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Comment wont that article doesn't mention (Score 2) 680

Is that if you have a medical exception, or conscientious objector that needs a Dr to sign, you will still get your benefits.


"What exemptions will be available for the new immunisation conditions linked to the Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement?
While the Government considers that immunisation is an important health measure for children and families, existing exemptions will continue to be available.

A child may have a temporary or permanent exemption if a recognised immunisation provider determines that receiving the vaccine is medically contraindicated. A child may also receive an exemption from the immunisation requirements if a recognised immunisation provider indicates that the parent has a conscientious objection to immunising their child.

These exemptions will also continue for Child Care Benefit. "

They also do not mention any additional ingredients of these vaccines. But that is another story.

Comment Re:This is the Death of Maemo,if it really ever li (Score 1) 182

I can tell you right now, Maemo will not use Qt Embedded.

'Bad code' is very subjective, and I would like you to prove Qt is slower than Gtk. Just because you say it's so, does not make it as such.

One reason they are going with Qt, is because they bought Trolltech. They could not have that much control over gtkMM, however ancient and unmaintained that code is.


Submission + - "Unlocked" a brand for DRM-Free Media (

JoeBorn writes: "Neuros has created an 'unlocked' brand for open, standard DRM-Free files that it hopes will draw attention to the issues associated with the DRM Schemes promoted by the likes of MS and Apple. The idea is that by creating an open brand (free for other organizations or companies to use) "Unlocked" can come to designate a consumer feature, which would be an important asset in getting support from other manufacturers, as well as winning the public relations war that's so important in legislative battles."

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