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Comment Re:Great System (Score 4, Insightful) 120

That system's in use all over the world.

The administrative burden of JUST ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE is far too high and would actually cost you more.

On Thursdays (I think), you can't drive a truck through Italy. Same thing.

As soon as you get into registered lists, issuing stickers or permits, etc. it gets so expensive that you don't want to do it.

You can do it fairly, cheaply, or easily enforceable. Pick any two.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 171

And it's lying.

YOU are not 100% vegan. You have added 1 vegan to the world.

YOU are still a meat-eater.

Could you imagine the delicious irony, for example, of the head of the vegan society eating meat "but that's alright, because I pay some other guy not to"?

It's misleading. "Google" are not 100% renewable. They are paying someone else to be, while still pulling the same power as they always have.

As you note, the result is still the same. Google as still pulling just as much power as they ever have from non-renewable sources. They've just paid someone else to make renewable power elsewhere too.

Comment Re:Between the lines.. (Score 1) 171

More like:

"There's a giant coal plant outside our offices **smack bang in the middle of a large city already contributing to peak power usage where electricity costs a fortune** providing power....but we purchased electricity credits in some far off land **where it's dirt cheap because it can't be practically transported to anywhere so they can't sell it to anyone else** to offset this"

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 98

Barclays Business Internet Banking.

The bank that's been running since 1690, forms a major part of UK and multinational banking, is listed on London and New York stock exchanges, and "was the most powerful transnational corporation in terms of ownership and thus corporate control over global financial stability and market competition".

We're not talking about your online personal account. We're talking about business accounts that require multiple smartcard authorisation to sign off on millions of pounds a year of salaries.

And yes, they STILL require IE / Firefox ESR, .NET Framework, and Gemalto ActiveX controls.

Comment Re:About time... (Score 3, Insightful) 98


If it's not HTML5, they are required to push out an iPad app because there will be something that doesn't work on Safari. Android / Chromebook apps will never appear or will have to wait for the HTML5 version, and it will never be properly navigable across all devices with bare HTML5 (people keep telling me this, I've yet to see a decent demonstration that doesn't just send you to two different places). Hell, these people still use Quicktime...


Our business banking partner insisted on using IE until this year. When they then realised it was going to die and they had to upgrade for Windows 10? We now HAVE to use Firefox ESR editions with a specific .NET Framework, an ActiveX-like control and exceptions for scripting etc. on their domains (their software tries to auto-add them on install to IE too!). If anything, we've taken two steps back in terms of security there, and still have a browser that is NOT our default browser just for banking.

Video streaming:

They all started off saying they'll support HTML5, but some of the HTML5 versions are literally play and stop and that's it. A load of sites break when you try to just play a movie, and how do I stop it auto-playing? Oh, there's a plugin/extension/js for that.

We need to get off our arses and just say "Fuck off. Plain HTML5 and nothing else or we don't visit". I still run across pages that want Java and all kinds of junk.

Relying on a plugin of any kind, even Flash, (plugins have to be native code) is inherently not cross-platform and is a security risk. You have no idea if that plugin's breaking open your SSL sessions and handling other data from sites insecurely.

Trouble is, the places that MATTER (i.e. schools which are teaching the children how to use a computer, and banks which are holding your money to ransom if you're anybody) don't give a shit. We're still fighting banks on "but this is more secure" when they make us run closed code in a closed plugin tied into closed sites on a particular browser that's not your normal browser and is - by definition - outdated. It shouldn't be.

The quicker Chrome blocks all this shit, and Microsoft Edge and Safari follow, the quicker people will have to fix it to make things work as before.

Don't let the banks pull the "You must use IE shit" any more. Literally just switch them off and go "We warned you, now you'll need to follow best practice as we've said for decades".

Comment Re:Trump never said it, you morons. (Score 1) 588

Only a liar makes up another question to answer.

You say "What kind of question is that?", "Where have you got that from?", "Where do you get your information?".

Making up bollocks means "I don't want to answer that particular question".

Calling out the interviewer says "What shit are you trying to pull here? Give me a real interview."

Watch some of the greats being interviewed, they don't do this modern politics bullshit where you just don't answer. They give straight answers, back them up, and you can only argue that you disagree with their particular (usually well-reasoned) argument.

It's a modern disease to think that speaking absolute unrelated bollocks is showing how clever you are.

And if you don't want to say Yes or No to a question, it indicates that you don't want people to know what you think.

"Have you stopped beating your wife?"
"Well, that's a fucking impossible question to answer and you know it, but I'll answer the question you are trying to misconstrue which is "Do I beat my wife?" and the answer is emphatically no. Now I'm interested in what you think you're trying to pull. Want to ask me a real question that I can express my opinion in next, or should we get a professional interviewer in?"

Comment Re:GPS or NIST (Score 1) 179

If you're that worried, change your accepted settings.

But you're talking crap, as my NTP pool server gets PUSHED OFF the pool if it drifts anywhere near that far, or goes offline for even a short time.

Currently my jitters for are:


Those numbers are IN MILLISECONDS. 0.05 of a millisecond.

And 0.478 on a stratum 1, famous, advertised, academic, public NTP server not in the pool.

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