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Comment Re:You know... (Score 1) 339

I agree with you and sortius_nod, this country is a fucking nanny state. We have governments who insist on appeasing a bunch of scared old fuddy-duddies. At this rate every corner will have a padded edge, driving will be at the fixed speed of 40K everywhere and a curfew will apply to everyone under the age of 30(those over that age don't need a curfew, they never go out at night). 1984 comes in a maid's outfit under the guise of fixing your buster.

This country needs to get some fucking dignity and remember where it put it's balls.

Comment Re:A reasoned analysis? That's good. (Score 1) 869

Bullshit. My time is not free.

I hate people like you who make comments like this. You are posting on slashdot yet you seem to think someone cares for your opinion and that you are not wasting time for simply being there. You sir, are a fucking idiot in thinking slashdot is adding anything of value to your pathetic existence. IMO your time is worth jack, that is why you are here and why you will probably contemplate replying to my post.


Submission + - Aussie Net filtering trial delayed (

hopejr writes: The Federal Opposition says it is not surprised the Government's mandatory internet filtering trial has been delayed. The trial, which was meant to begin today, has been postponed until mid-January 2009 and the internet service providers (ISPs) who will participate will be announced at the same time. ISPs iiNet and Optus both said yesterday they had not heard anything about their applications to participate in the trial, and doubted the Government would meet its own deadline.

Comment Great Depression II: The Sequel (Score 1) 873

...The Empire Strikes Back.

Your country will face hostile acquisition from another country with money. 1-5 The EU; 6-11 The People's Republic of China; 12-14 India; 15 Mexico; 16 Brazil; 17 Russia; 18 France; 19 Democratic Republic of Congo; 20 Wildcard/someone else.

Roll carefully, Mr President, the fate of your nation depends on it. Here's my lucky D20...

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