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Comment Re:EU is not Democracy (Score 2) 313

as christopher hitches was wont to point out. the case in which oliver wendall holmes made the "fire" analogy, was decided against the person, who in this case, was distributing pamplets, which encouraged young men to resist the draft for world war 1.

by our present standard, the pampleteers were convicted and imprisoned for political speech.
no calls to violence. no calls for violent acts. no mass panic.

Resist entanglement in foreign wars, that's all they were saying.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 586

"Sometimes I wonder if Lincoln didn't make a massive mistake in going to war with the South. Sure he forced them back into the union where the emancipation proclamation could be enforced - but what did that actually achieve ? The South sure didn't become any less racist. Jim Crow still happened, and Trump still got elected (and the South were pretty critical to that process)."

that's literally your first paragraph. suggesting that perhaps the civil war wasn't worth it because even though slavery was ended, racism was not.

i meant equating them morally when calling your comparison hyperbolic,apologies, dropped a word in there and changed the accusation, that's on me.

they are not equally morally evil. making a person property, is nowhere close to be as morally benign as simply hating a person irrationally.

Comment Re:Day 4 executive order. (Score 1) 1049

:) and it's his right as an American to say, "those fuckers should be stripped of their US citizenship and thrown in jail." as a true-blooded american, he can want it as much as he wants. doesn't mean he'll try to do something about it. "they should be" isn't the same as "i'm going to try to". probably because there are definitely distasteful things that people do that you wish you could throw them in jail for.

Comment Re:Twitter, aka @Jack, doesn't care about hate spe (Score 1) 1049

"...working towards a fairer and better society, are things to be proud of."

i think that is the disconnect between what they think of SJW's and what you think of them.

If you want a better world, I hope you're donating to charities, money or time, or volunteering with habitat or something. you know actual work that actually helps people. walk for cancer, march of dimes etc. etc.

ranting on twitter doesn't count as "working towards a fairer and better society."

those protests after the election were hilarious. some people treated them as cry-ins... which is, adorbs? and other people chanted "not my president." which... yes he is. and still others walking around trying to flip cars.

meanwhile, I'm just sitting there, wondering what goal they're trying to achieve, how they think they'll achieve it, and why i find it all so hilarious?

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 586

this is why we can't have nice things.

the difference between saying the n-word, and a lynching, is one very dead black person.

hate one another, be vile to one another, but be cordial. Life is not without friction, and the moment we try and dictate what people think, that's the moment we overstep ourselves.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 586

no, because there is a clear moral line between dictating someone's actions and dictating their thoughts.

slavery isn't wrong because racism is involved, slavery is wrong because one is depriving another of their liberty. racism isn't wrong because 'discrimination' is wrong, but because 'prejudice' is a logical fallacy. the two are linked in our world view. but one is a crime, one is a mistake. racism in isolation only hurts the racist. slavery in isolation hurts another.

discrimination is a valid response, and prejudice is intrinsic to our species. if a black man comes into my diner, and and destroys all my glassware, if he comes into my diner again, i would be crazy not to refuse him service, that's discrimination. if i extend this to all black people, then that's discrimination with a helping of prejudice. On the other hand, if i'm a hunter on the plains of africa, and i see a snake, and last tuesday a snake bit and killed my friend, i'm high-tailing it even if this snake has different stripes. that's prejudice, and it's pattern recognition, that's what kept our species going for much of its history. taking one example with a trait, and extrapolating over all similar examples with the same trait. we've just carried it further than its usefulness, into the modern era.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 586

Ah, lovely, to see the moral equivalence being made between slavery and racism.

racism isn't even close to slavery, son. as a mugging isn't close to murder.

wanting to do an act isn't the same as doing an act. islamophobia isn't racism, homophobia isn't 'being a nazi', etc. etc.

so a baker doesn't want to sell a centerpiece for a gay wedding. so what? go down the street, the prevailing direction we see society going is one where for every 1 shop that won't sell to your special day, there are 9 that are lining up for your business, and probably 3 of them actually actively support your right. the other 6 just want your money.

people on the left see a great moral victory in the gay couple suing the baker. I think people in the middle just see two people trying to impose their will on another person. A diversity of opinion means a diversity in wrong opinions too, because who are you to be the arbiter in what is right and what is wrong?

Comment Re:So now Clinton supporters can't handle the resu (Score 1) 1425

:), it's a mandate to fuck washington up, fuck up their structure and all their backroom dealings.

essentially wipe it clean with purging fire, burn it all to the ground.

didn't say it was a great program or issue, but he essentially has a mandate to wipe washington clean.

Comment Re:So now Clinton supporters can't handle the resu (Score 1) 1425

i'd say you have to take the context into consideration when looking at things like this. you have a political candidate this unsuited for office, and still winning. essentially you've got an undercurrent of resentment that effects a whole bunch of people, but a whole bunch of those people couldn't even hold their nose and vote for trump. i'd say there were people on the left that couldn't vote for hillary either, but i think those are fewer than those on the right that couldn't vote for trump. but still wanted to 'throw the bums out'.

you have to appreciate, be cognizant of the fact, that trump didn't have a platform. he was only really running on "fuck you" and half the country agreed.

people weren't voting for him on the abortion issue, the tax issue, foreign policy, etc. etc. there was a singular reason for the majority of trump voters i think. it was, 'washington needs to change'.

normally i'd say a mandate needs a majority, even a plurality makes for a weak mandate. but in this case, i think he has a mandate because his was a single issue campaign.

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