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Comment Re:People have been thinking about this for ages (Score 1) 166

However there's almost always a way to "fix" routers on different networks since they're mostly independently managed, so you're looking at downtime of a few days to a week max. Nothing that's going to destroy the fabric of society.

I think you underestimate society's use of the internet and networks. It is far more than being able to browse Slashdot and play Farmville. The internet is responsible for financial transactions, shipping management (particularly food sources, oil, etc), power management, etc. If the internet went down, would it be the end of the world? I don't particularly think so. Would there be a whole heap (and I mean A LOT) of problems from the result? You better believe it.

Comment Re:If you're Catholic (Score 1) 192

I'm not a Catholic, but, to be fair, spending money on yourself is not necessarily incompatible with religion. Yes, it does say in the Bible that it will be "easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven," but it's not because the person is rich. (For those who don't know, Jesus makes this statement after a rich man asked him what he needed to do to enter heaven. Jesus told him to go and sell his possessions and then follow Him. The rich man went away pretty discouraged.) The real incompatibility is when possessions become first over your love for Christ. That is where a lot of people get the common phrase incorrect. Money is not the root of all evil. It never says that anywhere in the Bible. says THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

If that person with the iPhone driving the $80,000 SUV is using that SUV to take a lot of food to homeless shelters, or perhaps the driver helps cart animals back and forth to the elderly to cheer them up, or perhaps a million other reasons - then there is absolutely nothing wrong. Heck, even if that person is driving that SUV because they liked all the cupholders it had and it was comfortable for them - then good for them! As long as they don't love it more than they love God, that is a good first step. (And, I know people who love far more worthless things which would fall into the same category.)

Of course, it's easy to judge those who have more (because someone will always have more than you). But, you see, by judging them (something we shouldn't be doing) and jumping to conclusions, you're stepping very close to that "do not covet" law that is pretty excellent as well. Really, a big portion of the "rules" of the Bible are, "Mind your own business unless you're doing good for someone else." Funny enough, people are VERY bad at minding their own business.

Comment Re:Did they ask how many want it (Score 4, Insightful) 402

People on tech sites tend to vastly over estimate the need for, let alone the desire of, many for high speed internet.

One of the most insightful statements I have read here on Slashdot. We often forget that we are so focused on technical needs that we miss what "real people" really need or want.

Hell, you can enjoy life just fine without touching the net for weeks.'s just blasphemy. :-p

Seriously, though. Excellent post. Technology is fun, but it's not everybody's (most people's) cup of tea.


Capcom 'Saddened' By Game Plagiarism Controversy 163

Capcom's recent release of action platformer Maxsplosion for the iPhone caused indie developer Twisted Pixel to call Capcom out for copying the concept from their successful Xbox Live game 'Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel said they had no plans for legal action, since they were "too small to take on a company like Capcom." The indie studio had even pitched the game to Capcom for publishing at one point, but were declined. Now, Capcom has released a statement denying that Maxsplosion's development team had any knowledge of the meetings and saying, "MaXplosion was developed independently by Capcom Mobile. Nonetheless, we are saddened by this situation and hope to rebuild the trust of our fans and friends in the gaming community."

Comment Re:Availability has decreased drastically (Score 1) 318

The not pulling out physical media in ages is great until your hard drive dies and you have no backups for your media.

Well, of course, the obvious solution is backup your media. Mozy is a great start - it has already saved me twice (drive died, and then accidentally deleted a folder I hadn't planned on).

People who put their data on a computer's hard drive should always be willing to spend the hundred or so dollars a year to protect that data in case of a failure.

Comment Re:The good and bad... (Score 1) 480

Not trying to troll...but where did they say that? I mean, they support tethering and hotspots on the Droid platform, but it's most definitely not free. (Well, if you root the phone it is...but...) Typically, when you connect with your web browser through the tether/hotspot, Verizon pops up a message asking for $$$ to your plan before you can connect. Did I miss something in TFA?

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 433

If you don't trust your sysadmin, they shouldn't be your sysadmin.

Maybe you do trust him. But, workers become disgruntled (without ever seeming to be...until it's too late - look at work places that were shot up with no real indication from the employee), and people have bad days (and lose it), or sometimes someone just messes up (mistakes happen).

Comment Re:Assisted driving tech saves lives (Score 1) 344

Antilock brakes help stop shorter and quicker.


ABS only makes stops shorter and quicker on dry surfaces. However, on loose traction surfaces (gravel, snow, wet leaves, etc), ABS actually *increases* the braking distance fairly considerably. In this case, you are giving up braking distance for more control. (See here:

Personally, however, I would rather have a low braking distance. I hate ABS. Almost caused me to die one time when I slid out on a patch of ice and, when I went to hit my brakes, they ABS kicked in and I didn't stop where I should have. Instead, I rolled right into the middle of an intersection with a couple cars coming at me fast.

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