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Comment Re:More things to consider (Score 1) 401

sahara was green at some point in the recent past. it only got all sandy again sometime after we came about. all we need is some good ole' fashion climate change.

yeah, half of us are tired with paying for the other half of us. red states are rural, urban states are blue. there's a discrepancy in tax allocation that comes with that and will probably always be the case as long as there are differences in population density.

hey, i'm all for liberalism, i would have considered myself solidly in the left a decade ago, that appears to be no longer the case, but i haven't moved. now i'm a centrist, and i wonder where the like-minded people went. a few years back, an associate told me i was the most polite and pleasant liberal he'd ever spoken to, didn't know what he meant, hadn't seen the turn as he had from his perspective.

when dan savage gets called out for using tranny in a college talk and ostensibly the talk was about the fight of the gay community to re-appropriate terms like queer... we've lost the trail somewhere.

followed to its logical conclusion, why does the religious right object to things? why do they care what you do with your life? is it about hate? probably a small part, but most of it's about love and i can't bring myself to hate them for that, or even criticize. I'm made so that I cannot believe, sometimes i wonder what it'd be like to not require evidence for belief. regardless, they're feeling 'it's my own damnation if i sit by quietly as you walk by to your own. I've got the guidebook to heaven, and I know the secret, follow me if you want salvation.' that stuff, which is a bit more benign than, 'the infidel must pay taxes or die or you all sin against me' yadda yadda. how can you hate someone for trying to save your soul?

brendan eich, little old bakers, apparently old civil rights activists and forerunners... these are not the right targets for your ire.

Comment Re:More things to consider (Score 1) 401

i do like the idea of maintaining ocean currents.

on the other hand, what would you pay to see a green sahara? or a green california, or fully yellow one? i'd like to see california drown or become a desert essentially... i'm from the east coast, now in the south.

and i'm OK with the liberal ny jew, he's kinda a dick, but he's pretty aware of that fact. the west coast liberal though... man oh man, i don't want to see california fail, because that'd be bad for america... but man oh man, the california liberals bring me pretty damn close.

sanctimonious, shrill, pretentious and judgemental.

make me think downright unpatriotic thoughts. and that will not do.

Comment Re:Maybe we should just go on without the US (Score 1) 401

speaking as a yank, a lot of us would be fine with it. because no matter the leaning politically, i think the majority of americans think that first and foremost, the US should be self-sufficient.

build up that wall, the US is fine by itself. on the other hand, then you gotta ask yourself... with the US out of the picture, who's got more nukes than russia? serves as counterpoint to chinese territorial ambitions, north korean... north korean-ness. and keeps paying pakistan to play nice with india, and egypt and saudi arabia to not fuck up the jews?

hell, the europeans might have to spend a pretty penny on defense again. except the poles and the english and what, the estonians? because apparently they're the only ones ok with not getting invaded and conquered. because the english are pessimists and the poles and estonians have memories.

and you've gotta figure out what to do with the jihadists, because once that wall is closed, they're going after each other, then they're onto israel, which someone will have to step up to help, or there will be nukes... then it's you guys with us off the table.

Comment Re: lets look to the past (Score 1) 340

nope, we're a model 4 percent, and not really a threat yet. i'd say the argentinians would be white if they emigrated to the US, a lot of them at least. the jews are a minority yes, and i find it odd that they're considered white.

asians are more or less at the bottom of the to-do list, but i think they're still on the list.

i don't think you'll find the irish on there any more. in the US at least, racial lines have broken down in terms of "white people" enough that a lot of the white people seem to have ancestry in at least two or three different european nations. know some people that are like, irish, german, french, english and like a 16th phillipino or some shit. so, just essentially generic "white."

the yellowish tinge is more prominent and less prominent on different people in different places. i think it's most prominent on my forearms for example. we also don't sunburn the same.

Comment Re:Something is missing (Score 1) 357

it depends on whether in UPS trucks on average the limiting factor is space or time. if they go out with 100 packages, and only get through 80 with right and left turns, in a day, but can go through 100 doing only rights, then that's one scenario that makes sense.

if the UPS truck needs to go back and forth from distribution twice a day to pick up 40 packages at a time, then it doesn't make sense.

I would believe that they just fill out the truck with slightly more packages than the algorithm thinks they should be able to get through in a day, and that the trucks themselves have room to spare. and that number of packages is greater for right-turn only routes.

Comment Re:Will we see the end of cancer? (Score 1) 79

you need a big gun to shoot a small moving target you can't see. as they say, cancer is hard because it's a catch-all term for "some of your cells fucked up and are multiplying uncontrollably" and the hard part of that is that A. they're still 'your' cells, and B. it's for all values of 'cells', 'fucked up' and 'multiplying uncontrollably'

Comment Re:No complaints (Score 1) 262

you can push the movement down to realistic. but ultimately that will focus twitch aiming more i think. but lets take quake 3 for an example. a bit of it is going to be rail, and that's whoever twitches fastest and twitches most accurately wins. but that's only part of the story, the other, largely more important story is about map control, map knowledge and predictive ability.

rockets are a thing, lightning gun is a thing, armor and health are a thing. but even there, whoever shoots first, or is going fast enough or upredictably enough to be hit less will win.

my go-to game right now is Natural Selection 2. think AVP + savage. marines vs aliens. twitch + tracking on the marine side, with a little bit of movement, and + general awareness and map knowledge. and on the aliens, it's all about movement + a little bit of map awareness and twitch+ambush. but arguably, mouse and keyboard is still better for general movement when you're going top speed. I need to control it so I'll bounce/fly into a vent and not get dead-stopped by a wall when escaping. mouse control allows for that precision of movement where I do not believe that controllers do.

if i'm flying around as one of the aliens, i will and have done 6+ 180's in the span of a 3 seconds to get 3 or 4 bites into a character while flying off at a different angle each time. If i sneak up on an enemy, i can get a couple bites into him before he turns around and jumps away, but I need to twitch to get that last bite in... etc. etc.

the point being, even gameplay that largely focuses movement like NS2 aliens... requires precision that I don't think controllers offer. because we're competing against one another, and getting your damage in first is always going to be more advantageous than getting your damage in late.

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