outtage of as-yet-undisclosed causes. I wonder if anyone's yet noticed blackberry addicts drooling and twitching, now that their connection to the hive mind is severed? Will this brief moment of freedom destroy the collective?

Submission + - Google sings AIM's praises, still won't Talk to MS (blogspot.com)

Venotar writes: There's been much talk of IM interoperability over the years. The IM Federation's long been a self-proclaimed promoter of XMPP, many prognosticators have promised that google's jabber service would spell the end of non-interoperability, Yahoo IM's long had an interoperability deal with Microsoft that's actually no longer vaporware, and now Google's announced that their long discussed deal with AOL has (finally) bridged the gap between AIM and GTalk (without the use of cheesy client side plugins or buggy third party XMPP agents). Now that Google can Talk to Oscar, is ICQ far behind? And does it really matter: is this really a sign that the walls are breaking down between IM services, or is this just one more front in the not-so-cold war between Google and Microsoft?
Wireless Networking

Submission + - The most reliable network in That Other Nation (dallasnews.com)

Venotar writes: "Verizon's whole CDMA network is currently down in the whole Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area and has been since about 2pm, CDT. Thanks to Google, my missed calls will still make it to voicemail; but apparently the same can't be said for most of the thousands of D/FW Verizon customers. I guess Verizon's marketing team subscribes to the Republic of Texas' attitude — the nations of the world boil down to two groups: Texas and all the rest."

Submission + - MySQL + AmazonS3??

Venotar writes: While perusing the MySQL conference website, I noticed that Mark Atwood will be discussing a plugin storage engine for Amazon's S3 with MySQL. Further googling only turned up Pete Freitag's interesting observation that combining such a plug-in with Amazon's EC2 could be very useful. Does anyone know where a copy of this plug-in could be found, or if it's just vaporware? It seems like the sort of tool that could shift the economics behind quite a few ways businesses use their technology, so I was curious to hear what sort of ideas the slashdot crowd would come up with.

Submission + - Rackspace, once again recieving dubious press

Venotar writes: It looks like Rackspace Managed Hosting is having further cozy dealings with the FBI. You'll undoubtedly recall the fiasco between Indy Media, Rackspace, and the FBI. Now it looks like Rackspace is in the news again. This time, a now former employee has been sentenced for politically motivated plans to deface websites hosted on Rackspace's network. Interestingly enough, the hosting company apparently became aware of the plans before they were acted on and informed the FBI.

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