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Comment The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 2, Insightful) 446

Yeah, I don't know why Slashdot attracts these anti-science nutters that cannot understand the data has been totally blown on the whole global warming scam. Yes some warming is occurring, but not enough to matter in any way worth even getting excited about - at least that's what the hard facts and careful research tell us. Heck it's probably not even enough to counteract the next global cooling phase which is close at hand even in human turns, then will be the time to panic...

Now the soft facts and panicked revelations made by so called "scientists" who are backed by governments trying to bilk the people into more central control - isn't it astounding that after literally decades of being utterly wrong about long term climate forecasts, people still listen to them? But then I guess it's not since other religions have been around thousands of years as well.

Comment Boy.,... I wonder what it thinks about me? (Score 1) 183

Moderate is NOT a word to use to describe my political views. Nor is conservative. Nor is liberal...

I'm most closely a "Communist Libertarian"....and am an odd hodgepodge. I passionately supported Bernie Sanders, but vehemently oppose Hillary Clinton. I'm pro-gun, and would rather see a national healthcare program than this horrendous mess. I think Trump's tax plan is much better than HRC. I support Black Lives Matter. I'm just a mess politically.

Guess... I'm just a bloody American!

Comment The German security service tried this years ago (Score 3, Informative) 111

The size of the problem space made it impossible. Any margin of error whatsoever, multiplied by the (number of people you're looking for + the number of people passing through the airport) leads to insane number of false positives. The German Federal Security Service did a trial with Siemens' recognizer many moons back, loved the technology, hoped the number of false positives would be small... and were disappointed. Even with an unreachably high efficiency, it kept tagging grandma as a terrorist.

It's like the birthday paradox: with only one chance in 365 of two people having the same birthday, it turns out that with 23 people in a room, you have a 50% chance of two birthdays matching. A 99% chance if there are 75 people. See http://danteslab-eng.blogspot.... As he notes, if you have a system that is 0.999999 accurate (one in a million), we have a 50% chance of a false positive or false negative as soon as we have scanned 1178 people... meaning for about each 1000 people we either arrest grandma or let Osaman Bin Laden stroll through.

They've probably reported that already, and been told "don't worry about mere mathematics, this is politics" (;-))

Comment Not surprising, people who are usually excellent.. (Score 1) 179

...at reverse engineering and cracking tend to be extremely 'pragmatic' in their approach to creating software.

People are constantly confusing programming with software engineering. Look at Google for example, look at the design decisions behind golang. Google has lots of very smart people no doubt, but golang was designed around their pervasive weakness - they do not tend to be good software engineers (experience will usually lead them there though.)

Comment Not true at all (Score 1) 132

People who deviate from group-think are banned in real-life too.

People have real discussions all the time in public, at bars, at work - they are not banned, there is real conversation and people listen to each other (to a point). Even if you end up totally disagreeing with someone, you still carry on with them as an co--worker or a friend - I have many friends who are utterly in disagreement with a number of things I believe in, but we both just carry on knowing the other person is wrong.

If you don't know anyone who disagrees with you, then I feel very sorry for you indeed. But that's the lives of most people, no-one agrees with everything someone else thinks and we all learn to get by with it.

The difference is that online people are simply less tolerant, and vastly more closed minded. It's a shame to see Twitter codify that and bake in a preference in a matter that people are very much split 50/50 on.

Comment Contra-Number? (Score 5, Insightful) 132

And how many people has it silenced who are against terrorism?

I'd be more impressed if they didn't seem to have a little club that used a small cabal to decide who should be banned and who not... real trolls roam free on Twitter while people deviating from Group-Think are banned. It makes me question if the numbers they give are even real or just for show.

Comment Thanks for the heads up (Score 1) 193

I'll probably stick with what I have then, since my primary need for anything over 2GB is usually tethering, when traveling sometimes I need to tether quite a lot... I used to be under some plan where the tethering was limited to 5GB but there was not even an option to extend that if you ran out! Now whatever plan I'm on doesn't seem to care how much I tether, it all comes out of my data pool... with the data carryover it's almost as good as unlimited for me, I have something like 20GB extra data to draw on if I really need to.

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