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Comment It's Pee not Pie (Score 1) 133

Why use a foreign letter and use a false pronunciation? Î or Ï are pronounced as the english P or p. Also Î or Ï are not pronounce as you think. You may see it as ÎαÏ... in the greek alphabet, but αÏ... is either pronounced as af or av, so ÏαÏ... is pronounce the same as tough(as in stronk).

Comment Analysts (Score 1) 143

Android phones: this is our new feature... This is our new phone. Ios: this is our new feature, we remove these features, we force you those patches. 6 months of analysts' articles, journalists' articles, thousands of comments and a lot of wasted time apple releases a 2 or 3 year old feature in one of the most ezpensive phones out there.

Comment Re:Same old companies (Score 1) 72

First off, you cannot get kicked out of the Eurozone, nor from E.U., different entities; you can leave but not get kicked(or forced by some means). Secondly, Greek put their money into real estate... that's where they invest, houses and farms(and that happened before the governments after 2010 started overtaxing houses ). Whoever writes about Greeks investing in cars, and especially German ones is either an idiot or twice an idiot. German cars were used there as in every other part of the world, "nouveau riches" showing their upgrade to a wealthier class by getting overpriced, overweight, under-steering carts. Anyhow, our topic(you can continue telling us your bizarre jokes, though) is not how crap the media are, or their falsely written reports/articles, but how the hell those bloody corporations get the job done, by sucking money from countries, organizations, funds, while they are selling products using customer scumming(and many times, government scumming).

Comment Same old companies (Score 1) 72

Daimler has a long history of corruption, one of their fields of interest is debt in Greece... selling buses,cars,trains,etc to that government either over overpriced or unsuitable. VW, well the diesel scum is one of the many things that they do across europe. I bet the main electronics will come from the other overcorrupted-pay politicians to close deals Siemens, and why wouldn't they involve other corrupted and german industry giants!! Just send us the f'ing bill already, coz EU idiots like myself are going to pay overcorrupted german companies to "evolve" the E.U..

Comment Re:Use Thunderbolt or forget it AMD (Score 0) 172

First off, thunderbolt is by itself a massive security hole and paired with crapple devices leads to massive laughter meltdowns. Secondly, thunderbolt has been several years on the market, and yet has not set the ground to become the next big thing... unlike USB 3.1/Type-C. Lastly, thunderbolt is expensive, no-one is gonna buy something that costs as much as a small GPU; cable cost, loyalties, fees, e.t.c.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 2) 64

They don't even care about IBM.
They could've bought IBM in one night.
Foxconn alone is 3 times the IBM in simple numbers and makes everything.
Huawei another company that makes the rest of what Foxconn does not make.
IBM is already sold many parts to the chinese, Lenovo being one of them, and the rest are sold here and there.
It's just the rule. They are so important, as a market, that they can even make IBM to obey every rule they want.

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