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Comment About time... (Score 1) 307

Finally, someone who matters (that is, someone with money) starts working on some projection technology. This has quite a bit of potential. Hopefully, they'll stick with it long enough to make something useful of it, instead of abandoning it early on.

Submission + - Poll: where do you put the curly braces?

raner writes: "Where do you put the curly braces:
* opening brace at end of line, closing brace at beginning
* both braces at the beginning of their own lines
* option 1, with some exceptions
* option 2, with some exceptions
* wherever I see fit
* I'm a COBOL programmer"

Submission + - What is the best bug-as-a-feature?

Bat Country writes: The workflow system at the department I develop for was hand-coded by my predecessor in a rather short amount of time, resulting in somewhat unreadable code with a number of interesting "features."

When I took over maintenance of the code base, I started patching bugs and cleaning up the code in preparation for a new set of features.

When I was done however, I got a pile of complaints about features which disappeared which turned out to be caused by the bugs in the code.
So that leads me to ask, what is your favorite bug that you either can't live without or makes your life easier?

Submission + - Why Microsoft Should Fear Apple

jcatcw writes: Computerworld's Scot Finnie says that MS should be afraid because Apple has gotten smarter about how it competes. He says that it's the Parallels Desktop software that has been truly transformational for the Mac. Finnie did a simple three-month trial of the Mac last in the fall and realized four months later that he wasn't going back. Since then he's received hundreds of messages from readers who've also made the switch.
Book Reviews

GWT Java AJAX Programming 100

simon_kehler writes "The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java AJAX framework that provides an easy to use programming paradigm for web developers using the Java programming language. It is one of the more recent entrants into this field, but has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity. GWT Java AJAX Programming authored by Prabhakar Chaganti and published by Packt Publishing addresses the use of GWT to build ajaxified user interfaces. The author gently introduces the reader to GWT and then leads the reader through a series of tasks, each of which shows how to perform an useful action with GWT." Read below for Simon's review.

Elite Won't Replace Premium or Core Skus 158

As the day has progressed, more information about the 'Elite' has become available. is reporting that the other two 360 skus will still be available. The Elite is not replacing either of them. Interestingly, there's no word on a price drop for them either. Major Nelson's most recent podcast has several interviews and details about the new offering, which you may find informative. There's more analysis available, if you find that interesting: CVG wonders aloud who is going to buy this thing, while a Wedbush Morgan analyst mentioned to that he thinks this validates the PS3 strategy. "'It appears to me that Microsoft sees the writing on the wall - Blu-ray is going to win the format wars ... Ultimately, Microsoft will likely offer a Blu-ray drive with the 360 Elite, and I think consumers will be able to select based solely upon other drivers.' Pachter also believes that although the Xbox 360 Elite will register with early adopters of hi-def content, the current 20GB model will still be sufficient for many consumers."

Submission + - Poll: do you document your code?

raner writes: "How much documenting comments (javadoc, etc.) does your code contain:

* less than 5% code/comment ratio, and that's okay
* less than 5% code/comment ratio, but I'm feeling guilty
* between 5% and 20% code/comment ratio
* more than 20% code/comment ratio
* more than 20% code/comment ratio, and that's how it should be
* I'm agile: communication instead of documentation!"

Submission + - Paper pulls plug on "Anti-Christ" contribu

netbuzz writes: "Every media site on the Web wants "user-generated content." But what happens when a user wants to generate content under a pseudonym such as "Anti-Christ." Charles Merrill — a member of both the Merrill Lynch and Johnson & Johnson families — says a paper in North Carolina yanked his posting privileges after two weeks of using that moniker. "Offensive," the paper called it. Now Merrill is launching an offensive of his own, publicly charging the paper with discriminating against atheists. ... Publishers can expect to confront these types of issues in direct proportion to the degree with which they embrace user-generated content — a reasonable price to pay, but a price nonetheless. 5"

Submission + - Who needs electrons?

An anonymous reader writes: All signals get gummed up, even light in fiber. At present, if you want to clean it up, you have to take the signal off the fiber, change it to an electrical signal, massage it, and then turn it back to light. This regeneration is a pain, particulary when you have a multitude of wavelengths, each with it's separate bit stream. Bell Labs may be changing all that... labs_creates/

Editor Note — your website is stuck on Programming topics, so please find appropriate Sciende topic

Submission + - Hacking Second Life

An anonymous reader writes: The open source release of the Second Life viewer program by developer Linden Lab offers a rare opportunity to peer into the comparative strengths of closed and open source development models. This article gives an overview of some of the differences between these development styles, and talks about what's involved in setting up your own build environment.

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