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Comment a very bad TOS, this just the second paragraph (Score 2) 79

For at least portable devices one must purchase network time through Microsoft. Win10 > Under all files > Microsoft WiFi > is this ToS, it's not a link but a local file.

X:/Program Files/WindowsApps/Microsoft.ConnectivityStore_1.1604.4.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe/TermsOfService/en-US/TermsOfService.htm

Found by clicking on the lone title of "additional terms" - It's a pretty good read, below and the third party abilities only confirms Win10 as spyware.

"SERVICE . After you select a Service plan and buy it, you will be connected automatically whenever you’re near an access point that provides the Service (and is within the country in which you originally purchased the Service plan) and you have time remaining on your plan. Your connectivity begins immediately after you buy a Service plan through the Windows Store and ends at the specified expiration time, regardless of how long you are actually connected to the Service. You cannot save time for later. You must actively maintain your connection and you must be within range of an access point that provides the Service in order to stay connected. If (i) your usage remains on standby; (ii) your usage is inactive; (iii) or your Service plan has expired, your connection may be terminated. Microsoft reserves the right to terminate your connection following any extended period of inactivity."

Comment Re:absurd lawsuit and abandoning principles (Score 2) 156

no fan of these companies, but freedom of speech should be absolute on principle.
as long as a person does not engage in actual violence, or a legal crime. he/she should be able to do whatever they want(including violent speech).

but these companies have already given up on freedom of speech. they have set up and use, censors and moderators, against those who are not actually violent and are not criminals .

in this case also, they seem to defend by pointing out impracticality of monitoring their platforms, rather than standing by principle of not monitoring at all.

Actually I see it being easier than that. You don't monitor every site, you monitor the site they sell your post/data to, (Google) being one. (Angry Birds) used to have a TOS that explained just how this worked (value in your personal data). It was a pretty good read, none of this broad "we sell your info", but what and to who.

If you've ever played Angry Birds you were quite the asset to, and they are in no way unique in this practice.

Comment Missed the most active source. My ISP (Score 1) 156

It's required for me to access the UseNet, and I only have access to the groups My ISP has allowed.

A newsgroup for any discussion you can think of, only one binary subject is not allowed/illegal, I assume text as well.

Also Missing is TOR and it hasn't been forgotten, another one that has no chance of a payday.

Comment Re:Sorry but... (Score 1) 193

How can you arrange 15 cards on every second within a 8 cm radius?

When cell phones first came with Bluetooth, security required one to disable it.

It was possible to sit in a busy area of a mall and collect all the contacts of those with enabled bluetooth.

15 cards every second within a 8 cm radius, one would surely come across as supisious of doing something dubious.

Comment Re:In other news the sun is hot. (Score 1) 193

Just as a random plug, I have a Koruma RFID blocking wallet which I got years ago and it's still going fine.

I don't carry a wallet, not doing so cured my back pains when I was much younger. Just what's required in my back pocket.

I've fallen for the hype of being scanned, not helping are the TV's commercialism of those type of wallets (scan blocking) - so just in case...

I wrap my RFID chip embedded cards in an aluminum foil packet I made up. The trick is being able to access it quickly and not looking like a dork :).

Comment Re: Oops, sorry about burning down your village (Score 1, Interesting) 260

I often laugh at the logic as well. I've never paid a penny towards buying music (nor do I pirate it) but the idea that if I downloaded a song the music industry somehow suffered a loss is laughable at best. Hollywood style math I guess. Sort of like hooker math.

I've also have never spent a penny on music -the Pepsi bottle top free music downloads of many years ago, I gave the "winners" to others; and have never pirated a single song/album.

Yet have quite the collection.

Purchased a used hard drive at a place similar to Goodwill, checking to see if it contained anything; found just about any song title you can think of covering cRap, rock, country, and the rest. Damn!

And the pr0n, gigabytes of videos featuring women with big (huge) rear ends, nothing else. I lol'd and then deleted them.

Have I harmed the music industry? I sure hope so, this DRM is getting out of hand.

Comment Oh my son is going to be pi$$ed (Score 1) 142

He's already had to send his PS4 back for warrenty work. Now when you turn it on there's a good
chance the fan will spin up and the PS4 shut down (cold system).

I've never had a problem with any of the previous PS controllers they last forever. I bought a PS4
controller to play with on his system, when I'm not there his son use(s/d) it. Not one month later
the right joystick stuck to the left -if controlling a person you will just start spinning to the

I'm not impressed at all with the PS4, going to stick with my supposedly coveted backward
compatible PS3 (I bought a backward compatible PS3 from Game Stop for $120 as a replacement
recently (in stock)).

Comment Re:Good UI decisions? (Score 1) 129

And what are the good UI decisions Microsoft ever made? Remember the "Start" button debacle?

Autorun, default is still enabled.

I have an old version of Heirn's bootdisk that the autorun.ini installs malware, I keep it as an example of autorun's bad side, and as a not so bright attempt at an attack - it's a boot disk (yet if placed in a drive when running Windows...).

