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Submission + - Maryland Government Uses Google Hangout to Fake Democracy.

Tyndmyr writes: Earlier today, Governor O'Malley announced via G+ and Facebook a live public townhall meeting would be held via Google Hangout for the recently proposed gun control legislation. However, those of us who joined found the google hangout empty of officials, with an entirely different version being broadcast "live". The questions were entirely unrelated, and the only participants were the handpicked officials. The questions read off by the moderator were not gathered from the hangout created, or indeed, from any of these social media sources, and appear to have been invented from whole cloth. Angry posts appear to dominate the governor's facebook and G+ page, but so far, little media notice has been taken of this event.

Submission + - Microsoft Supporting Indie Games (

Tyndmyr writes: Microsoft has released the sales data for the first quarter of Community Games sales, and some developers are doing rather well thanks to the XNA game engine. Consoles have historically been difficult for game developers without buckets of money to develop games for, so how will this strategy change indie game development? Perhaps most importantly, will it make them suck less?
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Can anyone help me find this game?

Tyndmyr writes: I used to play turn based games heavily perhaps eight to ten years ago, and while I've been able to find most of my old favorites, one in particular has been puzzling me. I can't recall the game, but it looks and plays like the original X-com's battle map, with the exception that it was multiplayer only, with hot seat support. Like Xcom, surviving team members gained experience, and of course, money management was important, with expensive toys ranging up to a trident, tac nuke, or similar. Does anyone remember this game?

Submission + - Google Launches User Driven Debate Site (

Tyndmyr writes: "In conjunction with the previously covered Knol system, Google is now releasing Knol Debates, where users can vote and discuss topics. First up, presidential debates, representing topics from any party, and with some commentary being given by the libertarian Cato Institute. Unfortunately, patent law and technology questions are still rather poorly represented. Oddly enough, Knol Debates doesn't even appear to be in beta."

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