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Where to Go After a Lifetime in IT? 902

Pikoro asks: "I have been working in the IT field for the past 20 years or so, and after getting hired by the largest financial company in the world, I thought I might have finally found a place to retire from. However, after working here for almost a year, I find myself, not exactly burnt out, but longing for a complete career field change. It's not that doing IT related tasks aren't fun anymore, but they have become more 'work' than 'play' over the last few years. Since all of my experience has been IT related, I'm not sure where I could go from here. What would you consider doing for a living, after being in a single field for so long?"

Submission + - GPL Integration forcing Product Switch

g8orade writes: "The company where I work has in the past couple of years started using BestPractical's Request Tracker (RT) to manage all kinds of internal work processes, and a few that involve clients, that we used to handle with email, and we have adopted Twiki as our internal online documentation platform.

We are a shipping services outsourcing company running a custom program built on/with Oracle internally, with some screens available to our clients and suppliers that allow them to track and perform error resolution.

Because we would like to integrate RT and Twiki's features with our internal ERP system, we are considering dropping both in favor of Atlassian's offerings, Confluence and Jira. Atlassian would sell us perpetual / development rights and we would not incur any GPL liability to our internal code. (Offering some of our ERP functions to our clients through the web is where we run into the "distribution" problem of having to make our code GPL).

I recognize this is just the GPL in action, if my company doesn't share its proprietary ERP oriented code with the world why should we have the benefits of value from Twiki and RT being delivered to our clients as part our offering?

My question to Slashdot readers is, has your company run into this issue, using a GPL product for a while, but then when you want to integrate with proprietary code that you "distribute" electing to buy a similar closed source product to avoid losing ownership of your own? What did you do?

What would happen if someone wanted to integrate Great Plains Accounting into Compiere, or SugarCRM into SAP / JD Edwards ERP?"

Submission + - Blame women for bad TV

IckySplat writes: Seen on UK Yahoo

From TFA

Eccentric astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has claimed that TV is worse today because the BBC is run by women.

Is he right? Is there a bigger market for blokes TV other than SKY sports?

"The trouble is that the BBC now is run by women and it shows: soap operas, cooking, quizzes, kitchen-sink plays.

I must admit there seems to be less and less on the tube these days thats worth watching.
Am I just getting older, or could there be something here?

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