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Comment Sad Reality (Score 1) 149

Something that I have always had a beef with is software companies. Does Ford, Toyota, or any other hard goods manufactures state or enforce what I would call "left turn Sundays?" Where, as a part of a Ford EULA for example, states it is the company's right and requirement that you as an owner (not really) are required to make left turns only on Sunday. If you fail to do this, then we have a right to take you to court and prosecute. Let's not even talk about arbitration. If EA left a wide open window in its API or SDK, it's their fault. Period. Anyone want to talk about IoT and DDoS in this regard? Same thing...

Comment Re:Gut check (Score 1) 59

I stand by my comment. In an archive of Slashdot 5 years from now, my perspective might be clear. Name calling is adolescent sir/ma'am. ToS, is nothing more than a statement and separate from actuality. One might claim they are PCI compliant, for example, when in reality it sis a smoke screen. Been there, seen that too many times. I will not comment further....

Comment Gut check (Score 1, Informative) 59

As an IT person for over twenty years, I still pain at this cloud presence. Who owns your data? Google, Amazon, Microsoft? Might as well give all your keys to someone else. Wait, when the federal government gets into the cloud infrastructure will I feel any different? No. Sales, marketing, and the all too easy "it's what everyone else is doing" argument. Remember, easy is a four letter word. Lemmings....

Comment My take (Score 1) 308

For a man who had so much promise, what do we get? First, yes, "black" president who could have rewritten history books has done little substantive. What makes me more ill than anything else is this "grouping" along many political lines. I fear for our sovereignty, our freedoms (or what we have left), and the most immediate future. We, as the American culture, has failed to promote liberty for as long as I can remember. We, collectively, immigrants and all, are at risk of this behemoth, monolithic, corporatocracy. Everything recorded, everything censored, and no expectation of privacy anymore. Read your employee manual. I bet it will not only make you sick, but it will illustrate you and I are just batteries for harvest. Yes, I did make reference to the Matrix. No conspiracy theorist here, just observation over decades. (mic drop)

Comment Very bad for liberty (Score 1) 309

If our government, which is supposed to be by the people and for the people, continues to systematically erode any semblance of our American culture, they will destroy it. When people are afraid of things like hackers, a far too aggressive and repressive government (even local, county & state) or not willing to let someone else's judgement decide what perhaps my motivations were on January 1, 1990, people will stop. The country will stop. Economies will fall. It's not pretty folks. This is America and we all have a responsibility to insure our way of life and expectations. Lemmings, please leave the building.

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