Comment Re:I started on a TRS-80 model III (cassettes) (Score 1) 515

The point remains that your claim that the Amiga didn't have a working programming language available is provably false. Being unable to use those languages doesn't mean they didn't exist.

Ok, I'll reinterate.

There was no programing language I was interested in at the time. AmigaDOS didn't work for me and nothing elebroate, for next loops that showed bogus outputs. No errors or alerts just bad output or wouldn't run when there was no reason for it not. I can't remember any program written (other than it was simple, and a learning exersise).

I collected Amgia programs (1.2,1.3), a trait learned from the softwareless TRS-80, I did come across an Amiga Fortran language program, never loaded it.

Submission + - Germany Considers Paradigm Shift On Renewables (

An anonymous reader writes: Germany, which has been seen as a trend-setter in the move to renewable power sources, may be turning a corner by adopting policies that slow the growth of solar and wind power in order to stabilize electricity prices and allow transmission infrastructure to catch up to the changing generation landscape.

The federal cabinet has adopted measures that would switch market policies away from the administrated pricing set up to a competitive bidding system

The new policy, mandating utilities purchase electricity with 20-year contracts that go to the lowest bids, has yet to be debated in Germany's parliament. Part of the rationalization at the cabinet level, however, is to benefit customers, while allowing utilities to build up infrastructure. German Economic and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel also said that grid operators last year had to pay “ billions of euros for wind power capacity that went unused.”

Comment Re:Linux users should be getting worried. (Score 1) 247

Although you joke, those who use Linux, especially those who use it seriously and for the long term, should be getting worried right about now.

It goes beyond systemd, including problematic software like GNOME 3, PulseAudio, and even newer versions of Firefox.

Worried? You bet, Linux Mint is getting sloppy, and I plan (had) on running Mint KDE long term and seriously.

Install Opera 12.16 (12.16.1860-1linuxmint) (this is the best Windows version, and browser).
Left click far left Opera tab > Settings > Preferences > Advanced
There are 5 boxes for selected options (4 selected) with no indication of what they are for or do, and it continues through out the settings.

I won't use it.

This is a verified realible release from Synaptic Package Manager no PPA's; main (rosa) and Base (trusty) mirrors only.

Submission + - Visual Studio 2015 c++ compiler secretly inserts telemetry code into binaries ( 4

edxwelch writes: Reddit user "sammiesdog" discovered recently that the Visual Studio 2015 c++ compiler was inserting calls to a Microsoft telemetery function into binaries.
"I compiled a simple program with only main(). When looking at the compiled binary in Ida, I see a calls for telemetry_main_invoke_trigger and telemetry_main_return_trigger. I can not find documentation for these calls, either on the web or in the options page."
Only after the discovery did Steve Carroll, the dev manager for Visual C++, admit to the feature and posted a work around. The "feature" is to be removed in Update 3 of the product.

Comment Re: Here is how to hold Microsoft accountable (Score 1) 312

Clearly then the problem is grown-ass men playing video games is the problem.

Be old and be a proud game player.

I have a youtube video that has seen over 400K hits, it leaves demographics you wouldn't believe. It's a game video and the demographic that caught me eye are the ages of those that visited, there are three substantial peaks - at the ages of 36, 56, and 62. Note they take a dive at 21-30, college, a family, and life in general.

Comment Re:I started on a TRS-80 model III (cassettes) (Score 1) 515

an Amiga that had no working programing language available

Sure there were - the Amiga originally came with Metacomco's ABasic - it wasn't great, but it was functional, and Metacomco also had a decent macro assembler available when the Amiga came out. When AmigaDOS 1.2 came out, they switched to Microsoft's AmigaBASIC. The Lattice and Manx C compilers came a little bit later.

Still have my A1000, the Manx compiler, the Metacomco assembler, and the RKMs. :-D

I started using the AmigaBasic under 1.2 things that should of worked didn't, time and
time again.

It got to the point I was ready to toss the Amiga through a window or wall whatever was
in front of me - it was at that point I quit trying.

AmigaBasic was so bad they dumped it for Arex in 1.3.

Comment Re:Reject the EULA (Score 1) 664

It works, but there can be negative side effects... great example being the TPM.

If you've a TPM in use under 8.1 (at least), after upgrading to 10 it will be tweaked in such a way that it will only work in 10, even after a reset/reinstall of the OS to a lower version.

Worse, because of the changes, the 8.1 UI is unable to clear the TPM so you can re-take ownership of it.

My motherboard doesn't have a TPM, one of it's selling points.

Since April 2015 I've avoided the update KB3035583, even then checked system32 often for a GWX directory which I'll delete if found.

I run Win7 and have never run into this Win10 update in any manner, other than having 24 hours my Internet use collected (April 4th 2015) -GWX's first action.

I did warn others yet 1) it went unheeded and 2) I misspelled GWX as CWX in my journal, yet other journal entries were correctly spelled.

I've since gone or going to Linux as it's time.

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