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Comment Re:Compared to Firefox, Edge is doing great. (Score 1) 280

But is Edge optional, or the default choice? If it is the default choice, how sure are you that people who use Edge have chosen to use Edge? And how sure are you that they just didn't take what was on the system because they don't know how to install another browser or simply don't care to install another browser?

It's passed as such but one is unable to change it's operation.

If I wish to view a PDF edge pops up and it's not a program meant for PDF many expected options are missing. So I'd select FoxIt (which came pre-installed) over and over again, yet Edge continues to open a selected PDF, open with: all tried - it has to be done manually.

Comment Re:Programmer throws wife under bus (Score 1) 161

She's a pirate and a moron, apparently. Good job humiliating your wife!

In all honesty I'd open a message titled as a " FBI message bearing a notice that suspicious files were found and the user has been fined.". I'd open it as a text file as normal, but open it just the same.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Prevent almost all ads from your cell phone (no HOST)

The back story: Taken from the ToS of (angry birds):
All of the data collected from you is sold to (was Google now comes from - will show all), takes that data mixing it with what they have; sending it out to you as target ads.

Comment Advertising, word of mouth, what your clan decides (Score 1) 145

Advertising, word of mouth, what your clan decides on

On the subject of word of mouth this game is a great example, you had me sold. I really
enjoy BF3, my shooting is really bad yet my points come from taking flags, if being sold
as being better than BF3 I went looking.

(Sorry about this post it wasn't meant to turn out this way).

My site for gaming info is, Checking out Soldner for it's enjoyment level
(forums) and for it's platform (Linux, oh pls, oh pls).

You built it up to the point I was going to give it a try, it was my type of game.

Going to the site to see what it was all about, I'm afraid only two cheats (not really
cheats but tricks and easter eggs) and one review was given, titled "Soldner lowers
standards for games everywhere"" 04/11/05 Temp89 and one star.

I've been going to this site for a long time for walkthroughs, a deader area I've never

I believe you in it being better than BF3 and I really wanted to give it a try, yet with
really nothing written on it and zero forum questions, that type of activity over 11
years tells me that finding on-line players on a server would a rarity, or be only
one or two servers seeing any real active.

That game has been on for 11 years and never seen any real activity.
I didn't read the review I really didn't' want to know.

To answer your question, it was visiting this site that put the brakes on for me, as from
what I saw nobody not only didn't like it, nobody even cared enough to publish an FAQ.
Normally a race to be the first.

Comment The trading recipes is seriously underrated (Score 3, Informative) 26

Or at the least once was.

Back when Fidonet was as close to the Internet as one could get (affordably). It was evident that one of the most popular subject within the Usenet were the trading of recipes. Something I never expected, the popularity and the amounts (recipes) available in that area were just vast.

I never followed the subject further than that spending my time in other areas; but still curious that while Usenet sex/files/hacks/banter went hand in hand, never once heard of areas trading recipes other than being just another newsgroup. It was something one (I) stumbled across, as if many participated yet dare not talked about it.

Comment Re:Impressive and ambitious, but... (Score 1) 115

we would really need a maximum of international cooperation

Remember the ESA lander that crashed on Mars this year? Initially they were partnered with NASA for their landing system, but NASA's budget was cut so they backed out and the intellectual property that had been shared up to that point was not usable. Hence an untried landing system when others have worked on Mars in the past.
It would be nice to have international cooperation but congresscritters have other ideas.

One of the most impressive space missions I feel is the ESA's Rosetta spacecraft, and it's rendezvous and orbiting of the comet 46P/Wirtanen. The Voyagers are in a class of their own.

Landing seems their weakness, surmounting all obstacles and a redundant landing system (to prevent rebound) placed Rosetta's Philae lander in the shade where the batteries shortly died.

So close.

Comment Re:Impressive and ambitious, but... (Score 1) 115

The one thing that is a bit a pity, and I realise it sounds naieve and wishful, I expect for humanity to be truly succesful in space exploration and possibly having otherworld bases, we would really need a maximum of international cooperation, which would include the Chinese.

In that respect shouldn't we share what we know with them,

The paper says the Chang'e-4 lunar probe will help shed light on the formation and evolution of the moon.

That the Moon is the result of a Mars size planet colliding with the early Earth?

Comment Re:Most already pay for and carry their own tracki (Score 1) 168

device.. and many of those consider it a status symbol. Why are you surprised? Personally, I'm just disgusted.

I even know people who know better buying garbage like Amazon Echo. It saddens and sickens me to see shit like this without any regard whatsoever to the consequences of the death of privacy and thus security and free speech.

Do you have a Samsung HDTV? It's a tracker and they keep the info received forever the ToS reads, while it's for your benefit and they meant it for that reason, They keep a record of every word said, action you make and viewing habits, for voice activated, gestures and targeted ads.

I've read their ToS my Samsung is my computer monitor it doesn't connect to the Internet and I've never created an account for it, it had built in webcam I'd of taped it as I do all the cams that come this way.

Twice in the past they have issued warnings to all that will listen to be aware they can hear every word you say.

I could ramble on, all of it goes against everything I've practiced and I've nothing to hide.

It's hard being secure anymore without looking like a paranoid.

Comment Re: An Amazing Human (Score 1) 162

And yet there will be fewer posts on here than on the one about the do-nothing space princess.

Carrie Fisher? I had to quit watching the news.

Not a word about someone I've never heard of before who has made more of an impact on mine and others way of thinking than some actress.

In the field of astronomy it's rare to be proven right while still alive - her findings "have been confirmed over the subsequent decades" she had that going for her.

I've never heard of her before, her observations or them being related to dark matter, just that there wasn't enough gravity in a Galaxy to hold them together.

Comment Re:Wikipedia got damn hard to use. (Score 1) 85

Perhaps someone who says "would of", uses "it's" incorrectly, and doesn't know the difference between statue and stature shouldn't be editing articles anyway?

Using "got" in the subject line is borderline but could be acceptable for effect, but "damn" should be "damned".

While reading of your observance of my inability to communicate I also noticed all the mod points I had just acquired.

It brought a grin and a bit of humor into my day.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I've referred to this so much it's just easier to post it here.

This was posted and grabbed from the Newsgroup: it's my reference to the meaning of a virgin but it goes much deeper, and quite lengthy.

From: "Bill Baldwin"
Subject: Re: Bill Baldwin citing
Date: 1999/08/14
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.3110.3

Comment Wikipedia got damn hard to use. (Score 1) 85

At first I edited the entry for Kennewick Man ( by placing this photo for use in the
aritcle it was a straight text entry.

Then all of these programs started showing up to add to your browser or stand alones. It
got to the point one had to specifically be set up to make any entries; it was too much for me when an entry would of been a rare occasion.

I got all the permissions for posting the photo (It's a bust outside the door of a library), all was good.

Then the photo had a history of reappearing in the article then being removed - appears one involved in it's construction claimed ownership having it removed from Wikipedia, and refused any email from me questioning ownership of a stature.
-and yes it does look like Patrick Stewart.

Comment Re:Question (Score 1) 146

Serious question: besides playing DOS games, is FreeDOS used for anything like industrial controls or embedded OS' or other stuff?

I have a tv card installed in my system that the old freedos had drivers for. I'm hoping version 2 has the same drivers.

i've yet to install version 1 - I haven't the time yet to of instalL1, but grabbed 2 just the same

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