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Comment Do not do it. (Score 0) 250

I can tell you first hand. My now ex wife started in on a degree in programming. About 1/2 way she decided it wasn't for her in spite of getting all A's. I forced her to finish and she graduated with honors. But she couldn't find a job because people in interviews can tell it someone is passionate about programming and she isn't. Long story short, we are now divorced and she is very happy as a nurse.

Comment Michigan employment (Score 1) 170

I can tell you why there are so many jobs in tech for MI. People forget about it but, in 2008 we all got laid off, like literally 30-40%. What did the laid off people do? We left the State. Now companies are thinking dam we needed those people. I live in WA now. I can (and have) get a job offer in MI with 2 phone calls. I can't say its that easy in WA.

Comment Everyone is having an "off day?" (Score 1) 116

I tired playing LOL for a while. I liked the game, but I couldn't stand the community. Every game I played featured someone who was crying that someone else took thier character or someone didn't know how to play. Anyone who thinks this is just players having an "off day" is delusional.

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