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Comment I could live without the headphone jack (Score 1) 380

I've never cared for ear buds, this last week I came across Skullcandy HESH 2 blue-tooth headphones. They are so sweet, the stereo separation is excellent, loud enough for me, acts as a headset for making phone calls, as well as tell the phone what to do.

I was told I couldn't be heard over the T.V., it was so low I could barely make it out, and they don't have a microphone.

It will connect to two devices, I fully expect it to connect to my son's PS4 and act as a headset with microphone for games (connects to my PS3 yet the receiver takes precedence).

They cost $80, but the store would meet or beat competitors prices, Walmart was selling them for $39 :).

The down side is they are rather large (much like older receiver headphones) but people ignore them, and the fact they are blue-tooth they won't pull in a FM station (need the ear bud wire as an antenna).

I've never really listened to music, now I'm changing music out on my SD card every few days.

My phone is an unlocked Alcatel onetouch POP 3, While 5.1.1 android they have tweaked the ROM to where a it's much better version.
The two work perfectly together, and the range apart was rather surprising.

kheldan (above) mentioned sound problems, MX Player (phone) will speed up it it finds it needs to to keep the music even. One problem alone is every now and again if I shake my head fast (on purpose) the music can get confused where it's place is in line (at least the way it seems).

Submission + - The Big Driver of Mass Incarceration That Nobody Talks About ( 1

schwit1 writes: If you follow media coverage of America’s mass incarceration problem, you are likely to hear a lot about unscrupulous police officers, mandatory minimums, and drug laws. But you are unlikely to hear these two words that have probably played a larger role in producing the excesses of the American criminal justice system than anything else: plea coercion.

The number of criminal cases that actually go to trial in America is steadily dwindling. That’s because prosecutors have so much leverage during plea bargaining that most defendants take an offer—in particular, defendants who are held on bail, and who might need to wait in jail for months or even years before standing trial and facing an uncertain outcome.

We reported last week on a study from Columbia showing that all things being equal, defendants in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia who were made to pay bail are much more likely to plead guilty. Since then, a separate study from researchers at Harvard, Princeton and Stanford has come out that reaches a similar conclusion. . . .

Of course, bail remains a vital tool for judges, and some defendants are too dangerous to be let out before their trial, period. But there are ways we might be able to reform the pre-trial detention system so as to reduce the number of defendants who simply resign themselves to a guilty plea out of desperation since they can’t come up with the money to buy their temporary freedom. For example, the average amount of money bail assessed should be reduced (it has risen exponentially over the last several decades) and courts should experiment with ankle bracelets and home visits to monitor defendants rather than holding them in a jail cell before they have been convicted of a crime.

The focus on policing and minimum sentences and drug laws in the public discourse is all well and good. But if they are serious about making our justice system more fair and less arbitrary, criminal justice reformers should devote more of their efforts to reforming what happens in the period after arrest and before sentencing. That’s an area where big progress can be made with relatively straightforward, and politically palatable reforms.

Submission + - SPAM: TEPCO's 'ice wall' failing at Fukushima nuclear plant 1

mdsolar writes: Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s “frozen wall of earth” has failed to prevent groundwater from entering the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, and the utility needs a new plan to address the problem, experts said.
An expert panel with the Nuclear Regulation Authority received a report from TEPCO on the current state of the project on Aug. 18. The experts said the ice wall project, almost in its fifth month, has shown little or no success.
“The plan to block groundwater with a frozen wall of earth is failing,” said panel member Yoshinori Kitsutaka, a professor of engineering at Tokyo Metropolitan University. “They need to come up with another solution, even if they keep going forward with the plan.”

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Comment Re:No different than recording a call (Score 1) 99

This sort of software should be no different from recorded phone calls. As long as the user is notified in a significant, reasonable way, this type of software should be allowed (i.e. just like most large business networks notify when you log in.) If the user is not notified that they are being recorded or monitored, it should be illegal under wiretap laws.

Washington state US here. As long as one person is aware of the recording it's ok, you being the one, it's legal.

