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Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 895

All studies show that most people would continue to work even with a generous UBI.

How do you reconcile this unsupported-by-any-evidence "all studies" assertion with the live demo you have been seeing over the past several years of a massive rise in the SSI disability rolls? Are those people also part of the "most people" who will continue to work while being given free money? Or are they humans behaving like humans behave, unlike those in your "all studies"?

Comment Re:Basic Scrutiny (Score 1) 895

Nor does that assurance exist for any other such program with the exception of food stamps, and it would be exceptionally easy to have a portion of the money be flagged as "food only" where it can only be taken out at grocery stores similar to the way EBT works today.

That's funny. Google EBT fraud and get back to me. If you think EBT monies are used solely for food you are living in a fantasy land.

Comment Re:Enough bullshit (Score 1) 1010

Well, there's giving flash drives full of emails to her attorney -- was _he_ cleared? Did _he_ have the appropriate security measures in place to receive and protect such information? I haven't heard a word about that aspect, and I've always thought it was the smokingest gun here. Then there's putting the server in a bathroom somewhere. Was that a secure facility? I will admit it's a good place for "wiping," if called for.

Comment Re:It's bullshit is what it is (Score 1) 1010

OMG -- The "gross negligence" statute at issue specifically does NOT require intent, for the obvious reason that "gross negligence" is about incompetence, not intent. People don't "intend" to be "grossly negligent". That's why it's called negligence and not intentional harm. Good grief at least get THAT right.

Comment Re: Nice Try (Score 2) 142

I'm not sure which Google you're talking about, but the one I'm aware of regularly antagonizes huge percentages of its users, between contentious Google doodles, their various political stances, the omnipresence of Google on one side of political campaigns, etc. I agree with you that it "would be foolish"; what you seem to be missing is that they are doing it in spite of that fact.

Comment Re:You can pay too (Score 1) 644

Sorry, my Slashdot formatting skills suck.

>We liberals haven't figured out a nice way to say you didn't build it, but you know what? You didn't.

Yeah because only poor people pay taxes. Corporations don't, and successful business people don't. (Or do I, by some chance, have that backward?) "It" was built by the taxes paid by people who actually made money. And the teeming millions who also pay taxes get to pay them because of the efforts and risktaking of entrepreneurs who employ them. Really it's not a difficult concept, and the reason "you liberals" can't figure out a nice way to claim otherwise is that otherwise is false.

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