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Comment Assembly Language, (Score 2) 615

I taught myself Basic on the TRS80, and into Assembly Language, I've always been a pirate (TRS80 had very little, I was making up for it), Amiga came out and I went that route, the Basic was so bad I had to quit or toss the system, and Assembly language is what I've forgotten, I knew it at 286, more registers than I know of now.

Comment Re:Tandy drmos in RadioShack (Score 2) 615

were awesome necause Tandy looked better than the PCClones. They. yended to be passive cooled processors and thuds quieterr as compares to the bulky beige PC/Clone.

There was a magazine called TRS80 and it would have programs you could input. I'd spend 6 or more hours inputting them with cassette storage lots of peeking and poking.

Comment Re:Ignore them (Score 1) 477

Rarely log in but do visit every day as I have for years) but even some very good discussion groups are becoming pretty stupid. Trump this, dems that, typically where politics shouldn't be a part. I'm finding ore and more free time as I back away from visiting old haunts.

It's referred to as the Godwins law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/..., As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches.

Comment Re:Ignore them (Score 1) 477

Nothing requires you to do anything about them; just treat them as meaningless noise, and act the same as you would have acted if their unhelpful post did not exist.

I came to post the same thing, don't acknowledge them, I've seen threads get so heated one threatens to kill the other, this when ones IP address was in the headers.

Your first and last mistake is to reply to a message of such nature, they just get bolder and worse. It's how I've always done it (Usenet example) I've never been in a flame war for the simple reason that I never replied to a troll no matter what my Mom had done the night before, and I've never blocked anybody, We had one troll that hated everybody and of interest to see who would pay them attention as at that point it was all over, but the threat.

It also taught me to write more of a neutral reply or question, doesn't give them an in.

As a plus you come across as a better person than them because of it. Maybe not at the time but in the future when it's reread. Personally I write for the future and my kids, I'm always posting to them in the chance they ever come across it, and I can claim over 20K messages I've posted. While always on the Usenet, I was tomshardware first hit for the longest time :)

User Journal

Journal Journal: Just moving my User perfs Bios to journal in hopes of a link.

Once I opened up and posted it here, it's' what I've been using elsewhere. I do hope you don't mind.

Former: Pharmacist, Electrician, Purchasing Agent for the Alyeska Pipeline (Alaska), Certified nuclear reactor operator of a 4000 M/W reactor producing Plutonium for DOE (Department of Energy), and avid poster to the Usenet Newsgroup: 24hoursupport.helpdesk.

Present: Bum with an Internet connection.

Comment Re:Background per desktop? (Score 1) 89

Everything on linux desktops was more configurable 15 years ago than today, unfortunately. It's the apple effect, people believe that to make something user friendly means to eliminate all the choices.

Linux KDE was my first version, I had to quit as it was so configurable. I'd make 10-15 changes find something now being shown and no clue where to change it at, it was too much for me so switched to Cinnamon

I bought a new system, burned it in just today, and plan on going back to KDE Plasma for the program "KDE Connect" alone. I'll just keep the changes to one at a time...

I lost Win7 over this purchase (too many changes), i7-4790K with dual video cards, a tad bit overkill for Linux :) but Windows has nothing to offer.

Comment BF3 (Battle Field 3) under Wine (Score 1) 202

I'd do anything to play that game again (other than installing Windows a given).

BF3 is the best game I've ever played and I've play a lot of them yet BF3 just blew me away. I'd sure like to play that game again, I had 3000 hours into it and could still played 6 hours a day,

Crazy talk I know - , BF3 under Wine... but one can hope.

Comment Re:Microsoft's Malware Operating System? (Score 1) 172

What is the difference? I'm not trying to be a smart alec, or bash Microsoft. This is an honest to god serious question.

My take on it, Malware is used to gain a profit in some manner and unwise for it' to be noticed. Microsoft has no need to hide their activity, as if you complain your shown the tos they had agreed to

malware in unwelcome, Microsoft was invited to do what they want by agreeing to their Tosl)

Read the Tos see what it allows them, it's insane.

Comment Re:Windows 10 makes computers Great Again! (Score 1) 172

Once again, anyone who adopted Windows 10 is naive beyond belief. I hope they enjoy their further ads and spyware.

I logged in to became an insider to run Win10 6 months before it's public release. While downloading I read the Tos, they were out of their minds to think I would of allow them to do this to my computer. The same Tos used by the public now.

I had to log into win10 this weekend to set up an account, I haven't had access to Hotmail in many years (8?) yet before they locked it up I had set my email to be forwarded to Gmail, and as problem downloading Win8 - seeing if logging in would help (it did).

My logging into win10 was as my hotmail.com account it gave me my Gmail account, this went on till I saw my hotmail.com address, hit enter and got my account back, yet a picture I never released was used as my profile image, I was very mad at Microsoft, then found that file on the system damn my fault, the tos game them the right.

Went to into my hotmail.com account finding 2k pieces of email on a server who's Tos I would of never agreed to. My email had been sorted, all /. replies to my post had been sent to me over the years, everything else stayed behind.

Logging in using win10 required a password and used one generated by a password manager, now if I'm not online and suppling that password I can't get in.

It's over, I've no need to ever use Win10 again.

Why the Hotmail.com account? I see it as a badge of honor I've kept it no matter the ploy they had used.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1560

Trump does not have what it takes to be "the greatest monster in human history". Even as a villain, he is a joke.

I'd say he's all set up, it's just a good thing he doesn't have a temper.

"It is the president’s sole decision, and he must input the codes in secure communications with a Pentagon command and control center to launch US nuclear weapons.

“He doesn’t have to check with anybody,” said vice president Dick Cheney in 2008. “He doesn’t have to call the Congress. He doesn’t have to check with the courts. He has that authority because of the nature of the world we live in.”

Comment Re:Worrying (Score 1) 203

The really worrying thing is that he is so easy to trigger.

"Trump took the jab personally. He filed a $5 million lawsuit against Maher for breach of contract, alleging that when he provided his birth certificate to Maher proving he is not, in fact, the son of an orangutan, Maher never came up with the $5 million" http://www.motherjones.com/pol...

Comment Re:Compared to Firefox, Edge is doing great. (Score 1) 280

But is Edge optional, or the default choice? If it is the default choice, how sure are you that people who use Edge have chosen to use Edge? And how sure are you that they just didn't take what was on the system because they don't know how to install another browser or simply don't care to install another browser?

It's passed as such but one is unable to change it's operation.

If I wish to view a PDF edge pops up and it's not a program meant for PDF many expected options are missing. So I'd select FoxIt (which came pre-installed) over and over again, yet Edge continues to open a selected PDF, open with: all tried - it has to be done manually.

Comment Re:Programmer throws wife under bus (Score 1) 161

She's a pirate and a moron, apparently. Good job humiliating your wife!

In all honesty I'd open a message titled as a " FBI message bearing a notice that suspicious files were found and the user has been fined.". I'd open it as a text file as normal, but open it just the same.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Prevent almost all ads from your cell phone (no HOST)

The back story: Taken from the ToS of Rivio.com (angry birds):
All of the data collected from you is sold to Flurry.com (was Google now comes from Yahoo.com - robtex.com will show all), Flurry.com takes that data mixing it with what they have; sending it out to you as target ads.

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