Comment Well so much for the Moto phone series (Score 1) 99

and how would this affect Google? I feel I owe Google for the software they have made freely available.

The Motorola moto phones have their own tracking software meant to be of use/assistance to the user, it's ToS claims nobody but them will have access to any obtained data - (I'm afraid I laughed at that one), seeing as Google owns the company.

Comment Re: interstellar mission (Score 1) 344

Also it's insane to think that humans could ever fly like birds in the sky, that the horseless buggy could ever outpace a solid 8-steed-wagon, or that the demons causing polio will ever be driven out by the power of Christ.

You fucking moron.

The chances of it being habited by human like beings is a leap.

For us to become what we are today took at least 5 mass extinction events to allow evolution, and a nitch. Even then it only takes one to bring about a new species to take our place.

Our DNA shows we all come from a single female, she's considered one who survived a catastrophic event.

For us - you to exist everything had to go right, and one needs to really appreciate each day as we got lucky, as so many things had to fall into place.

Yet no, humans will never acquire wings to fly, our breast isn't nor ever will be large enough.

Comment Re:Cough cough.. (Score 1) 531

Parental responsibility?

In the USA? Are you kidding? A place where parents can't leave their kids in a car 5 minutes while they run an errand? Can't let their kids play in a park next to their home? Can't let a 14 year old stay at home by themselves for an hour before parent gets home from work?

Had CPS at the house, my son had his kids given to him one day (instant parent). His 4 year old asked me if he could have a Pepsi as he grab for one; I said ya I guess, but I really dont know how to handle this one.

All heard, and eyes were on the door as we came out, saw it was a Pepsi and grined. Whew, it was Ok this week.

Comment a very bad TOS, this just the second paragraph (Score 2) 79

For at least portable devices one must purchase network time through Microsoft. Win10 > Under all files > Microsoft WiFi > is this ToS, it's not a link but a local file.

X:/Program Files/WindowsApps/Microsoft.ConnectivityStore_1.1604.4.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe/TermsOfService/en-US/TermsOfService.htm

Found by clicking on the lone title of "additional terms" - It's a pretty good read, below and the third party abilities only confirms Win10 as spyware.

"SERVICE . After you select a Service plan and buy it, you will be connected automatically whenever you’re near an access point that provides the Service (and is within the country in which you originally purchased the Service plan) and you have time remaining on your plan. Your connectivity begins immediately after you buy a Service plan through the Windows Store and ends at the specified expiration time, regardless of how long you are actually connected to the Service. You cannot save time for later. You must actively maintain your connection and you must be within range of an access point that provides the Service in order to stay connected. If (i) your usage remains on standby; (ii) your usage is inactive; (iii) or your Service plan has expired, your connection may be terminated. Microsoft reserves the right to terminate your connection following any extended period of inactivity."

Comment Re:absurd lawsuit and abandoning principles (Score 2) 156

no fan of these companies, but freedom of speech should be absolute on principle.
as long as a person does not engage in actual violence, or a legal crime. he/she should be able to do whatever they want(including violent speech).

but these companies have already given up on freedom of speech. they have set up and use, censors and moderators, against those who are not actually violent and are not criminals .

in this case also, they seem to defend by pointing out impracticality of monitoring their platforms, rather than standing by principle of not monitoring at all.

Actually I see it being easier than that. You don't monitor every site, you monitor the site they sell your post/data to, (Google) being one. (Angry Birds) used to have a TOS that explained just how this worked (value in your personal data). It was a pretty good read, none of this broad "we sell your info", but what and to who.

If you've ever played Angry Birds you were quite the asset to, and they are in no way unique in this practice.

Comment Missed the most active source. My ISP (Score 1) 156

It's required for me to access the UseNet, and I only have access to the groups My ISP has allowed.

A newsgroup for any discussion you can think of, only one binary subject is not allowed/illegal, I assume text as well.

Also Missing is TOR and it hasn't been forgotten, another one that has no chance of a payday.

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