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Comment Re: Maybe they should work harder at cheat-proofin (Score 1) 250

Ok, but none of those things are illegal, and shouldn't be. Claiming DMCA infringement is disingenuous.

Why shouldn't Blizzard have a means to deny people from engaging in this conduct on their servers? Do they not have rights?

*facepalms* Um wut? Saying that suing the people making cheats under the DMCA is dangerous is not saying they can't keep people from cheating on their servers. What kind of stupid guff is that?

Comment Re:So what happens if (Score 1) 482

If there is a medical emergency, you'd better believe the parent would need to know/want to - maybe there are things about the medical history that the baby sitter does not know that are important, for example. OR maybe the parent just wants to know that their kid(s) are safe, and being treated/handled correctly. Maybe the parent is more assertive about getting the right medication, and the nurse is a dumbass who keeps tying to give them either the wrong dose, or the entirely wrong medication (and it could kill them). That almost happened TO MY DAD last year.

Comment Re: Game (Score 1) 192

It's fascinating to me that this mischaracterization of the meaning of "steal" has hung around for as long as it has.

IS it a mischaractarization, really? I mean, look we're talking about something that in the physical world has a very specific meaning, AND a very specific set of psychological and physical effects that fail to be present when something is digitally copied . I doubt, for example, that you'd have the same sort of horror if someone copied your laptop, and walked away with it, than you would if they actually just outright stole it. I realize I am not the best at articulating my thoughts, so if I am unclear as to what I am tying to say, say so. :D

Comment Re:What I don't understand is... (Score 1) 145

This isn't Apple's ridiculous refusal to decrypt data when the owner of the phone had consented.

Wait, I thought it wasn't an outright refusal, but an appeal (not the same thing), and that they had been willing to cooperate until a certain point, namely the way the FBI wanted to handle the decryption...? I'm so lost now.

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