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Submission + - (Not So) Hidden Cost of Avoiding Desktop Linux (

snydeq writes: "Deep End's Paul Venezia writes in favor of Linux terminal server infrastructures for companies that have high numbers of desktops running only one or two applications. 'Let me be blunt: If you're not using Linux on the desktop in call center and other fixed-purpose computing environments, you're doing your company a disservice,' Venezia writes, noting that a few 12-core servers and a bunch of RAM would be all you need to entirely free those environment from any OS licensing fees. 'With a little elbow grease and some basic know-how, it's likely that you could trim thousands of dollars off the IT budget this way — without reducing any capabilities or functions. So why don't we see this kind of Linux usage more often? Scared IT managers and a lack of skills, primarily. Even though setting up something like this is very simple, it's not a nicely packaged solution that comes with a guy in a suit handing you flashy binders with pictures of smiling users and tchotchkes emblazoned with the company's name. It doesn't have a monthly or yearly software subscription cost. It doesn't have a phone number.'"

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