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Submission + - WikiLeaks releasing 1.7 million records called "The Kissinger Cables" (wikileaks.org)

An anonymous reader writes: The cables are all from the time period of 1973 to 1976. Without droning about too many numbers that can be found in the press release, about 200,000 of the cables relate directly to former U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. These cables include significant revelations about US involvements with fascist dictatorships, particularly in Latin America, under Franco's Spain (including about the Spanish royal family) and in Greece under the regime of the Colonels. The documents also contain hourly diplomatic reporting on the 1973 war between Israel, Egypt and Syria (the "Yom Kippur war"). While several of these documents have been used by US academic researchers in the past, the Kissinger Cables provides unparalled access to journalists and the general public.

"The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer." — Henry A. Kissinger, US Secretary of State, March 10, 1975

Comment Re:As An American... (Score 1) 270

"... you sure do a good impression of a bigoted asshole."

Can't tell if trolling or just that blind. I mean, did you not first by calling ME an idiot? What is it that made you felt the need to be an asshole to me?

Woody Allen once remarked, "Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem," and it's clear from your commentary that you're just brimming with confidence and certainty in the righteousness of your opinion.

Perhaps, although are you not then projecting?

When your entire commentary rests on the assumption "anybody who doesn't agree with me is a backwards rube to be mocked," you pretty much give up any chance at being taken seriously, or of being engaged in a serious attempt at discourse. Your problem - and yes, it is a problem - is that you've almost certainly never made a good-faith attempt to *understand* the positions of people who disagree with you.

Please don't tell me that you don't see the irony in assuming something as well.

Why would people be against a law that only benefits them?

Perhaps because a significant portion (not all!) that could sway one way or another has been brainwashed otherwise as BasilBrush suggested. What, you're going to tell me that political ads are largely informational and not propaganda meant to exploit those who haven't been taught to think for themselves?

But of course, that couldn't be, could it? In your breathtaking arrogance, you've already concluded that you're right, no dissent is valid, and anybody who disagrees with you is automatically assigned the label of "backwoods idiot." I'm glad I'm not as smart as you - it must be enervating, looking down on so many people all the time.

When did I attack you and assign all as backwood idiots? I don't see any absolutes in my original post.
Look, I get that there's countless factors aside from religion and population density, yet it does it not have a significant effect on people's scopes of just how far chains of events can reach, and the amount factors people are forced to consider on a daily basis? This makes people more likely to translate that behavior to how they view social systems and their beliefs of how to keep them in order. Again I say, seriously, does it not? Because it's my understanding that it DOES, and that's the basis of my argument and my pondering. Attack this facet of my argument versus my character, because that is the root of it.

Comment Re:As An American... (Score 1) 270

On one hand, it's because those in rural areas tend to keep far away from the cities because the cities are so fast paced and anything to do with them is scary. Backed by them keeping their minds in religion to look for answers versus science, and raising their kids on such methods, you have a closed system that renews itself. Then you have the greedy people within the elite class understanding this, and tactically playing the idiots like a deck of cards. I wonder if the U.S. had even half the longitudinal land space than it actually does, whether we'd have either two countries from the civil war, or the south would've been transformed into a more progressive culture by default from overpopulation and integration of cultures.

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