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Submission + - Scientists create first synthetic cells ( 1

Van Cutter Romney writes: "Craig Venter, the US genomics pioneer, announced that scientists at his laboratories had succeeded in making the world's first "synthetic cells" of bacteria called Mycoplasma mycoides. He told reporters that the new species is similar to one found in nature, except that the chromosome that controls each cell was created from scratch. The new species started with researchers digitizing the genetic code for the new species, then assembling the nucleotides using "four bottles of chemicals" into sections of DNA. The DNA sections were assembled in yeast cells to form a synthetic chromosome, which was then transferred to a related species of bacteria, M. capricolum. After 30 cell divisions, there were billions of synthetic bacteria in the lab dishes — all of them making exclusively the biological molecules associated with M mycoides."

Comment Oh Pay Me Baby One More Time! (Score 1) 177

Face it, with Newsday, NY Times going to the pay to read model and with the rest of News Corp papers doing the same I think this is the direction the rest of the industry is headed. Though I believe a simpler way to pay would be to have an aggregator like Google charge us for the news and distribute the revenues to the individual content providers whenever I click on the feeds. At the same time, if I prefer to go freebie, I would get the same (but lower quality?) news from one of the other sources all grouped under the same subject.

Comment The 'Smart' Camera Revolution (Score 4, Insightful) 209

The last decade heralded the smart cellphone revolution. Cellphones with more and more features including camera, bluetooth, wireless, PDA yada yada.

I think what we are witnessing here is the beginning of the camera revolution. Smart cameras with wireless capabilities. Soon we shall see direct integration with social networks, ability to communicate over Skype etc. Innovation from the other end of the spectrum.

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