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Comment occe is god (Score -1, Troll) 310

GNAA unveils new 2005 product line
GNAA unveils new 2005 product line

The Gay Nigger Incestual Average rose fifteen points today in a sudden upswing Wall Street investors are crediting to GNAA-ANUS's unveiling of what's to come in the new year.

Development has continued on what is perhaps GNAA's best-known product, the popular Internet application Lastmeasure. New features and functionality will help to ensure that users will be able to enjoy Lastmeasure, even with the most modern of browsers.

Gay Nigger musos eagerly await the release of YHBT, the upcomming GNAA album that promises to be the new standard in trolling music. The album will include cuts such as the Ripper-inspired "S~H~O~A" and the stirring ballad, "Zionist Oppressors and You".

Perhaps the most impressive of the new products is known only as the "Drilldo."

Described by GNAA president timecop as "Six barrels of sixteen-inch niggercock fury", the device is mounted on a small set of tank treads - mobility technology licensed from the US Army robotics program.

"We've found the Drilldo to be effective in a number of uses," said GNAA researcher Turkback. "Both Goatse and Mr. Hands were found to be adequately fulfilled. Our special Ass-Sabot rounds are designed to directly pentrate deep into the rectal core."

GNAA researchers expect to see battlefield testing of the Drilldo as early as Febuary, with insertion into OSDN headquarters. Military experts are predicting these real-world tests to go "catastrophically erotic."

GNAA has also announced plans to sponsor a Bug Chasing team in 2005, supporting the Montrose Area Chasing Team in their goal to infect themselves with as many different strains of AIDS as possible.

The Montrose team has generally lost to bigger cities such as San Francisco and New York, but have high hopes for taking the lead in 2005 with their new GNAA backing. "With GNAA behind us, we'll be able to achieve our goal by engaging in reckless cocaine use and unprotected anal sex with anonymous partners in bookstore bathrooms," said an unnamed representative of the Montrose team.

In other news, The spiritual leader of the ANUS collective, Prozak/gasjews, announced Friday that he would be leading his team of Neitzchian uber-trolls on a quest to find the Holy Asshole. No word has yet been recieved on his progress, as immediately after this announcement the leader climbed to the top of Mount St. Helens in Washington State.

"He's been up there for days," stated ANUS operative Iconoclast. "We can't really make out what he's yelling from up there, but we think it's something about 'infinite return'. He's probably not comming down until he manages to set the damn thing off."

Authorities say that no resolution has been reached, but that regular shipments of burritos, ammunition and weapons-grade marajuana continue to be brought to the peak of the volcano.

About GNAA:
GNAA (GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) is the first organization which gathers GAY NIGGERS from all over America and abroad for one common goal - being GAY NIGGERS.

Are you GAY ?
Are you a NIGGER ?
Are you a GAY NIGGER ?

If you answered "Yes" to all of the above questions, then GNAA (GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) might be exactly what you've been looking for!
Join GNAA (GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) today, and enjoy all the benefits of being a full-time GNAA member.
GNAA (GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA) is the fastest-growing GAY NIGGER community with THOUSANDS of members all over United States of America and the World! You, too, can be a part of GNAA if you join today!

Why not? It's quick and easy - only 3 simple steps!
Talk to one of the ops or any of the other members in the channel to sign up today! Upon submitting your application, you will be required to submit links to your successful First Post, and you will be tested on your knowledge of GAYNIGGERS FROM OUTER SPACE.

If you are having trouble locating #GNAA, the official GAY NIGGER ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA irc channel, you might be on a wrong irc network. The correct network is NiggerNET, and you can connect to as our official server. Follow this link if you are using an irc client such as mIRC.

If you have mod points and would like to support GNAA, please moderate this post up.

| ______________________________________._a,____ | Press contact:
| _______a_._______a_______aj#0s_____aWY!400.___ | Gary Niger
| __ad#7!!*P____a.d#0a____#!-_#0i___.#!__W#0#___ |
| _j#'_.00#,___4#dP_"#,__j#,__0#Wi___*00P!_"#L,_ | GNAA Corporate Headquarters
| _"#ga#9!01___"#01__40,_"4Lj#!_4#g_________"01_ | 143 Rolloffle Avenue
| ________"#,___*@`__-N#____`___-!^_____________ | Tarzana, California 91356
| _________#1__________?________________________ |
| _________j1___________________________________ | All other inquiries:
| ____a,___jk_GAY_NIGGER_ASSOCIATION_OF_AMERICA_ | Enid Al-Punjabi
| ____!4yaa#l___________________________________ |
| ______-"!^____________________________________ | GNAA World Headquarters
` _______________________________________________' 160-0023 Japan Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Nishi-Shinjuku 3-20-2

Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Gay Nigger Association of America

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