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Comment Re: Is it still braindeadly single-threaded? (Score 1) 138

When taken as a single entity, sure, but a thousand objects queued processed in parallel to each other, will greatly outperform a thousand entities queued in serial, even given overheads of thread contention, cache thrashing, etc. Set your granularity high enough and the cost overheads cease to matter. Statistically or otherwise.

Comment Re: Is it still braindeadly single-threaded? (Score 1) 138

This is actually a pretty simple task-oriented problem. Have a queue of objects that need to path to a new location. Each object is a self contained task, referencing outside information, but modifying information only inside the object (therefor needing no locking or contention of threads). For a thread in a pool of worker threads, pull the next object off the queue, find the path, store the path inside the object, place it in the queue of done objects. Loop. Not excessively difficult.

Comment Re:I detect a fired employee (Score 1) 268

I agree, I assume he's breaking some DMCA law. Stupidly, he put his company affiliation on his profile, which is going to reflect massively badly on him. Nokia also has a huge "act ethically" policy as well, which will work against him. I'd be really really surprised if he didn't cop major repurcussions because of this.

Comment Re:Catching up (Score 4, Informative) 104

Screw map parts, you can download map countries with Nokia's mapping solution, not just the current "navigation". The big differentiator with Nokia maps is the ability to operate without a data connection. Android can't do that yet (even with the saving feature).
United Kingdom

Submission + - UK finally Gets First 4G Network - EE (

judgecorp writes: "The UK has finally got its first 4G network, provided by EE, a new brand from Everything Everywhere, the company formed by the merger of T-Mobile and Orange in the UK. The network will cover 20 million people (about a third of the UK population) in 16 cities by the end of 2012, but right now only engineers are on the network. It will support phones including the expected iP{hone 5, and the Nokia Lumia 920."

Feed Google News Sci Tech: How one security researcher solved the UDID leak mystery - The Verge (

Sydney Morning Herald

How one security researcher solved the UDID leak mystery
The Verge
By Louis Goddard on September 11, 2012 07:05 am @ltrgoddard 1Comments Paul DeHart, CEO of publisher BlueToad, appeared on NBC News yesterday to admit that 1000001 iPhone and iPad UDID numbers leaked last week came from his company — now, the security ...
Apple Device ID Leak Traced To BlueToadInformationWeek
Apple UDID hack has BlueToad data, publisher says; Anonymous claims GoDaddy crashWashington Post
Florida firm is source of Apple data in breachBusinessweek (blog)-Green Bay Press Gazette-CBS News
all 526 news articles

Submission + - STUDY: Obamacare Led To Record Drop In Uninsured Young Adults (

arstoneaxtell writes: Thanks to the popular Obamacare provision that extends health insurance coverage to millions of young adults by allowing them to stay on their parents’ insurance until 26 years of age, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control estimates the number of uninsured young people dropped by one-sixth between 2010 and 2011. This represents the largest annual decline for any age group since the CDC first began collecting data on insurance rates in 1997.

Submission + - Ubisoft ditches always-online DRM requirement from PC games (

RogueyWon writes: "In an interview with gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Ubisoft has announced that it will no longer use DRM for its PC games that requires the player to be online and connected to its servers at all times, even when playing single-player content. This represents a reversal of Ubisoft's long-standing insistence that such DRM was essential if the company were to be profitable in the PC gaming market. Curiously, Ubisoft is still at pains to remind gamers that they will need an internet connection if they wish to play its games over the internet — a restriction that is perhaps not entirely unexpected."

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