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Submission + - Gran Turismo's Visual Evolution (rundlc.com)

Buffalo55 writes: Like most PlayStation 3 owners, we can’t wait for Gran Turismo 5. Polyphony Digital’s long-awaited masterpiece boasts well over 900 cars, a wealth of tracks, full damage modeling and plenty of other drool worthy features. Of course, this year marks the series’ 12th anniversary, so we went back to see how the franchise has evolved graphically, from the first Gran Turismo in 1998 to this year’s near photo realistic monster. Enjoy.

Submission + - Put Linux on the iPad (without a hack)? (hothardware.com) 1

Julie188 writes: StarNet Communications has found a way to put Linux apps — and Flash — on the iPad, without involving hacks that could bring out the ire of you-know-who (let's just call him Mr. SJ). For $15 they are selling an X11 client for the iPad via the App Store. It puts a virtual Linux desktop on the tablet, tapping into applications hosted on their own servers, which includes a version of Firefox that runs flash. You can also use it as a thin client to access your own hosted Linux or Unix apps. I haven't tried it yet, so can't say it will work as advertised, but the company claims it will let you run your virtual Linux apps at LAN-like speeds, even over a 3G connection. The virtual desktop also let's you do really unheard-of things, like cut and paste between applications on your iPad. Whodathought?

Submission + - Hemos is leaving??

An anonymous reader writes: Via twitter @hemos "Oh, and today also marks my departure from geeknet/#sourceforge/#slashdot. I'll have a post up soonish; gl to all."

Sega Not Giving Up On Mature Wii Games 92

Sega has recently taken a few attempts at developing games for the Wii that were targeted at adults rather than kids. House of the Dead: Overkill and Madworld haven't been incredibly popular, but they've done well enough to turn a profit. In Sega's eyes, this makes mature-themed games for the Wii a successful experiment, or at least one they're willing to continue. Other companies are looking to get into the act as well. EA will be releasing M-rated Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii, and Bethesda has a project in the works too.

Has Google Redefined Beta? 292

netbuzz writes "Someone finally took the time to do a count of all the Google apps marked 'beta.' And with fully 45% of its products carrying that familiar tag — including 4-year-old Gmail — Google says there's an explanation: Beta doesn't mean to them what it has long meant to the rest of the tech community. 'We believe beta has a different meaning when applied to applications on the Web,' says a company spokesman."

Submission + - Are CS students poor programmers? 2

DavidHumus writes: "Recently, at a computer conference, I heard two separate people say the same thing during the same day: computer science students are usually very poor programmers. Both these people were college professors in areas that do a lot of computing — mathematics and biology (population genetics) — and have dealt with a lot of students who have had to write programs for their courses.

The specific complaint of both professors was that CS students seem to have very superfical knowledge, that they don't understand things like the limitations of floating point arithmetic and verifying their output. One professor recounted the story of a student who wanted a good grade on a program because it ran to completion — never mind that the answers it gave were off by many orders of magnitude.

Do slashdotters agree or disagree with this? If it is true, why? Shouldn't computer science students be good programmers?"

Submission + - Revenge of the (Billionaire) Nerds (yahoo.com)

SayNoToAcid writes: The Forbes 400 is out, listing the richest people in America and it looks like the nerds win by a landslide capturing 5 of the top 10 spots: Bill Gates at #1, Larry Ellison at #4, Sergey Brin and Larry Page tied at #5, and Michael Dell at #8.

Submission + - NASA announces "bizarre star" (nasa.gov)

Andrew Stellman writes: "NASA astronomers held a press conference announcing that a new ultraviolet mosaic from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows a speeding star named Mira that's leaving an enormous trail of "seeds" for new solar systems. Mira is traveling faster than a speeding bullet, and has a tail that's 13 light-years long and over 30,000 years old. The website has images and a replay of the teleconference."
United States

Submission + - Dell Sneaking Keyloggers into their Laptops?

James Allanson writes: "Immagine that the government was listening in to your phone calls — you've heard about them bugging terrorists, but surely they wouldn't bother with you right? Wrong. This article (although old) shows that dell have been shipping laptops with keyloggers built in. Dell claim that "The intregrated service tag identifier is there for assisting customers in the event of lost or misplaced personal information." However the Department of Homeland Security says that information about the circuit is "... exempt from being disclosed under the FOIA [Freedom of Information Act]." Very fishy."

Feed No PS3s for British prisoners (com.com)

Blog: ITV is reporting that the U.K.'s Home Secretary, John Reid, has made the shocking and momentous decision to ban Sony's PlayStation...
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Student Suspended for Pastafarian Practices

Greyfox writes: "According to the metro news, a student in North Carolina has been suspended for his religious beliefs. Those beliefs? That global warming is caused by the decline in the number of pirates and therefore followers of the religion should wear full 'full pirate regalia' to combat global warming. The school insists that the student's suspension had 'nothing to do with religion and everything to do with his refusal to heed warnings about wearing pirate costumes to school.' But isn't that like saying that suspending a student for praying at lunch had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with praying at lunch?

I'm sure this is just another case of the Administration attempting to suppress global warming-related speech!"

Submission + - Students Encouraged to Exercise Right to Choose

Jeff Mictabor writes: "Students Encouraged to Exercise Right to Choose Lender:

Achieving the American dream of a college education is not as simple or inexpensive as it once was. Therefore, it is imperative that students and their parents carefully scrutinize their Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) funding options, taking ample time to research the best deal and benefits out there to meet their needs, according to NextStudent, the Phoenix-based premier education funding company.

Since there are varying degrees of customer service, discounts, incentives and repayment options with different lenders, it is critical that students not only research their FFELP options with respect to funding the popular subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford student loans and PLUS Loans, but that they also are aware of their rights.

College Preferred Lender Lists Only are ‘Suggestions’

Many borrowers may not know that they actually have the ability to choose their lender since most colleges make a recommendation of which lender or lenders to work with, and many students simply go along with the recommendation. However, colleges cannot REQUIRE that a student go with the recommended or “preferred lender.” Many colleges neglect to mention that students may select an alternate lender of their own choosing, based upon students’ personal criteria. The Higher Education Act stipulates that colleges cannot require borrowers to use the preferred lenders or those recommended by the school’s financial aid office.

At this point in time, most colleges fund students’ educations through either the government’s Federal Direct Lending Program (FDLP) or the FFELP. A little-known fact is that a few remaining schools offer both programs. So, when borrowers go with the FDLP, they are receiving funds generated through the U.S. Department of Education in conjunction with their school. On the other hand, when a FFELP lender is used, borrowers select from a pool of private lenders to fund their education.

Research is Key to Wisely Financing College Education

When borrowers use a FFELP lender to fund their educational dreams, NextStudent encourages families to strategically invest their time in careful research of the companies in order to select the lender that best meets their needs. Important factors may include a company’s reputation for quality customer service and character, flexible repayment options, and incentives and benefits.

At NextStudent, borrowers are assigned their own personal Education Finance Advisor who will answer any questions about student loans, private student loans and student loan consolidation as well as guide them through the financial aid process from start to finish. This makes financing your college education a simple, easy process, bypassing many of the frustrations often associated with it and making the transition from high school to college a seamless one.

NextStudent believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and it is dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding simple. Learn more about student loans, private student loans, and student loan consolidation at NextStudent.com."

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