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Comment Re:I assume refund (Score 1) 120

i'd say refund your money and a new replacement... would not be adequate for a potentially fatal product, even if it's truly a rarity.

i don't think it would be for a lot of people.

If I bought a TV and two months in it starts spitting smoke and fire after normal use. And this is the first "samsung tv fire" i'd heard of...
i'd probably see if it was something I did, nope nothing spilled, nothing chewed, nothing but a plugged in TV.
i'd see if there was mention online
i'd make mention online and post photos
i'd contact the manufacturer and report it, and ask for them to pay damages etc.
i'd buy a different TV.

the point being, my main concern would be to warn other potential buyers and users that this product might set itself on fire spontaneously.

if they're trying to pay me hush-money... then i'm almost certainly not going to keep quiet.

Comment Re:I assume refund (Score 1) 120

for a rare consumer defect that couldn't POTENTIALLY SET MY HOUSE ON FIRE... yes

for one that could, i think most people's consciences cost more than a grand. For someone who has fought fires for a living, it's probably significantly more than that.

how much would it cost for you to look the other way as a toddler dies of smoke inhalation?

Comment Re:Johnson and anti-incumbent (Score 1) 382

as a non-practicing anti-theist. i must say that i think many of us are aware of the relationship between the 3 major monotheisms. and that i have a passing familiarity with the various denominations in christianity as a non-practicing american anti-theist.

christ was a jew. and muhammad had a nine-year old child bride.

also mormons have magic underwear. :)

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 569

ruthless competence is competent at being wily though.

don't think hillary is malicious though, not truly.

self-serving yes, but i don't know which i prefer, trump's damage mitigated by congress, or hillary's surface appeasement while selling our liberty to the highest bidder.

to be fair, i don't think either outcome would be what their bases think they'll get.

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