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Comment Re:Tuning it out? (Score 4, Informative) 254

It isn't's clickfarms that are killing it. Some people buy likes to look popular, and these are done via bots or underpaid folks in poor countries. Meh, no big deal, right? Well, if you buy likes, those accounts are pretty worthless, and the lack of interaction means your posts will be rated badly, and not shown to nearly as many of your fans who are real people. So...just don't buy likes, then? Well, the problem doesn't end there. To disguise themselves, the spam accounts go through and click like on random different things to obscure patterns. Legitimately bought ads will produce mostly worthless likes from clearly foreign accounts, regardless of where they claim to be from, or how you filter your ad purchasing. This is why I no longer purchase facebook ads in pursuit of likes.

Comment Re:They're nuts but right (Score 1) 1374

I am amused that posting the address of a gun control advocate(and she is), is seen as clearly a threat. Yet, everyone was quick to say that posting a list of addresses of gun owners(New york CCW holders) was somehow not. If this is a threat, then it's one started by the gun banners, and which they wield far more indiscriminately.

Comment Re:Gun nuts (Score 1) 1374

This argument fails when one realizes that the owners of these companies are working to entact laws requiring one to not purchase their competitors product. Much like a more evil Comcast. Why, New Jersey already has such a law. Once a smart gun goes on sale anywhere, two years laster, a ban on all other guns kicks in. They are actively fighting freedom. Of *course* people are upset.

Comment Re:A few questions (Score 1) 1374

The NRA spends more money on providing training than politicizing. You're merely repeating popular advertising memes from the gun-control lobby with no verification of fact. Of particular note is the rote repetition of the phrase "common sense". This has become a catch phrase for "you should support this, but we are not going to justify why". Merely listing all the factual errors in your post would be lengthy, but the greatest lie is that folks aren't against legal gun ownership. Lengthy lists of occasions where proponents have outright admitted they want complete bans and confiscation can be trivially found via google.

Comment Re:is american like the soviet union? (Score 1) 499

Look, I remember when I first heard about this concept. Seemed fascinating. I figured I'd figure out where my closest food desert was. Turns out, I was in it! I lived next to a supermarket. Could see it out my window, and routinely walked instead of driving there. As I realized that ALL of my local "food deserts" were like this, I stopped assuming it was a revolutionary idea, and started assuming they had shit data.

Comment Re:shenanigans (Score 2) 386

Uh, cherry picking is cherry picking regardless of which cherries are picked. If you want any statistical validity, you have to compare to the entire dataset. Gun ownership, across countries as a whole, is not a great indicator of violence. Norway, for instance, has a pretty fair level of gun ownership, and very low violence rates. When there's a severe lack of correlation, but a large range in the trait you are trying to find a cause for, it appears obvious that one is looking at the wrong factor.

Comment Re:Hype (Score 1) 251

A watertight cup is not particularly difficult, no. I've made a variety of them, as well as fully functional teapots and the like(albeit made of plastic, so certain heat issues exist, but hey). Slumping should not be an issue. Expansion might be. You can minimize this with the right setup(heated bed, controlling humidity, or just using a different plastic). Layers usually fuse fine once your setup is good.

Comment Yes (Score 1) 251

Yeah, I've got two now, they're fun toys. Made a lot of various gadgets, including a few firearms that resulted in some brief notoriety. Don't know that it's been a net profitable project so far, but really, it's not as if I bought my first(the Cube) with a business plan in mind or was just awesome, and I'd been eagerly watching the developments for quite some time, and really wanted to try it out for myself. Not everything's about money. If you were motivated to do so, you certainly could make a rapid prototyping shop or the like including 3d printing, but I already own one business, I honestly don't have time for another. I barely have the time to indulge my hobbies, it seems. But yeah, it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Comment Re:Malice? I think not. (Score 1) 166

As a veteran, I have to say...this is not my experience at all. Thanks to a military doctor forgetting to use anaseptic for a minor surgery, I had to deal with infection, nearly amputation, and a follow up surgery that should have been unnecessary. This is only one example of the stunning incompetence of the military medical system(including missing a shattered ankle for eight years, until I finally went to a civilian doctor to get it handled). Being cheerful is no damned good if the person is an unskilled idiot. Yes, it may be ignorance instead of malice, but ignorance is still pretty dangerous.

Comment Re:I don't know about the 'cluster' mailboxes. (Score 1) 867

It may surprise you to learn that, like democrats, republicans are individual people, and are not universally good or bad. Sometimes, you get fiscal responsibility from a batch of republicans, and sometimes not....for the same reasons that you get differing results from different groups of PEOPLE.

Comment Re:Boom (Score 1) 814

The leg is actually a fairly lethal spot to shoot at, thanks to the femoral artery. This has the disadvantage of not stopping the assailant immediately in the way torso and head shots sometimes do, but still killing them thanks to rapid bleeding. Statistically speaking, the arm is by far the safest place to be shot. I'm afraid that the training involved betrays a lack of rigor in it's design. The issue is one of culture. Ya'll don't kill each other with guns as much because overall, ya'll just don't kill each other as much. It isn't your training per se, it's the respect of life that matters.

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