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Submission + - Talking to Stompy Bot: Heavy Gear Assault Interview (gamereactor.eu)

checkeredape writes: Following the game's launch we sent over a few questions to Stompy Bot CEO Vince McMullin, who had a lot to tell us about the development of their game, as well as his thoughts on what went wrong for Respawn with Titanfall 2 and the development hiccups affecting the work on fellow crowdfunded indie sci-fi title Star Citizen. It's a long but interesting read, so grab a cup of something warm and get comfortable.

Submission + - Stompy Bot Promises to Backport Linux Support to Unreal Engine 4 (kickstarter.com) 1

Vamman writes: It's one thing to promise Linux support in a new video game. It's entirely a different thing to promise to backport work from your own product to one of the biggest engines names going — Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games. Independent Publisher Stompy Bot and Developer MekTek Studios did just that in promising Linux support on their Kickstarter — for their new title Heavy Gear Assault. Sounds like the developer is a bit frustrated from past experiences with their work on the MechWarrior series, which as they point out, was always a Windows only franchise. Offering dedicated server consoles and all the like in Linux — these guys have the right idea about who to support. Check em' out.

Submission + - Another mech game franchise revitalized (prnewswire.com)

Vamman writes: "In the year of mech games it looks like Heavy Gear will return with a new game as well. Another video game franchise recovered from a big publisher. This one was recovered from Activision who seemed to be comfortable leaving the franchise stay dead.

With MechWarrior being rescued from Microsoft I suppose it was only time for Heavy Gear to be rescued from Activision."


Submission + - MechWarrior: Tactical Command - Coming to iOS in 2 (mektek.net)

Vamman writes: Apparently a new MechWarrior game is coming to iPhone, iPad in 2012. MechWarrior: Tactical Command, developed by Singapore-based, Personae Studios in partnership with Seattle-based, Smith and Tinker. Now what's interesting about this announcement, from an intellectual property perspective, is that this is a Microsoft based property being developed on an Apple based platform. What the hell? This game also appears to have some connection to the developers over at MekTek Studios who brought us the free release. This announcement is also on the heels of the PC-based, Free To play MechWarrior Online announcement by Vancouver-based, Piranha Games, last month. We wonder how these two products will sync with each other?

The devs also released a trailer on YouTube which seems to respect the classic feel of MechWarrior.

A mobile version of MechWarrior on iOS could be fairly entertaining for those of us on the move.

Comment I hate 3D. Its just a Buzz costing me more money (Score 1) 255

Nothing about 3D has improved my movie going experience. And how in the hell am I suppose to make out with that hot chick watching a 3D movie without taking the glasses off and missing the movie entirely. I used to enjoy the other factors in play of going out to the movies like oh I don't know.... social contact! These damn 3D movies are physically and socially awkward and since more movies have been coming out in 3D I have been going to the movies less often. I strongly believe that this 3D initiative is somehow related to the MPAA in an attempt to curb piracy or some other lame crap.

Submission + - Microsoft Clears Mechwarrior4 Free Launch (mektek.net) 1

Vamman writes: If you've been following the drama surrounding the free release of Mechwarrior4, than you would be aware that the initial announcement, made last summer, was a bit premature. After nearly a year since the announcement came, MekTek Studios has announced, that Microsoft Legal has given clearance for the free release of Mechwarrior4. This interesting move by Microsoft Games couldn't come at a better time for this community, as the owners of Mechwarrior are attempting a reboot of Mechwarrior. A few weeks ago this studio stuck their necks out there and announced that they were struggling to see this release through to the end. Looks like some interesting pressure was applied from a variety of sources.

Comment Re:Mechwarrior Living Legends beat them to the pun (Score 1) 90

I'll wager that MWLL is as vulnerable in this situation as MekTek is whether they like it or not. Their agreement with Microsoft Canada was a game usage rights agreement which from what they posted long ago appeared to be a rather similar type of agreement to what MekTek has. These are vulnerable agreements for modders. If Microsoft can shut down the free release then Microsoft can shut down MWLL/Crytek pretty easily as well. Crytek took advantage and publicity and likely made some sales off it.

Comment Re:This makes no sense (Score 2, Insightful) 90

Allow me to make some sense for you. In order to release the said software Microsoft requires all companies to have insurance coverage ($5000/year) incase everyone ends up in court so you can cover yourself with a couple of million in coverage - its a safety net for a bunch of lawyers. Anyone doing software distribution should have coverage especially if they are profiting - which MekTek isn't. MekTek has paid for the insurance under the agreement but assumed the release was forth coming much faster. That was months and months ago. This has been a growing case for most larger corps requiring smaller groups to have intense commercial liability insurance. A big strain.

Submission + - MechWarrior 4 free release 'held up' by Microsoft (joystiq.com)

Vamman writes: Way back in July 2009, Smith & Tinker announced that it was going to authorize MekTek to release MechWarrior 4 and all its expansions for free "soon" — likely to drum up interest for the upcoming MechWarrior reboot. After nearly a year, the game remains unreleased. The reason for the delay, according to MekTek, lies with Microsoft. The group claims that the project is "held up at Microsoft" and it's currently "unknown" when the release will receive its "final go ahead."

The studio adds the unfortunate revelation that it's now in dire financial straights thanks to the delay. "Due to the demands placed upon us by industry lawyers to release the Mechwarrior 4 Free release we were forced to insure our Studio at a premium rate to meet the Microsoft standard," reads the announcement, adding that group's server fund has "run dry" and is currently being paid directly by staff. MekTek is asking for donations from players that download its MekPak 3.1 expansion. According to the announcement, MekTek would be able to keep the servers running for an entire year if all those who downloaded the expansion were to donate $5. MekTek is saying thank you for support from another company caught up in this mess Virtual World Entertainment, the company which owns and operates the Tesla Cockpits simulators also running Mechwarrior.

MekTek has released to their community a major update for their existing community expansion MekPak 3.1. Check em' out! They are also promising their new expansion — MekPak 4 in a few weeks as open beta!

Comment The sheer nature of HTML/JavaScript (Score 1) 223

Putting all the server/database exploits aside. The whole client process of pushing a value in and seeing if it breaks will never go away. Web browsers are one of the worst possible tools to secure. The nature of their job seems to predict failure. As soon as some creative web monkey pushes the envelope another exploit is found. The Gecko and Trident engines can be pushed to break over and over. Chrome and Safari are not any different. You can follow the standards as much as you like. At the end of day these tools are reading XML and Script and rendering/compiling. If you consider a browser for what it is, most of them have come a long way. I remember when a harsh sneeze would cause catastrophic failure and crashing =)

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