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Comment Re:It's true (Score 1) 267

It's a fringe brand in that Ferrari is a fringe brand. I don't think most people wouldn't want one but I don't know a soul who has one. Very few have seen them. They aren't exactly a larger brand. IF they can mass produce a model in a reasonable price range comparable to a modern model of car it will take off.

Of course Ferrari is able to do that. They call them Fiats.

Comment Re:common practice (Score 1) 175

so how about keeping it simple. Set the corporate tax to 10% no ifs no buts and get rid of all the bs..

But 10% of what? That's where the real issue is - what is a profit? Payroll taxes and dividend taxes are typically not an issue, it's easy to track money that actually goes to someone's pockets, it's what happens before it's actually given to someone, when it slushes around different country, that is the issue.

Comment Re:The Iron Law of Bureaucracy runs Msoft (Score 1) 347


There's no reason why civil service can't be a condition of citizenship. Military service is something different, I get that you might not want to kill people. But conscientious objection to sitting at a desk doing administrative work? On what basis? Cruelty to paper?

It is slavery. I object to being enslaved against my will, even for mundane tasks.

Comment Re:Truth or dare... (Score 1) 617

Eve is allowed to ask Alice if she is willing to sell shares at 24.99$, because of free speech. Alice is allowed to say that, yes, she does, because of free speech. She would also be allowed to say "I won't tell you, I want a firm offer". And they're allowed to do that on or off Wall Street, and to rinse and repeat as long as they like.

The real question is that, given that Wall Street is so volatile and disconnected from reality, why is its index still considered an important number in decision making?

Comment Re:Newsflash (Score 1) 450

How would insurance of bitcoins even work? It seems particularly challenging for many reasons. Generally, insurance policies are written for things with a strongly-known approximate value. (...) Bit coins are highly variable - if I take out a policy against 10,000 bit coins, and they're lost, what value would the policy pay out based on?

That's easy. If you take out an insurance on 10'000 bitcoins and they get stolen, then the insurance company would compensate you by giving you 10'000 bitcoins. Meanwhile, you would keep paying your premiums in real coins.

Comment Re:Medical expenses? What's that? (Score 1) 651

Most do not work for the government nor are they elected, fool. As much as you would like that to be the case, doctors are still professionals who can work in the private sector and answer to themselves or their bosses and not uncle sam.

And that's exactly how it would be if there was a public health system. A universal healthcare system does not need to enslave anyone. They just need to hire people to do the work that the government deems necessary to be done. Like police and policemen.

You realize there is a difference between Sweden and North Korea, right?

Comment Ticketmaster can continue to profit (Score 1) 140

"And despite the reparations, Ticketmaster can continue to profit off transactions — they just have to say they're doing so on their website."

No, really? A private enterprise is allowed to profit off its business provided it does so in a manner that is not fraudulent? Shocking!

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