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Comment Happy with less (Score 1) 137

Two years untouched, I returned and saw its screen had gone blank. Linux distro, booted from DVD, in-RAM, quite a chore to bring everything back after shutdown and reboot. But it wasn't needed: ctrl-alt-F2, init 2 to be sure, init 5 and presto the desktop was back. Singing along. Whatever the issue it didn't take my old Linux down. Happy for life's little joys.

Submission + - SPAM: How to Prepare for GRE?

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Submission + - Why Windows hack is being blamed on Russia-linked group

bestweasel writes: BBC News summarizes the evidence for the Russian state being behind a whole host of cyber-attacks since 2007, via the Fancy Bears hacking group. There is no smoking gun but the article and those linked within it suggest evidence of Russian involvement in the language and timestamps of the malware as well as the list of targets: the Georgian, German, Romainian and Polish governments, Ukraine, Russian dissidents, NATO, the MH17 investigation team, as well as the US Democratic Party, US media and US athletes' drug testing records and more generally targets of interest to governments rather than those after money. The same hackers also shut down a French TV station and a Ukrainian power station, probably just to see if they could.

The article is based on Microsoft's accusation that the group is exploiting the still unpatched flaw in Windows but it's probably no co-incidence that this comes just after the head of MI5 warned about Russia's increased aggression.

Comment Re:I use one (Score 1) 290

(I would mod you up, but then I wouldn't be able to comment.) Those 3000 likes on a Page are less good than 3000 Friends on a profile, and for the latter a posted Status has a reach of about 10%, of which in turn if more than 10-20% hit Like it is due to mutuality and personal feelings. Or maybe booby avatars. I believe you are right in not paying FB for spiffs, it is indeed not worth it. FB (or any other single platform) is unlikely to provide a solution, one needs a planned, coordinated strategy involving many platforms, and the devil of course is in the details. "Engaging your public", "offering value", avoiding overt boring sells ... if only these can be more than catchphrases. Good luck! and of course "Half of my advertising budget goes to waste -- if I only knew which half!"

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