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Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 717

That Murder by Numbers article is trying pretty hard with the "Murders per 100,000 people" graph. It also doesn't support your comment about the UK, Australia and much of Europe in ANY way whatsoever.

I'm wasting my time, but can't help pointing out that it isn't really helpful removing blacks from the equation - they might be responsible for half the crime, but the country as a whole is responsible for its citizens, and blacks aren't exactly the most recent immigrants.

Comment First attempt with big company support behind it? (Score 1) 69

After a series of small disasters in Australia and New Zealand, my previous employer tried to kick off a website to pair helpers with those requiring assistance. Several others popped up at the same time. There's nothing especially new about the idea; we were working on an android app at the same time. However, it would need a bit of policing to make sure idiots don't just sign up for free stuff.

Comment Re:it didn't (Score 1) 747

It sparked a protest/minor riot in Sydney, Australia. Almost nothing does that, and the ridiculous slogans the protesters were carrying were actually one of the scariest things I've seen in this country. Melbourne managed to show more tolerance.

Going offtopic slightly, I can't wait to see a video of Mohammed dancing to "Gangnam Style," as it must be under development somewhere by now.

Comment Re:surprise... (Score 1) 233

The iPad2 TV advertisement (in Australia) that ran with claims such as "it's crazy powerful" and "it's magical" delivered in the kind of voice I wanted to stab in the foot.

YES it's good advertising, but NO some of those things they're saying aren't really true. And it hurts me somewhere inside to think of the manipulation going on right in front of my eyes


Comment Re:Betteridge's law of headlines (Score 2) 250

I am so sick of seeing this. It's the latest "correlation is not causation" (previously godwin's law) that somebody now feels the need to put into every god damn article with a question for a headline.

Nothing against the parent personally, and nothing will stop it from appearing again, just wanted to vent.

Comment SpaceChem (Score 1) 98

How to see if you think like a programmer.

Step 1. Play SpaceChem.
Step 2. Check levels of enjoyment. If you are enjoying yourself, get thee to a programming job. Preferably in the field of robotics, I guess.

Alternatives to starting your programming career would include playing Zachtronics' other games, especially the codex of engineering. They have a perfect learning curve. I know I've posted about this a couple of times, but it can't be overstated; these games are all about programming.

Comment Perhaps it's just the summary, but... (Score 1) 184

What? What is the problem? Is antipathy regarding jargon an issue for journalists?

If a language requires a large degree of labour to understand, there's no point using it in an article intended for the general public. Oooooh, this isn't about journalists (as I understood it from the title), it's about researchers acting like journalists.

My fear is that the percentage of people who use language correctly seems to be diminishing. I reassure myself with the thought that I can't pinpoint when this started happening. Our caveman ancestors would no doubt have torn The Reader Over Your Shoulder to shreds, metaphorically.

Comment Why not... (Score 1) 625

Why not install big fans at the front of the train that suck in practically ALL the air in front of the train before it hits, compress it into narrow pipes that run the length of the train and then exhaust at the rear? You'd still run it in a tube, but the train itself would effectively feel like it was passing through a vacuum.

Perhaps the simple answer is that it would cost too much, but I'd like to hear it, because this has actually been playing on my mind a bit lately.

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