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Submission + - Another mech game franchise revitalized (

Vamman writes: "In the year of mech games it looks like Heavy Gear will return with a new game as well. Another video game franchise recovered from a big publisher. This one was recovered from Activision who seemed to be comfortable leaving the franchise stay dead.

With MechWarrior being rescued from Microsoft I suppose it was only time for Heavy Gear to be rescued from Activision."


Submission + - MechWarrior: Tactical Command - Coming to iOS in 2 (

Vamman writes: Apparently a new MechWarrior game is coming to iPhone, iPad in 2012. MechWarrior: Tactical Command, developed by Singapore-based, Personae Studios in partnership with Seattle-based, Smith and Tinker. Now what's interesting about this announcement, from an intellectual property perspective, is that this is a Microsoft based property being developed on an Apple based platform. What the hell? This game also appears to have some connection to the developers over at MekTek Studios who brought us the free release. This announcement is also on the heels of the PC-based, Free To play MechWarrior Online announcement by Vancouver-based, Piranha Games, last month. We wonder how these two products will sync with each other?

The devs also released a trailer on YouTube which seems to respect the classic feel of MechWarrior.

A mobile version of MechWarrior on iOS could be fairly entertaining for those of us on the move.


Submission + - MekTek Launches AT1 2.3.0 and MTX Beta (

Vamman writes: You've likely heard about the Mechwarrior4 Free release announcement that appeared here on /. a few months ago. Rumors around the community suggest that the officials including Microsoft and the licensed company Smith and Tinker Inc. have things held up in legal proceedings with lawyers. In the meantime MekTek has released its beta community initiative to rebuild a game like Mechwarrior2 known as Assault Tech 1: BattleTech (aka. AT1:BT). MekTek has also released a beta version of their software distribution client MTX to obtain the indie game. All this new technology is being beta tested by the global community. If you have a thirst for Mechwarrior action check this one out.

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