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Submission + - Access troubles 1

UnixUnix writes: "A friend of mine writes: "MS Access is a pain in the Ess! It is the sole reason I have a VM running Windows on my Macintosh. Easily the most autistic program ever written... I cannot make it communicate with anything nor export a database to anything — I can only break it up table by table and rebuild somewhere else. It is the pits, it irks me no end! For myself I use MySql or Postgresql, but I have to work with Access databases others send me. Do you have a solution for me??" What does the Slashdot community think?"

Submission + - IT vs Sales

UnixUnix writes: "The tension between IT and Sales in a modern corporation seldom reaches epic proportions, but it does inherit the ongoing friction between purist and doer, mathematician and engineer, as seen a long time ago in no less than Isaac Asimov's "The End of Eternity". One can only ponder whether it ever advances to fearful stages such as:


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