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Submission + - Go back to preindustrial carbon levels in 10 years (

UnHolier than ever writes: "The key to rolling back climate change could be the sun, according to George Washington University researchers who have demonstrated a carbon capture process called STEP that promises to use solar power to remove carbon dioxide from the air. As a bonus, the technique could generate a profitable product. Calculations showed that it is feasible with STEP carbon capture to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere to preindustrial levels within 10 years."
Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook 'considered harmful' (

UnHolier than ever writes: "Children growing up alongside the rise of social networking websites may have a "potentially dangerous" view of the world, says a leading psychiatrist. Dr Himanshu Tyagi said sites such as Facebook and MySpace may be harmful. He told the Royal College of Psychiatrists annual meeting people with active online identities might place less value on their real lives. And the West London Mental Health NHS Trust expert added this could raise the risk of impulsive acts or even suicide.

This is especially true when you consider the psychological implications of infecting your friends with virtual zombieness. The nightmares, they won't go away!"


Submission + - Apple to introduce new Ipod on wednesday (

UnHolier than ever writes: ""Apple is expected to unveil a revamp of its iPod line on Wednesday with the launch of a long-expected full or wide-screen, with touch control, version of the digital music player that is designed to bolster the group's reach in video. European journalists have been summoned by the California-based company to attend a briefing at the BBC's headquarters in London. The assembled reporters are to view a live broadcast of a presentation given by Steve Jobs, the Apple chief executive. ""

Submission + - Moderation is Currency (

UnHolier than ever writes: "The new P2P software Tribler (mentioned here recently) uses bandwidth as a currency to ensure every user shoulders a fair share of the load. And it has taken its inspiration from the Slashdot moderation system! "Overlaid on Tribler is social networking technology that helps to police the system and encourage fair sharing. A passionate community was as effective at policing content as a central administrator, said Dr Pouwelse. "I was doing research back in 1999 looking at an obscure website called Slashdot," he said. "It was a technology-related news website controlled by volunteers and it actually worked. A few people would post bad things but 99% of users were nice.""
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Carlos Slim is richest man alive (

UnHolier than ever writes: "According to Fortune Magazine, Carlos Slim as overtaken Bill Gates as the richest man alive. "The 67-year-old Slim has amassed a $59 billion fortune, based on the value of his public holdings at the end of July. This number puts him just ahead of perennial No. 1, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose net worth is estimated to be at least $58 billion. But Gates is selling off his single greatest source of wealth, Microsoft stock, to fund his foundation, while Slim's fortune is growing at a stunning clip. His net worth jumped $12 billion this year alone.""

Submission + - Software piracy by country

UnHolier than ever writes: A short article and interesting graph from the Economist. "America and China lead the world in terms of total losses from piracy at $7.2 billion and $5.4 billion respectively. But when calculated according to the number of computers in each country a different picture emerges. Cash-strapped countries dominate the leader board. In Azerbaijan, which comes out on top, computers are loaded with $262-worth of pirated software on average. But Iceland is the surprise second-placed nation" with about $220/computer.

Submission + - What's Wrong With My Voting Machine?

UnHolier than ever writes: "The NYT (no registration needed for this article) runs an review of the five types of voting machines that are finalists to replace New York's old lever machines. The results? There is worst than Diebold. Worst as in keeping the "paper trace" ballots in a zipped bag in full view of anyone using the machine. They wisely recommend keeping the old machines until a device of at least acceptable quality appears on the market."

Submission + - The Economist bashes IE7 and praises Firefox

UnHolier than ever writes: "A nice piece of propaganda by "The Economist", not the likeliest source of Firefox praise. From the article:"After five years of frustration, the 600m of us around the world who, out of sheer laziness, ignorance or corporate decree, find ourselves dependent upon Internet Explorer — the Microsoft web browser that comes pre-installed on every Windows-based computer — have finally been granted some relief. Has the wait been worth it? No, but we'll take what we can get.""

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