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Comment Re:Hate to put this in text, but Win10 is decent. (Score 1) 48

I've avoided Windows, but gaming won out.

My Win10 install is very minimal 7 directories, all of my malware sites have been shutdown so I used the EICAR test file.
I was still in the glow of that test it was entertaining tossing that file out and seeing if Defender picked up on it and it was found fairly quickly.
Problem here is all malware programs are written to catch the EICAR test file.

The glow is gone and my Linux Mint not booting after this large Windows update (No boot menu). Things are still the same I've found - let Windows install the file/driver and it's broke being one.

Comment Long time Netflxer, it's not good. (Score 1) 47

I've been with Netflix many years now and it just getting worse, never better for me.

My account type has split to include DVD's by mail, I don't care how easy it is I know many would sit till I owned them; so let that one go staying streaming only.

The Stargate series being removed was the start (Slashdot had an article on this), and between the last time I let Netflix lapse "Mankind (The history of us)" was removed as many others. I have a hard time finding anything worth watching.

But for less than $10 a month still a deal.

--I don't access Netflix online, this is done by a Panasonic Plasma TV and limit in it's ablity.

Comment Hate to put this in text, but Win10 is decent. (Score 0) 48

I'm OEM so no third party participation and Win10 is a tiny freaking OS. My Mom had a preference of shopping with out me and bringing home Acers. I missed my games and went Windows 10 Pro and so far 2 Linux Mint OS's, but it's early - Asus's EFI-BIOS will not update

There are mistakes in the TOS (You read it if asked), one being who you get the updates from, MicroSoft and a tightly controlled thirds. If you use Autoruns you will find a server running, while mayhaps a bad thing, I see it as their plans of sending them out as torrents (and against the TOS).

Having no malware handy other than the stuff I know I have (no you can't touch that), had to use Eciar and found Defender fairly quick and killed a bit of time hiding the packets :)

Comment Re:Fish disks (Score 1) 467

Fred Fish! (Any Amiga owners from the '80's would recognize the reference.) He was, in fact, a real person. We were in the same division within Motorola Computer Group at one time, though I knew of him from the Amiga world well before I met him in person.

Yes, Fred Fish disk were eagerly awaited. He started collecting programs for his monthly Amiga meetings and it took off from there.

A glaring difference between an Amiga and a Beamer user, was a Beamer would always ask how much they owed you if you gave them a program.

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