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Comment Re:Spotify- better than I ever thought it would be (Score 1) 79

Even so, I have discovered lots of new music through Spotify with their recommendations. And that is something Spotify could improve- they need to allow users to directly rate songs (like Pandora does) so it can learn what we like and offer more recommendations. And the other is a better "radio station" type mode, like Pandora has.

Disclaimer: I'm not a Spotify developer, this is just from reading around forums, pissed off at some features not working on Spotify as expected. Here is what I've learnt and it may be inaccurate. Take with salt:

Spotify sort of do the rating mechanic when you click the thumbs up/thumbs down on a song as it is playing (at least on my Android app). "Thumbs up" will add it to a Liked playlist connected to your account.
Now this Liked playlist influences your Discover Weekly playlist. But here is where Spotify becomes retarded. Discover Weekly is not only influenced by your Liked playlist. It's influenced by every song you add to any personal playlist you create but no weight is given to what you actually play(!?). I know right?

My Discover Weekly experience was OK at first, but now it is filled with crap simply because I happen to have a set of "Decades" playlists (the 80s, the 90s, the 00s) just to capture the handful of songs from those eras I liked. So random Top 40 stuff I would never listen to gets shoved down my throat. What really surprises me is that I have playlists dedicated to Dub and Roots Reggae, a well pruned collection of Grunge, Ambient music and Deep House. But none of those ever seem to influence my Discover Weekly experience. Which leads me to believe the so-called "algorithm" for Discover Weekly is there to sell the Top 40 music and doesn't give a toss about your obscure tastes.

What's particularly frustrating is you as the user have no control over this "algorithm" and can't force it to "reset". I ignore it now.

That said, a couple of months ago a new feature was forced upon us (in the UK at least) called Your Daily Mix.
These are supposedly doing the same thing as Discover Weekly but split into 4-6 "genres" and mixing music from your playlists in those genres with new discoveries. Here's to hoping it works as desired.

Comment Re:"long-distance space travel" (Score 1) 28

To take a proactive role in Panspermia. I think our terrestrial bacteria, water bears and extremophiles should be seeded on as many suitable planets as possible. We're not going to be around forever so we should definitely get as much potential for new sapient life to evolve somewhere else. Or at least an eon or two of life on some previously uninteresting backwater planet that had no previous chance of having life evolve the "hard way" on it.

Comment Re:Teehee. Yeah. Right. (Score 1) 126

Not disagreeing with your point. It's more about why isn't this declared up front? If you need to keep the mic on so you always have a buffer for the last 10, 20 30 seconds of audio, then just say so. I imagine the same users you've categorised would still not give a shit.

For me though it would be an instant uninstall. As for Google listening to me all the time....not much I can do about that, I have chosen that os ecosystem.

Comment Re:Here's the problem. (Score 3, Insightful) 171

> it's actually the telephone company which owns the iPhone

I hate to do this, mostly 'cause I like you, but that's simply not true - by precedent. To give two good examples:

1. Your home. If you're paid and current with your mortgage and the bank has not foreclosed and taken possession then the lending agency can not grant rights.
2. Your car, just like the above. The dealership or credit agency can not give the police permission to search your vehicle. Well, they can. It won't hold up in court.

So long as you're current then you have most every right you'd have with complete ownership. You own your house even while the bank owns it. You have the deed, they have a lien on the deed. The same thing for your car if it is not yet fully paid off. I'm not positive but I strongly suspect that if you're incarcerated and unable to make your payment then they still can't give permission to search.

Comment Re:No shit. (Score 1) 455

>> not everyone starts with the same level of driving ability

Funny you should mention that. Up above, I mentioned that I used to drive while very intoxicated. I never had an accident, got violated, and got my first (and only) moving violation in 1975. Yet, I drove professionally for a while (it was my MOS) and am an automotive aficionado who has taken many, many lessons and driven on-track and rallied - all strictly amateur. I've even done those things while moderately (for a drunk) intoxicated.

There is a component that is skill and I don't think people put much stock in it. I know, for example, that I drove better while moderately impaired than many non-impaired drivers. (Only an idiots says they drive better drunk. You do not. Though you might drive better after one or two if you're nervous about driving. I'd not call that drunk.)

So, two things... I do believe that training and ability come into play. I do not believe I am skilled enough to drive drunk safely. It was stupid and negligent when I did so.

In a perfect world, driving drunk would probably be legal but infractions while driving drunk would be penalized more heavily. It is not a perfect world and .08 was not far from my baseline. I do, really, think that having had a great deal of experience and formal training helped.

Comment Re:You need to set the cutoff somewhere (Score 2) 455

Do NOT do this.

