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Comment Takes over Microsoft Edge, like I'm suprised (Score 0) 89

This weekend I used Win10, everytime I wanted to view a PDF; Edge wanted to be the PDF viewer yet has no usable options for that function.

I was using the computer just to view PDF's, I had to select Open With: select Foxit (which came pre-installed) and 5+ requestor to make it the default PDF viewer, this everytime I opened a PDF.

It's an obtrusive sob that I'm sure threw itself into the hack.

Comment Re:Shit summary (Score 1) 79

I'm not talking about 3rd party ROMs like Cyanogenmod. That's why I said it can't be done "without rooting, etc.". Sure I can run a 3rd party ROM but then I lose VoLTE, that's the point.

The last 3 Andoids I've used are VoLTE capable and enabled running stock ROMs, and my last 2 iPhones (6 and 7) are as well (both capable and enabled). Let me select the mode I wish to use and be done with it. All I get as a benefit from allowing legacy air interfaces to be an option is decreased battery life as the phone monitors a network I have no interest in using (and if I do need/want it, I'll select it manually).

The only reason I want a rooted phone is to add a hosts file, ADB will allow this without the phone being rooted, and any other file (application) you want installed.

A note I keep handy, this is in reference to cell phones: I do believe in Linux systems, the real hosts file is in root/data/data/
>The system/etc/ hosts file is empty, aka a decoy of some sorts....? -XDA-Developers.com

Comment Re:Is this news? (Score 1) 79

I'm pretty sure I saw this exact same presentation at DEFCON a few months ago.

It's not like they hacked in to it, it was a gimme.

FTA "The 3GPP telco body that oversees LTE standards has known about the security shortcomings since at least 2006 when it issued a document describing Zhang’s forced handover attack, and accepts it as a risk. "

Comment Re:You could start by... (Score 1) 336

You could start by not giving IP addresses to kettles and toasters.

And if they do come with IP addresses just add them to your hosts file routed to local host - no joke that would be the first thing I would do, in my case a second hosts file can be located within the router. If a camera or the like, then to a specific IP address.

Comment Re:From the article (Score 1) 343

No - even one more step removed. The water in the cooling loop never goes near the turbines or they corrode quickly.
It's not steam, it's water, not even a lot hotter than a bath at that. The water in the cooling loop never becomes steam - the steam is on the other side of tubes in the condensor.

I would think just having one loop for the primary and power production would contaminate the entire area.

Steam some of the driest you'll come across is what drives the turbines, after that a method is required to recapture the water to send it back to cool the primary loop.

It's a different age, we didn't use the Columbia river for our secondary system like they did with the older reactors.

Comment Re:From the article (Score 1) 343

Here's how it work,

  1. the reactor heats pressurized water in the primary loop
  2. the hot pressurized water in the primary loop heats the very pure treated water in the secondary loop and boils it,
  3. the cooler primary loop water returns to the reactor for reheating
  4. the high pressure steam in the secondary loop propels the turbine to make the alternator turn,
  5. the turbine exhaust consisting of steam is piped into the condensers inside the cooling tower,
  6. external water is sprayed on the hot condenser pipe creating steam, which is lighter than air,
  7. the rising steam creates a slight vacuum inside the cooling tower that draws in large amounts of air to further cool the condensers.
  8. the secondary loop water is returned to be reheated

So anything you can see has 3 degrees of separation from the reactor

Sigh I guess it came across wrong, I was getting at how worried people are over radiation.

I'm well aware of how it works, I operated a 4000Mw reactor for many years, we didn't use cooling towers, our mission was to produce Plutonium our steam went to dump conditioners (imagine large radiators who's coils carried cold water) when the steam hit those they condensed into water, and back through the cycle to cool down the primary loop.

Just now I was out playing with the dog when I noticed the only clouds in the sky were from those freaking cooling towers. Some ~15 miles away.

Comment Re:From the article (Score 1) 343

We have a reactor who's steam can be seen for many miles being emitted from the cooling towers that caused a lot of concern over the contamination it was spreading from many people, for the first few years.

So much ignorance. smh.

Care to explain how cooling tower emission would be contaminated?

It would be the primary mixing with the secondary loop which is where the emissions come from, but there are safe guards in place, there is no contamination just worried people.

Comment Re:From the article (Score 2) 343

However the steam coming out of the cooling towers should never have been in contact with radioactive material. And: plenty of coal plants have cooling towers, too.

It never was just a lot of people with a misconception.

That steam is from the secondary loop and should never come in contact with the primary water which is contaminated, there are safeguards in place.

Comment Good for them, we had to bit the bullet (Score 4, Informative) 343

In this area we had 5 reactors being built, one day they just called a halt to them. I had a friend who was studying to be a reactor operator who was told to go home, you haven't a job anymore, just one of the thousands told the same thing.

In January 1982, the WPPSS board stopped construction on Plants 4 and 5 when total cost for all the plants was projected to exceed $24 billion. Because these plants generated no power and brought in no money, the system was forced to default on $2.25 billion in bonds. This meant that the member utilities, and ultimately the rate payers, were obligated to pay back the borrowed money. In some small towns where unemployment due to the recession was already high, this amounted to more than $12,000 per customer. http://www.historylink.org/Fil...

At the time the largest default in the U.S.

Comment Re:This is dumb (Score 1) 199

It's dumb for another reason.

Talking to your TV to control it is already covered in the Samsung TOS, they keep everything said, typed, channels watched and this is for your benefit as it helps speech recognition and the TV to better know what your saying or wish to do; and it hasn't turned out well.

Samsung Warns Customers To Think Twice About What They Say Near Smart TVs: https://tech.slashdot.org/stor...

Samsung SmartTV Customers Warned Personal Conversations May Be Recorded: https://yro.slashdot.org/story...

Samsung Says Their TVs Aren't Really Spying On You: https://yro.slashdot.org/story...

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