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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: The Best Way to Learn to Start Codin 1

Turbine2k5 writes: I work only 4 nights a week, so I have a lot of free time to do whatever. I'm looking to occupy some of that time with something more productive, and I thought learning a programming language is a great time-occupier. There are a ton of different languages out there, and a lot of them seem almost intimidating to even start. I'm having troubles picking one out that may help me in the future, if I decide to go out towards a different career path. I don't have a lot of cash, and I'd really like to hit the ground running. Any suggestions?

Submission + - Google Selects City for Fiber Network (

Turbine2k5 writes: After much deliberation, Google has chosen Kansas City to receive a fiber optic upgrade by 2012. Development is planned to start by the end of the year, although they have not released any specifics on their plan. Google says that this is "not the end of the project" and that they'll "be looking closely at ways to bring ultra high-speed Internet to other cities across the country."

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