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Comment Re:Makes more sense (Score 4, Interesting) 218

I'm not sure why you think so, it's pretty standard to pay according to what you consume when supply (capacity) is limited. It would be silly to say:

The entire concept of paying per multiple of gallons of gasoline is ridiculous anyway.


The entire concept of paying per multiple of hamburgers is ridiculous anyway.

Comment Re:Cannot be turned off? (Score 1) 467

Update: both Lenovo and Microsoft deny that this is a requirement related to the Signature program, but rather a lack of Linux driver support.

Lenovo recently adopted RAID on SSDs in certain product configurations, which require additional steps to support all system features. More information can be found on their support page; https://support.lenovo.com/us/.... Recent claims about software installation issues related to Microsoft Signature are inaccurate.

(Shameless thread-jacking... because I doubt the summary will be updated.)

Comment Re:Courage (Score 2) 761

Eh, that's not the real issue. To listen to my existing headphones and charge the phone at the same time, I'd have to buy a Lightning splitter. Neither the earbuds nor the adapter has an extra Lightning port, and they take up the only Lightning port on the device.

So now I'm out more money, and have to keep up with two additional things (the adapter and the splitter).

That doesn't necessarily make the 7 worthless, but I doubt most people would buy it if given the option to have an identical 7 or 7 Plus containing a traditional headphone jack. They do have the option of the 6S with that jack.

Comment Re:Choose a paid native app over a free web app? (Score 1) 154

Well sure, I would rather have web apps, and play web games. But the performance hit, lack of native service bindings and access to hardware, all turn me back to native. Many of the apps and games I intend to run would be nearly useless in HTML.

But that's only a fraction of what I would use. Some apps actually don't need that level of performance or access, and HTML is just fine for them.

So the answer to all of your questions is "it depends on the app".

Comment Re:Different from the Social Security benefits? (Score 1) 630

Right, and I did say that we need "sensible regulations".

The health industry isn't anywhere close to "free market capitalism" (and probably shouldn't be). The regulations are so restrictive and are the reason many pharmaceuticals have monopolies. The problem in the US, in my opinion, is that some capitalists ignore the fact that strict regulations are needed anyway. So the government grants a monopoly, and the business takes advantage of controlling supply in the fact of critical and life-threatening demand. This is crony capitalism at its core.

Comment Re:Different from the Social Security benefits? (Score 4, Insightful) 630

angry mobs will run riot and capitalists are going to be swinging by their neck

As a supporter of UBI, I find it to be very compatible with free market ideals. While it provides a social relief program, it also removes the minimum wage regulation that screws up the free market forces in unskilled labor markets. I prefer that when society wants a program, it uses societal programs (government and taxation) to provide the program; forcing employers of unskilled workers to carry that burden is unfair and counterproductive.

Also... I would agree that crony capitalism is a bad thing, but please refrain from using such a broad brush. Free market capitalism, combined with social programs funded directly by the government and sensible regulations, is proven time and time again to bring about better societies.

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