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Journal Journal: +5 First Posts and Other Wonders

The first +5 AC First Post I came across. Another candidate post was +5 for quite a while, but was later modded down.

2003-04-09 Another +5 FP, but it's not AC

2003-05-27 this post tipped me off to another, but it loses style marks since it doesn't mention FP.

2003-06-23 Neither of these +5 AC FP comments mentions FP

2003-06-24 This one is a +5 AC first post, which doesn't mention FP, but does refer to the lameness filter

2003-07-22 Gokubi calculates the value of a FP.

2003-12-09 RobertB-DC got an interesting +5, Troll. The discussion in his journal contains a pointer to a similar achievement

2004-02-22 Here's another +5 AC FP, it's a bit lame though, meekly tacking (fp) at the end of an otherwise on-topic and funny comment. Equally feeble is this non-AC effort.

2004-03-14 A +5 Frosty Piss from Spruce Moose ...2004-03-17 which later drops back due to a cowardly "overrated" [note: in future, entries will appear here only after posting is closed]

2004-03-17 Unabashed troll users.pl lands a +5 Funny first post that is a nice twist on the "*BSD is dying" meme (this required six mod points as the start score was -1)

2004-03-28 A delightful double whammy FP by Jugulator

2004-04-01 A magnificent +5 AC fr1st p50t (six up-mods on this one, as some bright spark applied a "Redundant" mod)

2004-06-01 Slagheap scores a +5 FP

2004-08-27 Zorilla bags two FPs, one of which is considerably funnier than the other

2005-01-17 This one was utterly predictable.

2005-07-13 Another less-than-hilarious +5 AC First Post survives at least one "overrated" mod.

2005-09-23 ar1550 survives multiple "Overrated" moderations as he imagines the pulling-power his FP will bestow.

2005-12-26 Another genuine +5 AC FP (despite at least one idiot moderator flagging this as "Redundant")

2006-10-06 Fanboi GrahamCox manages to raise a smirk and defies multiple "overrated" critiques as he lands a kosha +5 first post.

2006-12-08 Jeremiah Cornelius lands a truly magnificent Frist Psot.

2008-01-31 Karmaless Fire_Horse takes +6 to demonstrate his super villainy

2008-03-27 Another genuine AC+5 FP

2008-07-24 pbhj scrambles his way to a +5 FP

2008-11-17 +5 AC FPs exist because we are here to read them.

2008-12-17 Colourspace is gifted a seasonal Fir Post

2009-03-31 AC is outed for a +5 FP

PC Games (Games)

Journal Journal: It's love and I hate it (I'm happy it's awful)

I'm happy it's awful

2004-03-01 This journal entry has been a mere "holding" posting for months now (quote from Rufus Wainwright, applicable to /.), but I just can't resist editing it to note that I have mod points, *again*, for the fifth time in three weeks. That's almost as many times as I've modded in five years previous. What the heck?!? Maybe that tag line about meta-moderators getting a better chance of mod points is more than just a tease (I perform my M2ing civic duties most every day). Course, the worst thing about having mod points is I find myself spending up to three days reading Slashdot more than ever, and with my shields lowered to -1. Aargh! My eyes!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "I have mod points, ner ner na ner nerr".

2004-03-08 Unbelievable! I have mod points yet again!! Am I the only one who metamods around here? Are there "unseen forces" at work here? Once again I find myself obligated to say "ner ner na ner nerr".

2004-03-18 Guess what? Yup.

2004-03-28 That would be "Hee", preceded by "Tee"

2004-04-05 What would a Monday morning be without mod points?

2004-04-12 Ahem, it is Monday

2004-04-19 Mondays. I like Mondays.

2004-04-30 I'd been away. It must be Monday already, somewhere

2004-09-23 I'd almost forgotten what it's like.

2004-10-04 Hurrah for Mondays!

2004-12-04 A Monday Christmas present

2005-02-18 Not Monday, but Friday

2005-02-22 What the barnacle?!?

2005-02-26 Yup

2005-03-01 Will the novelty ever wear off? Update 2005-03-04 : The horror! First time ever that a mod point of mine went unspent. Having an actual life is to blame for this calumny

2005-03-20 Hurrah!

2005-06-24 Pip pip

2005-07-10 My little ship

2006-01-12 My first accepted article. I'm welling up here.

2006-04-29 My second accepted article. Wow, I'm on a roll. Kinda.

2006-08-26 There's a teeny tear in my eye at the sight of mod points

2006-09-03 It's a loverly day

2006-10-02 Monday Monday sometimes it just turns out that way

2006-10-06 23:26 PDT My third! article. I knew that my original submission of this was pitched badly (I had some fruity headline about racist trolls), and it was rejected in two minutes. Second submission much better! Got my Godwin post ready and everything...

2006-11-30 Ta-da! It seems whenever I get mod points, it's always after I haven't been reading Slashdot for a few days.

2006-12-23 Whoo hoo! Points, and my first drink from the firehose!

2007-01-04 B-b-b-but it's not even Monday!

2007-01-13 Keep those mod-points rollin'

2007-02-04 Mondays! Eee-haw!

2007-02-28 Wednesdays aren't bad either.

2007-03-08 Urrrp

2007-03-22 I think I've learned the secret

2007-04-01 It's no joke. Ta Da !

2007-04-14 Yup.

2007-04-21 [fanfare]

2007-05-10 Wow! One minute I'm reading and posting, the next I have mod points.

2007-05-29 [does the modpoints dance]

2007-06-11 But when every Monday comes you'll find me modding, all of the tiiiiime.

2007-07-23 [smirks]

2007-10-08 Thanks!

2007-12-06 It's been quite a while

2007-12-21 It's like Christmas

2008-01-12 Reporting for duty

2008-01-28 Ba da, ba dada dumdum

2008-02-13 Whoopee Wednesday

2008-03-03 It's Monday again

2008-04-07 Monday Monday

2008-05-14 Can't trust that day

2008-05-20 Ruby Tuesday

2008-05-30 Friday

2008-06-23 Back to Mondays

2008-07-07 It's Monday again

2008-07-14 Every other day of the week is fine

2008-08-26 A back-to-work distraction

2008-09-03 Another back-to-work distraction

2008-09-15 Happy Monday

2008-09-29 Just another Monday

2008-10-07 Super Tuesday

2008-12-01 Gimme an M!

2008-12-18 An early xmas gift

2009-01-05 Start as we mean to go on

2009-02-08 Winter warmer

2009-02-21 Saturday night's all right

2009-04-20 Nyuk nyuk

2009-04-30 Ba dah

2009-05-20 Surprise!

2009-06-01 Monday. Ho hum.

2009-06-08 Still Monday

2009-06-11 Big week

2009-08-11 Waited months

User Journal

Journal Journal: Sig stack

My next sig will be ready soon, but subscribers can beat the rush

New sig today, to reflect that in addition to the asterix by subscribers names, we are now further encouraged to pony up by the front-page admonition that a new story will be ready soon. Not sure how this will affect the pursuit of +5FPs.


US inspectors have found WMD

Rumsfeld : "the fact that the facts change from time to time with respect to specifics does not surprise me or shock me at all..."

Richard Perle admits invasion of Iraq was illegal


I blame the parents

US Inspires World With Attempt at Democracy

Kerry Concedes

2005-06-16 Busy day on Slashdot today. I made four, count em!, four! new freaks today. Presumably this is because of the "blocklist" thing, not because of my views on RBLs. Snicker. So, damiangerous, DFJacobs, Eponymous Cowboy and PiratePTG, Welcome!. You're in great company.

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