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Comment Won't solve the problem (Score 1) 921

Except that a kiosk still doesn't solve the problem. Matter of fact in majority of the mishaps isn't caused by the person taking the order even at a drive-thru in my experience. For instance I walked in to dine at an east Nashville located Hardee's where they had a kiosk on the far right side where they normally have a regular register. I placed the order on it for a 1/2lb bacon cheese thickburger meal, opted for an extra paddy, and round up the final bill for charity and get a cookie, cause why not as I had skipped breakfast and was having quite a late lunch that day.

After about 8 minutes the order was ready, went back to the register counter, got the meal, and sat down back at the table I had chosen after placing the order. I was about 1/4th-way through the burger when I realized this is just a regular single paddy no-bacon cheese burger and the cookie wasn't provided either. Come to find out the teenager who was mostly busy goofing off behind the counter doing practically nothing by standing idly around most of time, and talking with his friends who were trying to do their jobs by making the meals in the back, was responsible for fulfilling the orders by assembling the food on to trays for dining-in customers or into paper bags to give to the customers at the drive-thru. Well this kid had swapped my order with a drive-thru customer's order because he wasn't paying attention. And of course the manager wasn't around to resolve the situation.

I haven't been to a Hardee's since then. Mainly because their restaurants are far away from where I live and I only stopped by there because I hadn't had their burgers in a long time and doesn't motivate me to go the extra mile to eat there again cause I remember the last aforementioned dining-in experience.

Comment Re:Read: You're going to need it for PSVR (Score 1) 67

I see where he's coming from based on his confusion:
[1920, 1080] * 2 = [3840, 2160], or written as:
[1920, 1080] * [2, 2] = [3840, 2160]

3840x2160 is four times the resolution (or size) of 1920x1080 because two dimensions are being multiplied by two, not jut one and so he's not taking into account the other dimension.

Comment Here's a study that proves you right (Score 4, Interesting) 192

I remember reading about this study this years ago, it shows that people with more bumper stickers are more likely to be involved in road rage incidents. The theory is, people who personalize their vehicle tend to view the vehicle as their own private space, even when on the public roads. Because they are in their own private space, they literally do feel that they own the road.

Submission + - Contributors Code of Conduct Guru joins GitHub (

An anonymous reader writes: Coraline Ada Ehmke, author of the Contributors Code of Conduct and long term opponent of the "dehumanising meritocracy" of hacker culture has announced that she will be joining GitHub. Although Coraline has been controversial and has even been accused of project disruption and discrediting transgender people she is likely to get a warm welcome from GitHub's managment who need allies in their long struggle to eliminate GitHub's old meritocracy and replace it with a more inclusive and structured culture in the hope of helping move the company forward.

We discussed earlier GitHub's large scale loss it's founders and early developers

Submission + - Adblock Plus comes (somewhat) clean about how Acceptable Ads work (

Mark Wilson writes: The Acceptable Ads program from Adblock Plus has proved slightly controversial. The company behind the ad blocking tool, Eyeo, has already revealed a little about how it makes money from the program — despite the fact that no money changes hands in most whitelisting cases — and today it has opened up further about how is makes its money.

Whilst recognizing that people do want to block ads, Eyeo is also aware that sites do need to benefit from ad revenue — hence Acceptable Ads, non-intrusive ads that it is hoped are less irritating and therefore easier to stomach. But Eyeo itself also wants to make money. How does it decide which company to charge to Acceptable Ads whitelisting, and which to charge? If you're expecting full transparency, you might be disappointed, but we are given a glimpse into how the financial side of things works.

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