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Microsoft Will Soon Start Bundling Drivers With Windows Store Games (thurrott.com) 102

Microsoft will start bundling drivers with Windows Store games to improve the performance of the game once downloaded. A report on Thurrott adds: This will work by the game download trigging Windows Update to acquire the minimum driver requirements to make sure that application works as intended. This may perturb some users who like having complete control over the driver updates for their hardware as this auto-download mechanism will overwrite the existing installation of the driver. Of course, you can still roll-back the update but hopefully Microsoft gives us a way to stop the auto-download of the driver via the Windows Store when this feature arrives.

Comment Re:Use GraphicsMagick instead (Score 1) 104

I've been using GraphicsMagick ever since debian switched to that package for better compatibility. I have been very happy with it; it is fast, versatile and, as I learned to day, more secure. Some of my users e-mailed me to warn me of the ImageMagick vulnerability, It's good that I could sleep through this one.

On a related note, not sanitizing incoming filenames is just bad security practice. It's the very first thing I do to any uploaded file.

Comment I had the same experience (Score 4, Interesting) 178

My own experience with youtube was the same as the OP. This was several years ago, and youtube has changed a lot since, but it looks like the more things change, the more they remain the same. I had a semi-popular channel, nothing spectacular, about 100,000 channel views and maybe a thousand subscribers. At the time it was not bad for a guy who just posted some of his own sports clips.

The entire channel was yanked one sunny day, without any explanation as to why and no recourse or way to appeal. The automated support was entirely useless. I could not get a hold of a human, or at least, an e-mail address. There were none to be found. Youtube, as it appeared at the time, was entirely ran on automatic. It is, on one hand, understandable for a site that receives several years worth of uploaded material each minute. On the other hand, it was a thoroughly frustrating experience as I have done absolutely nothing wrong. To this day I have no clue as to what happened, my best guess is that someone reported me for the evulz, and that was enough.

I tried again to rebuild my channel with new material. About 6 months later the same thing repeated, at which point I gave up and never registered again.

The moral of the story is: you have to be corporate big, or you have to self-host. Otherwise, you are always at risk.

Comment Re:Oh just like Sword of Fargoal? (Score 3, Informative) 77

That, and many others. Procedural generation is not new.

I did enjoy the article, though. It was well written, well illustrated and fun to read. I have recently written some 2D game code that was generating a different kind of dungeon (not rectangular rooms, more organic / cave like environment. That was a fun project.

An article doesn't have to be about the cutting edge latest smart phone to be interesting. (I admit to have very little interest in smart phone news. I might read some articles when the time comes to buy a new handset...)

Comment Modularity (Score 3, Interesting) 80

QT is modular. This allows them to add features (you call it bloat, but I don't think it means what you think it means), and then it is up to application developers to pick and choose the modules that they want or need.

The demand for more features is omnipresent, and software developers can either choose to fulfil them one way or another, or lose their market share to someone else who does.

Comment Re:Web support (Score 2) 80

Using web technologies to embed rich content into your application is not unheard of. The Steam client comes to mind as an obvious example: most of their UI lives in a webkit container. We do it at the company I work for, because it allows us to release new client and server versions separately. (We have a good reason to do that, not going into details.)

The alternative is either to launch an external browser and display your application's content there, which is cumbersome and then you end up having to test your application with all the browsers in the world to make sure it's compatible. Yet another alternative is to use a non-webbased rich content widget; in this case you are likely to end up with something inferior AND with a smaller pool of experienced developers to hire from.

Comment Re:Just what I wanted for xmas time, more bloat. (Score 1) 237

You are making entirely valid, but irrelevant points. I've done all the things you mention. I didn't go into it because it is mostly irrelevant to the discussion at hand. I guess the only thing I disagree on is the "over" part of "oversimplification".

Oh. And thank you for not mentioning legacy Internet Explorers, I do appreciate that. :)

Comment Re:Just what I wanted for xmas time, more bloat. (Score 5, Insightful) 237

This is the way the world is going right now. HTML5 and JavaScript have become the new, universal runtime that everyone is trying to use to build their applications. It is extremely compelling too: you don't need to worry about deployment, supporting older versions, operating systems, etc. This, however, requires browsers to do a lot more than they did before. Sound and video input is just the tip of it. There's also the canvas, WebGL, WebSocket, tons of new CSS features.

Firefox can either choose to keep up with new features or lose 90% of its share to Chrome. I'm actually happy they going forward because part of HTML5's appeal is that it is multi-vendor and is not solely controlled by a corporation like Google or Apple. Yes, it is "bloat", as in, lots of new features that you personally might not be using today. But someday you, or your friend will come across a site that uses one of these new features and if the site says "Sorry, you are using a backwards browser, please try Chrome instead", we both know what will happen. (You of course will scoff and close the site, but 10 other people will switch for every lean browser snob out there.)

Point is, browsers are evolving. Deal with it.

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