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Submission + - Why I Still Use DOS (

VariableGHz writes: "For some of you, the thought of DOS probably brings back horrifying memories of things like IRQ conflicts, MSCDEX, the config.sys, himem.sys, etc. Those days are over, but the best aspects of DOS remain a part of Windows, fortunately..."

Submission + - Skype worm jumps to ICQ and MSN

SpywareSatan writes: "This latest variant of Stration worm which was spreading through Skype jumps to ICQ and MSN, according to Chris Boyd, a researcher at FaceTime Communications, who blogs under the name Paperghost. "They're using Skype as a jump off into other more established networks," Boyd said. "The infection will go looking for other instant messaging clients that are on the PC and then attempt to send the infection message that it initially sends through Skype through these other chat systems.""

Submission + - A Static Universe in 3 Trillion Years

ultracool writes: When Dutch astronomer Willem de Sitter proposed a static model of the universe in the early 1900s, he was some 3 trillion years ahead of his time. Now, physicists Lawrence Krauss from Case Western Reserve University and Robert J. Scherrer from Vanderbilt University predict that trillions of years into the future, the information that currently allows us to understand how the universe expands will have disappeared over the visible horizon. What remains will be "an island universe" made from the Milky Way and its nearby galactic Local Group neighbors in an overwhelmingly dark void.

Facebook Opens Pages to Outside Developers 76

prostoalex writes "Facebook is now allowing third-party developers to create pages within the site. Developers can use a combination of the Facebook API and a subset of HTML to create interactive pages accessible from within Facebook. Users retain complete control over which applications they want to have installed, and which applications they want to see on other people's profile. Developers can build on top of Facebook's social grid, and in case of a popular application gain distribution through Facebook newsfeed."

Submission + - Microsoft dominates the OOXML process

nnn0 writes: An interesting norwegian article claims that Microsoft totally dominates the OOXML standardization process. Head of Freecode reveals that in the norwegian Standard Norge's seven members, four are from Microsoft and one is from Statoil, a heavy Windows user. He also finds it peculiar the Ecma managed to approve the whole Open XML standard in less than a year. The standard which spans 6000 pages, not only got approved 20 times faster than any XML standard before it, but the committee was also leaded by two Microsoft employees. He also points to the fact that Ecma is a closed process, in contrast to Oasis which the ODF standard went thru. He further claims that if ISO approves OOXML, it will go against it's own policy to not support competing standards. Those fluent in nordic languages can read the full article here.

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