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Submission + - Australian telco causes minor panic while preparing web filter (

Twisted64 writes: "Australia's largest telco, Telstra, has been frightening users of its mobile data services for the last week. Logging revealed that HTTP requests from a mobile device on Telstra's network were duplicated with a request from another server, located in Chicago.

Eyebrows were raised on the Whirlpool forums, with fears that Telstra was giving up Australian browsing data to a US company and therefore the US government. Following a well-worded letter Telstra revealed today that the reason for this behaviour is that the company is preparing an opt-in web filter.

Personally, while the idea of my browsing data being logged anywhere does not fill me with joy, the idea of the US government having access to it (randomised or not) is probably going to be enough to make me switch to an inferior carrier once my current plan ends."

Comment Slashdotted (Score 5, Informative) 158

OK that didn't take long. The site seems to be slashdotted already. Perhaps it wasn't a good idea for it to be serving 500KB @font-face referenced fonts from my little VPS. :) Once everybody's stopped clicking the link, I'll try moving the static data over to something that can handle it, like an Amazon S3 bucket.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Opera starts throwing rocks at Microsoft ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Opera has filed an official anti-trust complaint with the European Commission against Microsoft over the Internet Explorer browser. Essentially it argues that Microsoft are a big bunch of unfair bullies and life is really unfair and Oopera should be the biggest browser. Of course, those sitting back and looking at this from a distance might suggest Opera look at the reasons why Mozilla Firefox has done so well and soaked up such a large chunk of market share, and possibly learn some lessons there instead of just throwing rocks.

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