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'Telecommuting' In Formula 1 90

flewp writes "This New York Times article on Formula 1 racing gives some insight into the workings of one of the most high-tech sports on the planet — consider that a few years ago, Sauber's supercomputer ranked toward the top of all the supercomputers in Europe. The teams bring to each race dozens of mechanics, support personnel, etc.; but back at their home bases, perhaps thousands of miles away, countless more engineers work (with the help of gobs of computing power) to give each team that extra edge."

World's Most Litigious Man Sues Guinness For Saying He's The Most Litigious 8

Jonathan Lee Richards was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the person who has filed the most lawsuits in the history of mankind. After hearing of the honor, Mr. Richards, aka. "Johnny Sue-nami," promptly filed an injunction in federal court to stop the company from bestowing the coveted title upon him, claiming that the moniker would cause him imminent danger and bodily harm. He then sued a dog for barking, the sun for not shining long enough, and his neighbor just for snoring too loud.

Submission + - New and Improved Deadly Snail Venom

SoyChemist writes: In 2004, the FDA approved the cone snail venom ziconotide (Prialt) for the treatment of chronic pain. It is only used for severe cases because it must be injected directly into the spinal column. This month, researchers from the University of Utah have reported the discovery of a new snail venom with a completely different amino acid sequence. Because it very selectively attaches to and blocks nerve signals by binding to a particular type of acetylcholine receptor without causing any collateral damage, the newly discovered venom could also become a fantastic medical tool.

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