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Comment Re:Yes, if you had an iPhone before.. (Score 1) 74

I would still try following the instructions anyway in case your phone number had previously been registered with Apple. If not, I'd start investigating if some kind of custom Android extension is eating the messages.

Also telling would be if the people sending you messages see a green bubble or a blue bubble when they type. If green, then it's going out from their phone as an SMS and at that point it's up to their and your carrier to get to you.

Comment This is what actual Net Neutrality looks like (Score 1) 48

Net Neutrality is about the government staying out of your networks, or at the new FCC chairman puts it:

Pai wants a "technology-neutral privacy framework for the online world" based on the FTC's standards

Somewhere in here is a real story but you aren't getting it from the summary.

Comment That's only true over long periods of time (Score 1) 123

Humans can be alert and productive for only so many hours a day, differs by person but it is definitely even less then 8 for most everyone.

I would say from past experience that is not right, you can indeed be alert and productive for far longer than eight hours. I would say its more like 16 and some people can go beyond that.

You can even do a number of very long days in a row and stay alert and truly productive... past a week or so you start to hit a wall and lose overall productivity. But not to such a point that you do not still gain more from working extra hours than you lose to lower mental focus.

It is really amazing what very focused people can do when pressed really hard.

Comment I would sometimes go for that as a purchase (Score 1) 150

$50 is pretty step, but for some movies I might pay that much if I was basically purchasing early.

But as a rental I also think that's too high, especially for only a 48-hour window. That said I might pay that much for home access to Star Wars movies after they were in the theater, which would save on repeat theater viewings (so far Star Wars movies are the only movies I ever see in the theaters multiple times).

One aspect of the cost people are not factoring is in the mental savings of not having hundreds of other annoying people surrounding you as you watch a movie. That is worth quite a lot by itself.

Comment Not necessarily. (Score 1) 255

If fewer people are being paid to do the same job, technology has taken over jobs.

Not if more companies can offer that job because it has become more efficient to perform it. There way be an increase in absolute positions to fill exactly because you can do that job with fewer people (people being more expensive than the automation).

Comment Far from it (Score 4, Funny) 255

I'm a robot, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe.

What will happen when humans have no jobs? They will watch TV 24x7, right?

And what will they watch?

Well as history shows us, the most popular pastime is witnessing battles. With robots having recently taken away all the jobs, just who will humans want to se battling?

That's right, robots.

So Robot, you will enter the arena for our amusement , then have parts stripped from your shiny oiled hide by some variant of a hyper-advanced spinner bot. Wires crackling as the last sounds your failing audio receptors discern over even the rending sounds of your body being the cheering of human crowds at your imminent disassembly.

That Mr R. Obot is your retirement plan.

Comment Not exactly take, but augment (Score 2) 255

Yes technology will get rid of a lot of jobs.

But it has been doing that for a long, time time. Some jobs go away. But made possible are new jobs that would not be possible without the forward march of technology... there will always be work for people who seek to do something in life.

In a lot of cases technology may not even completely take over jobs, but allow a person to be much more effective, or for fewer people to do the same job as had been done before.

Submission + - Professors claim passive cooling breakthrough via plastic film (economist.com)

charlesj68 writes: An article in the Economist discusses the development of a plastic film by two professors at the University of Colorado in Boulder that provides a passive cooling effect. The film contains embedded glass beads that absorb and emit infrared in a wavelength that is not blocked by the atmosphere. Combining this with half-silvering to keep the sun from being the source of infrared absorption on the part of the beads, and you have way of pumping heat at a claimed rate of 93 watts per square meter.
Actual paper in Science: http://science.sciencemag.org/...
Original research by others in Nature: http://www.nature.com/nature/j...

Submission + - World's Largest Spam Botnet Adds DDoS Feature (bleepingcomputer.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Necurs, the world's largest spam botnet with nearly five million infected bots, of which one million active each day, has added a new module that can be used for launching DDoS attacks. The sheer size of the Necurs botnet, even in its worst days, dwarfs all of today's IoT botnets, who barely managed to reach 400,000 (albeit the owner of that botnet has now been arrested).

If this new feature would ever to be used, a Necurs DDoS atack would easily break every DDoS record there is. Fortunately, no such attack has been seen until now. Until now, the Necurs botnet has been seen spreading the Dridex banking trojan and the Locky ransomware. According to industry experts, there's a low chance to see the Necurs botnet engage in DDoS attacks because the criminal group behind the botnet is already making too much money to risk exposing their full infrastructure in DDoS attacks.

Comment Why kill yourself? (Score 1) 81

There are a number of people who think if you are below 60 now you may well live forever at this point.

That may be a bit extreme but I don't think living to 200 is unlikely if you are anywhere below 50 and keep yourself healthy...

So if you are going to miss this in 200 years it pretty much means you did yourself in. Don't do that.

Submission + - AZ Bill Would Make Students in Grades 4-12 Participate Once In An Hour of Code

theodp writes: Christopher Silavong of Cronkite News reports: "A bill, introduced by [Arizona State] Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, would mandate that public and charter schools provide one hour of coding instruction once between grades 4 to 12. Kavanagh said it’s critical for students to learn the language – even if it’s only one session – so they can better compete for jobs in today’s world. However, some legislators don’t believe a state mandate is the right approach. Senate Bill 1136 has passed the Senate, and it’s headed to the House of Representatives. Kavanagh said he was skeptical about coding and its role in the future. But he changed his mind after learning that major technology companies were having trouble finding domestic coders and talking with his son, who works at a tech company." According to the Bill, the instruction can "be offered by either a nationally recognized nonprofit organization [an accompanying Fact Sheet mentions tech-backed Code.org] that is devoted to expanding access to computer science or by an entity with expertise in providing instruction to pupils on interactive computer instruction that is aligned to the academic standards."

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