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Comment Re:And that type of battery is.... (Score 1) 157

LiFePO4 batteries are starting to be used in motorcycles. I have a Shorai branded one in one of my bikes. Compared to a conventional lead-acid battery, it is smaller and much lighter. It also has a very limited self-discharge rate which means I don't have to charge the battery when the bike is stored during winter. I do disconnect and bring inside the battery due to the cold weather and parasitic draws.

The downsides that I knew about are that they don't work as well in colder weather and they're not compatible with all battery chargers. Battery chargers with a de-sulphate mode cannot be used.

I wonder what the impact of this discovery is on motorcycle uses. The battery is really only discharged when the starter is engaged. The rest of the time, the alternator is keeping the battery charged and whatever parasitic draws when the bike is parked is minimal.

United States

State Senator Caught Looking At Porn On Senate Floor 574

Everyone knows how boring a debate on a controversial abortion bill can get on the Senate floor. So it's no wonder that Florida State Sen. Mike Bennett took the time to look at a little porn and a video of a dog running out of the water and shaking itself off. From the article: "Ironically, as Bennett is viewing the material, you can hear a Senator Dan Gelber's voice in the background debating a controversial abortion bill. 'I'm against this bill,' said Gelber, 'because it disrespects too many women in the state of Florida.' Bennett defended his actions, telling Sunshine State News it was an email sent to him by a woman 'who happens to be a former court administrator.'"
The Matrix

How The Matrix Online Went Wrong 144

As the July 31st deadline for The Matrix Online's closure looms, Gamer Limit is running a story discussing the game's shortcomings, as well as some of the decisions that led to its failure. Quoting: "I honestly thought the writers must have absolutely hated the remaining cast of The Matrix Trilogy or something, because they constantly seemed to go out of their way to phase out existing characters in favor of newer ones. The cast overall basically made me, as a player, feel distant from the main storyline and made the entire game feel like a Matrix side story instead of the continuation it was meant to be. ... When MxO first launched there was an entire team dedicated to playing the game as Agents and other key characters as a means to further in-game events and directly interact with players, giving players the feeling that they truly were making a difference. After the SOE buyout of the game the LESIG team was reduced to playing minor characters before eventually being phased out and replaced with a Live Event Team (LET) comprised purely of volunteers."

Submission + - PCI SIG releases PCIe 2.0

symbolset writes: "According to The Register PCI SIG has released version 2.0 of the PCI Express base specification.
The new released doubles the signalling rate from 2.5Gbps to 5Gbps. The upshot: a x16 connector can transfer data at up to around 16GBps.
The PCI-SIG release is here. The electromechanical specification is also due to be released shortly:
The companion PCI Express Card Electromechanical 2.0 specification is currently at revision 0.9, having completed its 60-day member review. The PCI-SIG anticipates that this specification too will be released in the near future.

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