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Comment Re:Sour Grapes (Score 1) 76

Why are you using this dumbass expression?

I would suspect one of two reasons.

Either 1:
He isn't talking about just musicians. He's talking about musicians, authors and filmmakers.

Or 2:
He's doing whatever he can to avoid calling people like Young Thug, Kodak Black and Lil Uzi by the label "Artists".


Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 222

There is nothing inherent about women that would make them not work as hard as men. That's nonsense.

If you're talking about "putting forth as much effort", you're probably right but if you're talking about "able to perform as much physical labor in the same amount of time", you're definitely wrong.

Obviously there are individual women who are stronger than most men but on average men are stronger and can perform more physical labor.

It's not discrimination that lead to most loggers, miners and firefighters being male, it's biological differences.

There is some physical recovery for the woman after childbirth, especially depending on the method of delivery. However, the amount of leave goes beyond what's necessary for recovery.

They would probably just outright lose the employee if they didn't give what she deemed to be "Adequate" leave when a child is born. It's a compromise that employers make because it's better for them to wait a few additional weeks for the experienced employee to return than it is to hire and train a replacement.


Comment Re:No, but... (Score 2) 297

Oh, the GOP today is a lost cause. I expect them to go the way of the Whigs at this point. BTW, if you don't know Chester Arthur, read up on him - best president since Lincoln IMO. If Trump had a VP pick like Arthur, I'd vote for him (given Trump would almost certainly be assassinated like Garfield was, and for the same reasons).

Believe what you want about Planned Parenthood, I'm not going to argue about it, but if you haven't watched the undercover video interviews about them harvesting fetus organs for quite a hefty profit on the side, you really should - it wasn't an isolated incident. Surely a different organization could provide these services.

And don't try to present bizarre Christian cults as mainstream, unless you're consistent and also claim that all Muslims support terrorism. Any large movement will have its fringe, and that doesn't represent the mainstream (well, except PETA, they're fucked up).

freaks out over birth control being provided for by health insurance,

BTW, I've never met a conservative who would stand by that. What they take offense at is business owners who object to it on religious grounds being forced to provide such. The state compelling you to take action against your moral principles (not merely refrain from action) crosses a line we should care about regardless of the issues, or at least those few Americans who still believe in limited government should care.

Comment Re:No, but... (Score 1) 297

Margret Sanger matters because she established the organizations that evolved into Planned Parenthood. Originally, it was explicitly a eugenics program, and it's operating today pretty much as intended then. Oh, sure, people usually claim different motivations for funding it, but that doesn't change the fact it's doing what the founders wanted it to do (as much as any large organization ever does).

almost everybody was racist and eugenics were extremely popular in that era.

The Republicans were still leading the charge for human rights and equality in Sanger's day, and eugenics was extremely popular with the progressive left, not generally.

It's still quite a popular notion on the left that the world has too many people and people should have fewer children to reduce the population, especially people in certain areas of the world. It's never phrased as "those lesser peoples should stop having so many kids", but the desired result is the same.

Comment Re:You youngsters and your cloud (Score 1) 354

I am concerned about the lubrication and circuit boards (electrolytic caps, mostly) associated with hard disks over long term storage. I have found a high failure rate on my own old hard drives - old MFM drives were kind of crappily engineered, however, so the fact that an ST-251 drive from 1990 doesn't work today shouldn't necessarily be indicative of the lifespan of say, a WD Black 1TB manufactured in 2010.

Comment Re:That's bullshit (Score 0) 297

In my world, we rely on practical tests of functionality *with the actual users* rather than theoretical measures of effectiveness. It seems the CDC agrees with me on this one.

As to one of your other points:

"The bottom line is that a single act of intercourse between a young couple has on average a one in 20 chance of pregnancy – this assumes the opportunity presented itself on a random day, as these things tend do when you are young."


So the answer is based on how often you fuck. The CDC numbers do not map precisely to data of this sort, however.

Last point: "measuring the effectiveness of encouraging people not to fuck" sounds like the craptastic questionnaire-based research I saw at (not to pick on them) the Lehigh psych department in the early 2000s. People lie, and they can't simulate the paths not taken effectively. There would literally be no way to know if someone decided to not have sexual intercourse based on an abstinence campaign.

Besides, my kind of abstinence campaign would be "Blowjobs for Everyone" or "Real lovers wank each other".

Comment That's bullshit (Score -1, Flamebait) 297

Actual effectiveness ratios for birth control:

US CDC document on actual effectiveness


Condoms are about as effective as the withdrawal method, sponges, or the rhythm method. 20% or so failure rates.
Spermicides are worse (!) (28%)
9% annual failure on the pill.

The only truly effective contraception methods are *just* the methods they won't allow young kids to get. I had to get a signoff from my wife at age 29 for a vasectomy. I was told they wouldn't do it if i were single or if I had been married with no children. Reason: ex post facto lawsuits by women aggrieved by the urologist denying them children within their marriage. Similarly, just try walking in and asking for your tubes tied at 16 or an IUD implant.

The bottom line is that the "conservatives" advocating abstinence training are actually right. The only actual way to reduce teen pregnancy is to encourage them to stop fucking so much. The birth control available to them _does not work_. They should all just screw bareback from what I can see.

Comment Re:little to do with pokeman go (Score 4, Funny) 143

Agreed, bicycles should follow all the rules of the road. Because they are less visible, they should go even farther out of their way to adhere to all traffic safety regulations and drive defensively as possible.

For a while, Amazon did bicycle delivery in Seattle (often pulling a bike trailer - those guys were in shape). Those were the only bicyclists I've ever seen in Seattle who followed the rules of the road. All the rest seem to be involved is some sort of mass suicide-by-car, to the point where I expect to hear narration by David Attenborough on the lifecycle of these strange creatures.

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