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Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 1) 360

Official policies matter little once guys with guns are in the executive's house. That's the economic part of fascism: the owners may keep the profits, but they do what the government tells them. Both Google and Facebook already have a pretty good database of all the Muslims in the US (along with every other religion, race, income group, and everything else useful for targeted ads).

If you're scared about Trump creating concentration camps for gay Muslim Mexicans, your eyes should be opened about how scary Google and Facebook are.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 360

Very easily recognized - just monitor every detail of their browsing habits, email conversations, and who all their friends and family are, which both Facebook and Google already do. Yes, both Facebook and Google know your religion: it's an important part of targeted advertisement and they're quite good at it.

Facebook and Google already have a "Muslim registry" - oh, it may not be perfect, but it's close enough for government work.

I just don't understand why people don't see how scary these companies are.

Comment Re:Trump on extreme vetting (Score 2) 360

And I don't see how any of these 'tech' companies can make any such lists.

Oh, you're wrong there. Google and Facebook both know every Muslim who's been online in the US (to some imperfect but high degree of precision and accuracy). They already have the "Muslim registry", not to mention, Christian, Jewish, atheist, etc registry. It's their core business.

I spent an hour once chatting with one of Google's professional racists. His job was racial discrimination*: analyze every "signal" from your browsing habits, search history, gmail, etc to determine your race. No different for religion, income, etc. They were quite good at it. Of course, Google has no intent for this more nefarious than targeted advertisement. But the database exists, and it's a US company.

*discrimination - n. The ability or power to see or make fine distinctions; discernment.

Comment Since no one apparently said it (Score 1) 360

Twitter doesn't do government services and they'll be out of business shortly. Also, their leader is a left wing ideologue.

The rest of the companies would gladly take on the work. This surprises you how?

Did you somehow think that your ideology was going to keep on preventing people from working with Trump without political power? Think again.

Comment Re: Better up the Military Budget (Score 1) 286

Sure, it will take decades. Fortunately, it will take centuries for the problem to unfold. Millions will do nothing until the water reaches waist-level of course - that's people for you - but you don't have to wait.

Farmland's easy, BTW. The vast majority of what was farmland 100 years ago is forest now. It can be farmland again in a year, and productive the following year. Roundup-ready seed and a fuckton of fertilizer and a self-driving combine, and we're swimming in corn - that's modern farming for you.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score -1, Troll) 286

So ... your solution to global warming is that impoverished villagers in Bangladesh should be buying condos in Aspen?

Ah, you're posting to show just how much you care about brown people in distant lands? Consider your virtue signaled.

Charity begins at home. Take care of you and yours. Once that's taken care up, give what you can. Compassion is the highest human virtue. But telling other people to make sacrifices is not compassion.

Comment They won't. (Score 1) 286

Period. It's a waste of time. Any government that tries to force standard of living reduction will be voted out of office. This is essentially what happened with Obama, and he tried to do it in a stealthy way. Imagine someone openly taking an axe to public prosperity in the interest of climate change? They'd shove knives up his ass like Quaddafi.

You have to create a totalitarian state with the full apparatus of secret police, surveillance, detention camps and summary executions to even start to go there, and the focus on climate change would impair your ability to maintain that social control. Beside which, the inherent corruption in such a state would ultimately subvert your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint.

Also, i'd rather have the climate change than the secret police, thanks.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 3, Insightful) 286

But instead of paying those taxes, I'd rather pay a bit more in goods and services to cover the costs of reducing carbon emissions to reduce the rate of global warming and slow the sea level rise.

That's rather ... optimistic. Maybe that could work. Maybe it's already too late. Maybe China will talk a good game while quietly doubling their CO2 output. Maybe it's all solar activity and Antarctica is gone regardless of human activity. When it comes to important things, it's best to plan for more than the optimistic case, especially for years-long efforts.

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