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Comment Re:What a coincidence! (Score 1) 129

The villains in Force Awakens are depressingly dumb, though.

To be sure. We have a new Disney Princess - way to challenge gender norms!

But I hold out hope that our thoroughly unimpressive Darth Meh will have an actual character arc. Growing from here to being as impressive as Vader would be a heck of a story, a story I'd love to see.

Comment Re:What a coincidence! (Score 0) 129

My enthusiasm for the Star Wars universe almost died when my hopes for a good Star Wars movie were crushed by The Force Awakens!

The first one gets a pass - its job was to prove the franchise can make money, and bring in a new generation of fans. They at least had a hand-off from the old guard, which I certainly appreciated.

Disney is pretty sharp about such things. Rogue One is the first real shot at a "real Star Wars movie".

Comment Re:Rookie mistake (Score 5, Insightful) 129

I don't imagine a movie set is any different than any other potentially dangerous work space.

You'd be wrong about that. Actors are special - anything dangerous on set is supposed to have a minder specifically to keep it from hurting an actor, no matter how careless the actor.

all systems should be treated as live until verified otherwise

Remember: movie set. Dangerous items are usually props. The technical guys, sure, it's their job to know, but it's also their job to keep the coked-up airhead starlet safe (and the guy who plays her husband).

Comment Re:Lockouts have you heard of them? (Score 5, Informative) 129

I assume Mr. Ford has not been around enough heavy equipment to that you consider it live unless you can see the lockout.

This was a movie set. There's basically 2 overriding rules about safety on a movie set:
* Don't depend on the actors to be smart enough, or paying enough attention, to get anything right.
* There's no excuse for injuring an actor. That's just about the worst thing you can be responsible for.

Everything potentially dangerous on a big-budget movie set is supposed to have a minder - both because the actors' full attention should be on their roles, and because it's a movie set, and dangerous-looking things are often props.

From the (one-sided) summary, this was a massive fuckup, on the order of having a real gun mixed in with prop guns, or carelessness with pyro.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 312

Why? Is your Wolfram Alpha broken?

I mean, obviously it would be better if everyone used the One True System of Measurement, but people just don't have intuitions for millifurlongs per microfortnight yet. Still, the "go F yourself" system will inevitably triumph over its inferior competitors.

Furlong Firkin Fortnight Fahrenheit Faraday - all else is heresy (well, Foot is fine, obviously, but it's a derived unit).

Comment Re:How exactly will they break steam? (Score 2) 379

Read the Halloween Documents to see how Microsoft killed my Pappy!

That shit was 18 years ago now, give it a rest. Hanlon's Razor applies here as always: never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. If Steam games are starting to have issues on WIn10, it seems far more likely that MS can't find its ass with both hands these days, than that it has some nefarious master scheme.

Comment Re:Steam should stop modifying perms (Score 1) 379

Sorry Steam, you're insecure.

What, the major games that install DRM rootkits didn't tip you to that?

My gaming machine install is disposable. It's the only sane approach. I'm sticking with Win7, perhaps forever; it's an arena where DRM rootkits fight each other for dominance; Steam itself is insecure; I occasionally download a mod and you never know about those. "Security" and "gaming machine"? Lost cause.

And that's just fine. Almost all games save state to the cloud these days, so if I find myself singing "FDISK, reboot, re-install, do-dah, do-dah" nothing of value will be lost.

Comment Re:Free time (Score 2) 334

While there was certainly some lying to kids going on here, it was no secret that you won't get a job with a Grievance Studies degree. People who chose a worthless degree to pursue did indeed bring their problems on themselves.

For the rest, it will keep getting worse until the Tuition Bubble pops. With a STEM degree there will be a job eventually, but college debt has gotten out of hand.

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