When you drive drunk, and are so drunk that you truly have a hard time seeing, then just close one eye. It actually works. I had a drunken buddy share that kernel of wisdom with me. I have no idea how I never got an OUI or caused an accident - no infractions since a speeding ticket in something like 1975 and zero at-fault accidents ever - and I drive a whole lot more than most.

So, yeah... Do NOT do that. I learned my lesson without any actual repercussions but I drove drunk more often than I drove sober - for a very long time. I'm actually not sure if I'll ever be able to speculate that I've driven more sober than I've driven while intoxicated. I no longer drink. I have had alcoholic beverages since but never more than two and, in three years, I think I've had 7 total drinks and most of those were not finished.

Still, my retarded ass drove everywhere intoxicated. I mean everywhere. I drove across the country, multiple times, while drunk. Sometimes, too drunk to walk. I've always gotten away with it. I'm shocked that I never killed anyone or had an accident. I have had my car hit, twice, while stopped at a stop light and while parked, but was not at fault for either. I do a bit of amateur rally racing and I've crashed there. I was not, on the other hand, drunk for that - at least not very. (I've competed while marginally drunk.)

I had a friend who had a BAC testing, portable thing, and it is not accurate but I've pegged it out at .38. I know that I've been much more drunk than that. At the time, I was probably pretty normal seeming until I hit .2 - maybe more. I used to get to what I'd estimate would be .12 and then just maintain it throughout the day. I do miss drinking but I was going to end up harming myself or others.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 455

Yes, yes they are. The concept of better 9 criminals be set free than 1 innocent person not going to jail is seen as quaint.

Yes, they'll deprive all for the sake of the few. (See firearms as an example.)

There's a certain level of risk assumed with operating a motor vehicle on a public road. I'm not suggesting that we allow unfettered access and lawlessness but I am suggesting that we honestly look at the probabilities and then make a realistic choice regarding where the lines should be drawn.

However, the idea of accepting risk is crazy talk these days. I think there are people who would ban most anything just so they could maybe stop someone from doing harm with it. I'm not really sure where this leads but I suspect we'll all be incarcerated to protect us from ourselves in a few thousand years. No, you may not go outside - there's danger!

Really, a lot of people are just cowards at heart and others really get off in restricting rights that they, themselves, do not make use of. For an example, I'm not really a religious person but I have no problem with that right being removed. How many times have you seen others suggesting some sort of "final solution" for the religious?

Comment Re:Microsoft is dieing (Score 1) 130

So I should stick with it?

Sorry for the late reply - I ran out of posts. Even with the highest karma levels, you're limited to 50/day.

Anyhow, I'll probably stick with it until it is EOL. I'm likely to get the Ubuntu phone next. I do like WP 8, a bunch. I've never come across something I wanted to do with my phone that I could not do with my phone - easily and quickly. So, I'm not missing any features.

Then again... I text, email, make calls, surf the web, and check weather - maybe check video at my home in Maine, etc... Not much, really.

Comment Re:Here You Go... (Score 1) 249

LOL Yup. Though, unlike you, I've had great Karma from the start, pretty much. I had an older account but it was tied to the email of the company I used to own and I don't know the username. I drank a lot back then. I thought it was Incognito but that isn't my account. I want to say that my first account was in 2002-2003 range. It was 7x,xxx or so I recollect. No biggie, I'm reasonably sure I said stupid shit.

On the other hand, I've been mod bombed to hell and it's never actually impacted my karma's rating. I've been "excellent" since just about day one. I have no idea why. It's not like I hold my tongue or am the least bit bashful about saying things that might irk someone - so long as they're factual. I hold some rather odd views, very different from most, and I voice them. Even concerning politics.

So yeah, I've been mod bombed to hell but never had an issue. I've opened the message notifications and seen the scroll bar be very, very tiny. (I want to say that my record is about 80 mod points - good and bad and in total) being spent in one day by angry people. At one point, someone was running around and moderating anything I said down.

I have no idea how the karma system really works, I guess. I thought I did but no... I must have near infinite points. LOL

Anyhow, no... I'd not moderate you down. I'd not moderate anyone down. I don't even moderate anyone up. I don't moderate. If you stop spending all of your points then the system seems to forget about you. My scores are better than ever and I still don't get mod points any more. I used to but not any more. I stopped spending them years and years ago. Who am I to judge?

Comment Re:I actually liked this feature (Score 1) 190

C'mon over. You're gonna need to sit in the driveway or come inside. My home is 24 miles from the village and at the end of a 1/2 mile drive. Your cantenna isn't going to cut it. So, when they come looking I'll be able to see the logs and say, "Ah ha! I know who it was. In fact, here's my firewall logs. No, you can have those without a warrant, fuck that guy."

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