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Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 1) 1140

To quote you:

That money is circulating, being used by other people for other purposes.

But it's not circulating here, which means it's not being used by people here for purposes here. So effectively, our society here gets none of the benefit. And because the taxes aren't being paid here, that pile of cash doesn't contribute to our infrastructure, our military, our social programs, our education and research, or any of the many other government-backed programs that you and I have to pay into every time we clock in at work or buy a toothbrush.

Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 1) 1140

I already specified the type of company I was talking about:

companies that effectively control their market even if they aren't technically the only company in that market

I'm not going to argue over whether a "monopoly" is technically when only one company exists in their market. You are trying to deflect from the point, which is that the behaviors of such a company can be scrutinized by a regulating authority in order to gain the most common and economic good.

Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 1) 1140

Yes, corporations are hoarding. American businesses were hoarding around $2 trillion as of the time this article was written:

And when it isn't in an active investment of their own, its in a bank account earning interest.

A measly amount of interest, not enough to even beat inflation. Comparatively, it's not much of an investment.

Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 1) 1140

How many non-government sponsored monopolies do you see around you?

Plenty (particularly if you include include companies that effectively control their market even if they aren't technically the only company in that market). You've been on Slashdot for some time, I'm incredibly surprised that you don't seem to know this.

Money hoarding? You believe in the Scrooge McDuck model of rich folks?

Some rich folks? Absolutely. And it's not just people, but also corporations.

Mind you I'm not saying that a rainy day fund is bad... to the contrary, it brings the kind of stability which can help the overall economy particularly in a depression. But hoarding too much can be just as detrimental, delaying recovery and growth of the economy.

Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 1) 1140

It's not broken because of greed, it works because of greed, or more accurately because people behave in a way that is in their own self interest.

Indeed, that is the theory behind capitalism. But like most economic theories, people find ways to exploit the system to their advantage that don't necessarily provide as much benefit to the commons.

Examples: 1) A large monopoly can control most or all of the supply as to manipulate the supply/demand curve. 2) A rich person helps stimulate the economy (trickle-down economics) except when they hoard money, which effectively takes it out of the economy. 3) Corrupt politicians can be bought to change the dynamics of the market via legislation.

You say nobody has figured out how to do better, but it's pretty easy to see how all of those examples can be made better. Respectively: 1) increased scrutiny over businesses that constitute the majority of their market, 2) incentivizing positive economic activity like spending over hoarding, and 3) cracking down on corruption and promotion of anti-lobbying bills.

Comment Re: Microsoft's Customers are Screwed.. Again (Score 1) 140

You misunderstood, I wasn't talking about the iMac. I was talking about the Surface AIO which was being compared to the iMac.

Obviously since the AIO is only a rumor and hasn't been released, it can't be deemed either a success or a failure, so it's illogical to add it into a list of successful products with failed copies.

(Not that the AIO is a copy anyway. We don't know much about it. A touch screen and other features may put it in a different category, and depending on those features it might compete more with Apple TV than with the iMac.)

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